Chapter Fourteen

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Fourteen

Gasping breaths and the clack of hurried footsteps was the only thing that could be heard as Bella pushed herself as fast as she could. She had to get out of the damn docks and to somewhere safe.

She could hear gunfire in the distance, shouts carried by the wind but she could not hear the sound of the person who was after her. Her cover had been blown and in the middle of a sting operation, the one she had informed the Chief about.

…but it was not what she had been informed.

Oh James had a shipment alright but it was not his own that was coming in but the Whitlock’s and it wasn’t drugs but guns. His crew came in guns blazing and starting a war between his crew, the Whitlock’s and the Police.

It was Riley fucking Biers that she heard the information from and it was he who spotted her amongst the police during the shootout. She had hauled ass away under Emmett’s instructions and didn’t know if she would be followed or not… but one must have gotten through and now here she was with no back up, two bullets and no one answering their fucking phone.

Well, the majority of people she could call were here at the docks but Jade and it was she who wasn’t answering, dammit.

So she ran, weaving in and out of the maze, avoiding shipping containers, crates, nets and other gear before cursing as she came to a dead end.

“Well look what we found…” A voice whistled out in the darkness, causing her to spin on her boot clad feet to face who spoke. “The boss is gonna be happy.”

Three men stood before her, blocking the exit. She could tell who they were immediately, Raoul was well known in Hunter’s little rag tag of a group, same with Casey and Kevin as thugs who shook down small businesses for ‘protection money’ and drug running.

“Maybe we should have some fun before taking her back to the boss.” Casey chuckles, his green eyes roaming over her body hungrily.

If they thought she was going to allow them to take her down then they had another thing coming for them. With a harsh sigh she chucked her phone down and raised her gun, shooting Casey in the shoulder and then shooting wide as Kevin rushed forward, his meaty hands wrapping harshly around her hips.

A snarl of anger tore from her lips as she raised her leg and stomped down, letting her heel scrape down the assholes shin and smashing into his foot. Kevin let go with a scream, his body stumbling back as Bella delivered a sharp jab to the solar plexus.

Raoul and Casey stared on in surprise and Bella couldn’t help but laugh at them. She owed Jane a kiss for all her hard work because it sure as fuck was coming in handy now.

The next few moments were a blur as anger took over, she knew that she took two punches to the face, one splitting her lip and the other was going to leave a nice bruise across her cheek. Three men lay moaning on the ground, each with various wounds or broken bones and lacerations. Two broken arms, a shattered knee and a broken jaw… all three bloody.

“You can tell your boss he can go fuck himself.” She snarled down at the men while they tried to scramble to their feet, eyes wide.

She watched them hobble away with a wicked grin, her hands aching deliciously from the beating she gave before stiffening as she realised one of the doors in this little alcove was open. A hand clamped tightly around her mouth, a deep chuckle in her ear was all she felt and heard before everything went dark.


Emmett and Demetri ran down the maze like paths with haste, the former following the latter as he searched and noted every newly shifted thing or scrape caused by a boot as they tried to seek Bella.

“She can’t have gotten far.” Emmett gasped as they came to a stop, his eyes roaming over the little alcove with worry.

Demetri shook his head. “Her trail ends here, there’s been a fight and I don’t know who won. There’s more blood than there should be.”

“Fuck!” Emmett snarled before letting his fist slam into the rusting metal, watching it cave under his blow. “I saw Raoul and his boys follow her, they slipped past me and now my sister is missing.”

“Emmett you need to calm down, she can handle herself, we all made sure of that. I can see…” Demetri trailed off as his eyes narrow in on the tattered cloth and the crisp white note. Reaching out with his gloved hand, he yanked the parchment from its position nailed to the post.

We have your son and your officer,

If you want to see them alive again, come alone to Warehouse 13.

~ PW

Demetri and Emmett shared a look as they took in the note; they had left the chief with the others to look for Edward, who disappeared half way through the gun fight while they went in search for Bella.

This was not good, better than the alternative, but still…

“We need to take this back,” Demetri explained slowly, eyeing Emmett’s too still form.

Concern began to bubble in the pit of Demetri’s stomach as he watched Emmett straighten, an unusual blank mask upon his usually jovial face. Emmett didn’t do still and he didn’t do quiet, so when it did happen it usually meant something bad was about to go down.

“He’s not going to care about my sister, he’s going to worry about Edward and once again he has cast her as disposable.” He said slowly. “The Chief needs to see it.”

Demetri kept an eye on Emmett on their way back to the shootout location, his eyes taking in every little detail as police cars and ambulances began to take away those wounded and arrested. Chief Cullen stood in the very centre of the destruction, his face hard as he too took in everything around him.

“Did you find them?” He asked sharply.

Shaking his head, Demetri held out the letter. “No, but we found signs of a struggle and this.”

“What…?” Carlisle trailed off, his fist clenching the paper as he read and re-read the note.

They had taken his son…

They would not take another family member from him…

“Let’s go.”

Author Note: OH NO!



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