Chapter Five

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Five

Waking up was a nightmare, the alarm blared loudly and seemed to hammer its way into her skull.

“You have three seconds to turn that fucking alarm off or I’ll toss it out the window.” Jade grumbled from under the blanket, her voice raspy.

Bella snorted before sitting up, her hand slamming down repeatedly on the snooze before giving up and yanking it from the wall. There was something vindictive in her as she watched the green neon lights flicker and then darken, taking that god awful noise with it. Why the fuck did she set the alarm so early again?

Ah… that’s right… Turning, Bella weighed her options before getting to her feet, her free hands clenched tight around the blanket before pulling. The screech was one that would herald the beast Bella knew she just invoked.

What the fuck!” Jade hissed as she pulled herself from the floor, her eyes glinting dangerously. “My head is pounding like a whore house on two dollar night, there better be a good explanation as to why you woke me at the ass crack of fuck you. Remember, I can kill you and no one will ever know it was me.”

“Before you kill me, remember that it was your idea,” Bella pointed out. “Phase One to torture Demetri starts this morning, I think it involved being naked in the kitchen… I honestly can’t remember…”

The second she saw Jade’s face turn wicked, Bella knew she was safe… for now at least.

“That’s right. Well, I better get home and start my plan, keep me updated on Cullen and this clusterfuck will you…” She hurried out while gathering her things, stumbling slightly before slipping her shades over her eyes.

Jade looked like a god damn mess. The crawled from hell and beat your ass to Sunday mess, but a mess nevertheless.

“And do not tell me your sordid details.” Bella replied with a pained chuckle, her own head pounding once more and god, she desired a shower badly. “You so can let yourself out; I’m going for a shower.”

She was glad that Jade left quickly and quietly, their little girl’s night got out of hand and too much liquor was consumed. Jade was only really quiet when she had a hangover from hell or you’ve pissed her off enough… or planning… a quiet Jade was a deadly Jade.

Advil was downed and the shower was turned as hot as Bella could stand it. She was supposed to start her first shift at Wild Things tonight and there was a lot of preparing to do. Shaving, make-up and hair needs to be planned, then before her shift she had to have a meeting with both Chief Cullen and Edward to get debriefed once more on what she needs to do.

Bella was not looking forward to tonight. Waitressing was fine, she had done that before but she wasn’t looking forward to Edward’s smarmy charm. She was also pissed that the fucker knew where she lived, having looked up her file. It was an extreme breech in privacy and if his father wasn’t the chief she’d put in a complaint but Bella knew that Edward would get what’s coming to him.

It’ll be worth it in the end… She thought to herself as her hand swiped across the mirror, wiping away the condensation.

Ugh, she looked like crap. Red rimmed raccoon eyes, damp scraggly hair but she looked gaunt, her healthy glow was no more and it bothered her greatly. Yes, she had always been pale but she had managed to gain some semblance of tan… now she looked luminescent once again.

She looked nothing like she did a few months ago.

Which may come in handy, maybe no one will recognise her just in case they’ve seen her before.

With a deep sigh Bella finished getting ready, pulling on a singlet and some boy shorts before dragging herself to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. She bypassed the bottles of wine that lay scattered over the counter and the half-drunk whisky by the fridge. It would have to be cleaned up of course but right now all she needed was the nectar of the gods and something that wouldn’t sit heavily in her stomach.

A small whine left her throat as the sound of the front door opening and closing could be heard over the brewing coffee, followed by heavy footsteps. “If that’s you ‘Metri get the hell out of my house and if that’s you Em, you’d better have got me food or I’m sending your ass home… if it’s neither of them I am in no mood for a robber.”

Booming laughter followed her statement causing her to sigh, her head bowed. “Emmett, it’s too early for you to be here.”

“I brought you food, straight from Maggie’s.” He explained.

“Thank god, you know Jade was pissed. Did you at least win or let ‘Metri win?” She asked while pouring her a cup of coffee and then another for her brother.

Emmett scowled as he took the cup from his sister and plonked himself on the stool. “No, he won of course… on a scale of one to ‘I need to hide on another continent’, how pissed is she?”

“You ruined date night, Demetri is screwed either way but… you… maybe you’ll need to wear a cup for a month.” She chuckled, peering at him over the rim of her coffee. “And why are you here?”

“I’m here Bells to tell you about the plan tonight. Since you’re the one that will be placing the cam on because of where it will be; I’m here to give you the switched one. The sleight of hand that we learnt as kids should help.”

The cam he had placed before her was an exact replica of the ones she knew the precinct used; thankfully it would blend in with the dress she was given, with a nod she placed the cam button in her purse for later.

When she got to the kitchen she gave her brother a grin as he began to dish out the food he brought with them between the both of them.

“When does wifey get home because as of now you’ve eaten me out of house and home, also Jade’s pissed at you.” She asked as she dug into her eggs.

Emmett winced at the reminder of Jade’s ire. “She’ll be home in a few days, last minute changes that needed her special touch and you know I’ll buy you food.”

“No, you buy me food you want me to make for you… not food I actually eat.” She pointed out before grinning. “I’ll just buy food and charge it on you.”

Even with a hangover her brother could cheer her up.

Author Note: Still loving Jade, god my brain… the shit it comes up with I swear…



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