Chapter Fifteen

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Fifteen

Carlisle cast a look to Officers Swan and DeLuca before entering the warehouse with his gun raised and flashlight ready, he hoped that beyond saving his son that he’d be able to finally pin a crime down on the Whitlock’s. This was his big break and he knew it, deep down he knew that this was the right call.

Officer Isabella Swan had left breadcrumbs all over the scene and the area of the kidnapping.

Emmett and Demetri cast each other a look, their eyes scanning down and over every surface and open door they came across while they followed their chief deeper into the heart of the warehouse. The plan was going smoothly until that fucking James Hunter decided to blow across the border and start a territory war on the spot.

Carlisle didn’t know who took his son and Officer Swan but he knew this warehouse, knew it was in the Whitlock Territory.

“DeLuca go left, Swan go right. If you see my son, come find me, but be careful.” He ordered in a whisper before taking off in a straight direction, leaving the two officers behind him.

Emmett scowled at the Chief’s back for the lack of care about his sister before casting his partner a look and beginning to follow the small aisle to the left, weaving in and out of the boxes that were stacked high enough that even he couldn’t see over them.

Steady steps and nervous scanning of the area before him was what alerted Carlisle to the sound of pained grunts and scraping chains. His feet picked up, footsteps heavier as he turned left sharply to see his son hanging in the middle of the room by his arms, beaten and bloody.

It was a ghastly sight, a pool had begun to form under his frame, little droplets still dripping slowly from his hanging frame. Edward was covered in shallow cuts, burns and deep black bruises from the beating he had received and though his body was bad… his face was worse.

“Edward!” He whispered as he lowered his gun and rushed to his boy’s side, holstering his gun to take a look at his face.

Before he became a police officer Carlisle wished to be a doctor, only everything went south when Elizabeth was killed by Marcus Whitlock. He made sure to keep his training up to date for cases like this but it was no use when he saw the damage done to his Son’s face.

Even with the aid of a plastic Surgeon there was no chance to reduce the scars that the cuts would eventually leave.

A pained moan escaped Edward’s lips as he opened one eye the best he could. “Tr’p.”

“Don’t speak, I’ll get you down and when we find Isabella we’ll get you help.” Carlisle tried to soothe, his eyes tearing away from his son to take a look around the room, his stomach dropping as he saw the bloody drag marks leading away from the circle of light they stood in.

A knocked over chair coated with it and a bloody bat rested nearby. Oh god, Isabella! What had they done to her as well? Would his son suffer more because of this?

Tr’p… r’p… tr…” Edward repeated, his panic rising with each word but his broken jaw unable to form the word he desperately needed to tell his father.

SEATTLE PD! FREEZE!” Emmett’s booming voice echoed through the warehouse followed by three shots. “DEMETRI!”

I SE…” came Demetri’s reply, cutting off mid-sentence with a gurgle and a muffled thump.

Carlisle jerked out his gun and scanned the shadows, keeping himself between them and his son the best he could while radioing Swan to see what was happening. Something was wrong…

Demetri’s down! Demetri’s down! Hunter didn’t come alone!” Emmett radioed back before another round of gunfire.

Laughter followed not long after, footsteps echoing around the darkness, weaving in and out of the maze that was created. It set Carlisle on edge, his back hitting his son as he slipped on the slick blood at his feet causing him to bite back a cry.

Emmett staggered out of the darkness bloody, his gun gone while his free hand covered a bullet wound in his shoulder, Isabella resting in the unhurt one as he dragged her unconscious form forward. Carlisle rushed forward to help, taking most of her dead weight to ease the stress off of Emmett’s arm.

“She tried to escape,” Emmett grunted lifting the chair up and placing Bella to slump in the seat. She was worse off than Edward, but Carlisle couldn’t see where all the blood was coming from as Emmett kept her face hidden from view, perhaps she suffered the same beating… maybe worse?

“No… TA..P!” Edward cried out before slumping forward, passing out from the pain.

“Do you know what he was saying?” Carlisle asked as he went back to eyeing the shadows, his whole body tensing as silence followed for the brief few seconds after it. “Swan?”

A dark rumbling drawl sounded. “He said it was a trap.”



A groan signaled Carlisle’s awakening, a deep throb in the back of his neck that seemed to spasm down his spine. A signal that he had been tasered instead of being knocked unconscious, he didn’t know what happened… one moment he was asking Swan what Edward…



His eyes shot upon and he jerked forward with a gasp as the memory hit him, his son was trying to warn him and then… and then someone answered and now he was…

“Look who’s awake,” A voice taunted.

“’bout fuckin’ time, it’s been two hours. Was getting’ worried he’d miss all the fun.” A huskier voice drawled out, causing his eyes to snap to the left.

The first thing he saw were jean clad legs and cowboy boots, followed by a deep burgundy button down….his body jerked as he realised that the face of Peter Whitlock stared back at him, muttered curses spilled from behind his taped mouth.

Jasper raised his brow towards his brother in amusement. “I don’t think he’s happy to see you Pete’.”

“No an’ how rude… after all, we went through all this effort to see you, Carlisle.” Peter drawled out, unimpressed. “Didn’t yer momma ever teach ya it was rude to curse at yer guests?”

“I don’t think he can reply back bro,” Another voice from the darkness chuckled. “Let me remedy that for you.”

Peter grinned wickedly and gestured the go ahead.

Carlisle jerked once more, his head shaking vigorously to see who was behind him, stopping when heavy hands slammed painfully down on his shoulders. A cry escaped his lips as his head was roughly yanked back by his short hair, the tape pulled harshly from his mouth, his eyes widening as familiar brown peered back at him.

Officer Swan gave him a dimpled smile. “Bet you didn’t see this coming, hey Chief?”

Author Note: *wild giggles*



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