Chapter Seven

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Seven

Peter tapped the end of his lighter against the hardwood desk as he scanned the report before him with various amounts of annoyance. Another fucking warehouse lost, another fucking shipment stolen and three of his members were killed all because Carlisle Cullen thought he could disrupt his business and James Hunter thought he could take his shit.

Five million dollars was lost because of this and not only that, the fucking blonde prick set the Pack’s warehouses on fire and blamed him. So now the peace treaty they had with Billy Black was on the rocks.

“If you tell me that this is not as bad as it seems, I am goin’ t’shoot someone.” He hissed as his door swung open with a bang.

Jasper scanned his twin brothers’ office, pausing slightly on the roped up lump of flesh on the floor before cocking his brow at his brother. “I’m not here to tell you that, in fact I’m here to tell you how much of a clusterfuck it is.”

“That fucker has been a thorn in our side since we started,” Peter replied with a scowl while slamming the report down and lighting up his cigarette.

Yanking his tie off Jasper cocked his head to the side. “To which one do ye refer to Pete? The Police Chief or Hunter?”

“Both of them!” Peter snapped, “Both of them have been, except now it’s just escalating and Cullen is getting desperate. We lost Joe, Cooper and Kai in that melee.”

Jasper straightened, his face turning stormy as he took in this news. He didn’t know who got hurt in the blast, he’d been busy since trying to clean up the other end of the deal that went south. But he knew every single worker in their employment and each one of their families.

Joe had a daughter in collage, Cooper had a partner who was a photographer and Kai just welcomed his first child into the world three weeks before the attack.

Blue eyes as hard as ice locked onto the squirming mass on the floor to his right. “And he?”

“He thought he could run with the big dogs, he was the mole.” Peter explained with a chuckle, leaning back in his chair as Jasper rose to his feet and removed his jacket.

A deep sigh escaped Jasper’s lips as he rolled up his sleeves and pushed the blubbering mess onto his back, “I hate wearing these monkey suits but I hate it even more when I have to replace one because someone got their blood on it. Even more so, I hate it when someone we treated as family fucks us over… yet you know this don’t you, Laurent?”

Wide brown eyes peered up at him pleadingly, one eye swelling shut as purple mottled his left side. Someone laid into him recently and from Peter’s hands it wasn’t him. Curious, he turned his eyes to his brother who simply smirked while taking a drag of his cigarette.

“Irina delivered him like this,” Peter explained with a laugh. “She caught him cheating with Vickie. Who knew that the turncoat would turncoat once again, but we kept tabs on him of course an’ Irina explained what he had done.”

His hand flicked out, sending a pile of eight by tens scattering across the table and floor. Well would you look at that, Laurent was indeed having bed play with James Hunter’s wife, not only that there were pictures of him with a few of James’s henchmen and talking to Jacob Black.

“A snitch? You know we let you in this family, I’m sure both Charlotte and Garrett warned you what would happen if you pissed off a Denali sister, right? They grew up in Russia, their father and mother part of the Mob… Irina went easy; perhaps she left us a little as a gift.” Jasper chuckled while plucking the cigarette out from Peter’s fingers and taking a drag. “We should buy her something.”

“Already did brother, bought her a nice little trip to Milan for fashion week with the girls.”

Jasper nodded, pleased. “Well, now let’s have some fun, shall we?”

“Oh don’t mind if I do.” Peter got to his feet and made his way around the desk, lifting Laurent painfully by yanking his hands up and twisting his shoulders. “I need to destress and this will help me with my frustrations.”

It was Jasper who threw the first punch, his fist hitting fast and hard in Laurent’s side; the smirk he wore growing as the sound of a crack echoed followed by the sweet sound of Laurent’s muffled screams.

Over and over again he let his fists fly, letting his anger seep out of him as he thought of the families that lost their brother, lover, father and son. The money was no problem, they could make that back in a blink of an eye but it was the lives lost that would never be returned, the lives of their people.

Not only that, he had basically put the Whitlock and Black families back into war, that’s even more of his people at a risk of dying. With a deep breath Jasper pulled himself free from Laurent and took over Peter’s position, holding the man tightly in his grasp while his brother rolled up his sleeves.

“You really fucked up, I’m surprised that you didn’t pass out from Jasper’s beating.” He chuckled darkly, his face set into a cold mask. “You’re really going to wish you did.”

The first punch that came from Peter impacted against Laurent’s jaw, dislocating it. Hit after hit was placed in fragile, calculated places, leaving enough space in between hits to make the next one more unsuspecting. But Jasper could see his brother’s patience and hold over his anger begin to fray. Each hit became harder, faster and soon a roar seemed to escape his lips as he slammed his hand down upon Laurent’s leg, snapping the bone within. Over and over he hit until there was no more screams or wails, just hysterical moans.

Jasper let Laurent fall to the floor with a loud bang as the door slammed open once again with a loud crack, both brothers poised and guns aimed at the intruder at the door.

“God damn it Char, what’chye doin’ here?” Peter asked as their baby sister cocked her brow at them unamused.

“I thought there was somethin’ ye should see,” She explained holding up the Manilla file. “But if it’s a bad time I’ll come back when yer done.”

It said a lot that Charlotte didn’t bat an eye or question why Laurent was trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey and bleeding badly at her brothers’ feet, simply accepting it. She’d find out sooner or later but right now what she had in her hands was important.

Jasper shook his head, “we’re done. Randall, can you take this sorry excuse for a dick and chuck him over the Hunter’s territory, make sure the photos are tied to him.”

Randall grinned as he strode into the room, gathering the images needed and eyed the bloody body, letting out a low whistle, impressed. He gave his bosses a nod while gripping the ropes at Laurent’s feet and began to drag him from the room with a cheery hum.

“That man makes me question his sanity,” Peter chuckled before making his way to the bathroom and chucking a damp towel towards his brother while washing his own bloody hands. He felt a little better, but still the anger burned and bubbled under his skin over this entire situation.

When he was fairly clean Peter took his seat behind his desk once more and gestured for the file Charlotte held.

“We have a new waitress,” Char explained with a sly grin before placing the file down in front of her brother and opening it.

Intelligent eyes peered up at Peter, framed by strands of dark oak that were stark against the pale sun kissed skin. Even in the photo they seemed to spark with something dark, something lustful and coy even if the smile was awkward.


An honest smile pulled at his lips as he cast a look up to his grinning siblings. “When does she start?”


Author Note:*shivers* ooo Pete…



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