Chapter Nineteen

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Nineteen

When Peter and Bella finally stepped out of the warehouse, clothes dishevelled but blissful smiles upon their face only Jasper and Felix were left waiting.

“Emmett went with Rosalie, you won’t need them for our hunt.” Jasper drawled, flicking the butt of his cigarette to the ground. “Emmett has some cleaning up to do and Rose is on her wat to Maria and Char.”

“Oh perfect, is Zafrina ready for that call?” Peter asked, opening the door for his wife before dropping into the seat next to her.

Jasper grunted as Felix opened the door, giving his boss a wide grin before making his way to the driver’s side. “She’s been waiting for weeks now, so everything is ready for when she takes over the roll. Mayor Banner only got the roll because Carlisle used a lot of his money and paid off people. Apparently we didn’t pay enough for some.”

A scowl pulled at Bella’s brows as she took that in. “And what pray tell did you do to those greedy few Jas?”

“I sent some of the boys after them, oh they’re not going to kill them of course Isa… Just… damage enough of their stuff to make sure they’re in debt for the rest of their lives.” Jasper explained casually before handing Peter his phone. “You also got a call from Charlie.”

“Oh this can’t be good.” Peter drawled as he took the phone, shooting his wife a worried look before redialling.

Charlie Swan, his father-in-law was one scary gentleman. His father was the old traditional Mobster and raised Charlie to be the same. Though there were still lenience’s that he’d give when it came to certain things because he wasn’t like his father and didn’t wish for his children to be the same… but he did put a hit out on Charlie’s best friend’s son.

It also didn’t help that Charlie was well known in their community, he had a talented hand with a knife and the ability to maim without killing, when the new Generation… their generation found out about that well… it worked in both favours that the Peter married Charles Swan’s daughter.

“Peter, when I called before I was in a very bad mood, I’m afraid your brother got the tongue lashing that was for you.” Peter’s eyes shot up, catching the wince his brother gave before focusing back on the call. “But then he told me the good news. Carlisle Cullen is in Aro’s hands, that Edwin fellow is dead… Hunter is on the run with you closing in and my baby girl is back by your side.”

“Yes sir,” Peter replied calmly while his wife buried her face into his shoulder, her body shaking with silent laughter. “Zafrina is ready to take over at the call and James Hunter will be delivered to Don Black.”

Charlie chuckled low and dark on the other end of the line. “I know it was you who placed the hit Peter and that Jasper called Jenks. I know everything that happens in Seattle. I’m also going to mention that I know Jake threw you under the buss for that murder.”

“We dropped ‘im off into the Neutral zone, that body should ‘ave stayed there but no.” Peter spat out. “Ye know the rules chief, the only ones who kill and frame is Hunter and his people. Jake’s been a pain in tha ass for a few years now.”

I know son, which is why I am not goin’ to mention it to Billy who the real murderer is. Alistair is loyal to my family and Jenks is terrified of Jasper. But you best make sure when you bring Billy Hunter’s body that the fucker can’t speak the truth. I’d hate to have my daughter’s husband killed now.” Charlie warned, a soft amused lit to his voice at the last bit.

“Dad, I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to face Peter.” Bella pointed out, “I’ll see you sooner than you think dad, we’re hunting in Olympic.”

The deep warm laughter of Charles Swan filled the car; it was a laugh that was only reserved for his children. “Okay baby girl, also tell your brother to call home every now and then. We hear from Rose more than him and your mother is getting anxious.”

“Will do Dad, got to go now.”

Peter blinked in surprise as the phone found itself in his wife’s hand. “Did you just hang up on your father?”

“Of course she did Pete, did ya wanna stay on the line? Get the ass chewin’ I did? Cause it was long and Charlie was imaginative.” Jasper chuckled at his brother, hands twisting as he fiddled with the lighter. “Emmett nearly told him that ya were busy fuckin’ when I answered and Charlie asked when ya were.”

Horror flashed across the married couple at the news, setting the two in the front into peals of laughter. The horror turned into anger on Peter’s part and relief on Bella’s when they realised that Jasper was joking on that part at least.

“Asshole,” Peter hissed before opening the door and getting out of the car once it came to a stop, holding his hand out for his wife to take. “Looks like we’re takin the helicopter to our location Suga’.”

Bella cast a look around the flat lands and scowled at the metal contraption; she hated flying with a passion ever since her mother wanted to give flying lessons a go and nearly crashed the plane. “Oh you boys fucking owe me for this.”

“It’ll be find Bells,” Felix called out over his shoulder as he made his way to the open doors of the Helicopter with Jasper following three steps behind.

“Oh hell the fuck no, I’m not getting in that death trap if you’re flying ‘Lix.” She called out, shouting over the roaring chakk-chackk-chak-chak of the rotor.

Peter shook his head and lifted his wife off her feet, wincing as her elbow connects with his chest. “It’s fine Darlin’, Jade is our piolet today!”

Curses spilled from Bella’s lips as Peter threw her up into the seat, her eyes narrowed on Jasper and her husband as she placed the headphones over her ears. “Hey Jade.”

“Hey babe, I thought this would be the better option when my Demon called me.” Jade replied, giving her best friend a wide grin.

Ohhh, he’s back to being the Demon again? When did that happen? Who caved first?” Bella asked, smirking as the boys in the back groaned.

Jade chuckled while she checked over everything before and around her, with a final double check she began to take off and head towards the field by the Denali home that they were going to land and where Demetri was waiting with Randall.

“Last night, he couldn’t take it anymore and threw me down on the bed.” Jade explained once they were level. “I love it when he loses his composure like that, makes me tingly just thinkin’ about it, mmm the things that man can do with his hands and tongue.”

“As much as I find this fascinating can we keep the talk of Demetri’s sex life a minimum?” Felix snapped over the coms, his face scrunched as the images began to burn their way into his mind. There was no need to even see his cousin naked and fucking his wife, it’s bad enough that Felix has seen Demetri naked as is and is able to conjure the images.

“Why? You jealous that Demetri had wild hot sex in the pool house last night? Against the wall, the floor, day bed and water itself?” Jade taunted, bursting out into laughter with Bella as the boys groaned and pleaded for her to stop.

Bella turned in her seat to look at her husband. “I don’t see how that’s any different than you tying me to the warehouse wall and fucking me into oblivion.”

The scowl on Peter’s face was replaced with a smile, giving his wife a smouldering look. It had been so long since they could do something like that, unable to see each other unless Peter discreetly made his way to the penthouse. He also didn’t wish for his brother or cousin to hear that as he was a possessive mother fucker but he knew that this was just Jade’s way of distracting Bella from the flight.

Thankfully his brother and cousin knew that as well.

Alright, the field is in view and I can see Demetri with Garrett and Kate.” Jade informed, breaking the lightness and reminding them of the serious situation they had on their hands.

They were hunting after all.

It took them another five minutes for them to land and make their way out and over towards where the others were waiting, each wearing a frown that made thw Whitlock brothers tense.

“What happened?” Peter snapped, his eyes roaming from Demetri to Garrett with a scowl.

Demetri hissed, raking his thumbnail over his bottom lip in irritation. “He’s still there but he has a few boys with him as well.”

“How the fuck did that happen? I thought you were making sure no one got to him or out?” Peter snarled his hand closing around the collar of Demetri’s jacket.

Jasper raised his brows as he saw the dark glower in Demetri’s eyes before cursing. “Pete, the boys he got our ours. Fuckin’ no god traitors.”


Author Note: Okay so the ending wasn’t good enough for me and there were many things left unsaid, that being said this and the next chapter is unbeta’d and the last.



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