Chapter Seventeen

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Seventeen

“We found him boss,” A deep voice rung out, breaking the silence that seemed to settle over the Whitlock Family as they watched Carlisle Cullen break down before them.

Peter smiled wickedly, “Excellent, where was he?”

“We found him hiding out in the woods, he has a cabin.” Felix informed while stepping into the light. “‘Metri tracked him within half an hour, that man has an uncanny ability to find people.”

“And where is Demetri now?” Jasper asked, catching Carlisle’s attention once more and laughing. “Yes Cullen, half the cops in your precinct work for us, it’s a wonder what money does to people.”

Felix snorted at that, echoed by Bella and Emmett. “Except the part where Demetri is family being your cousin and all.”

The laugh that escaped Jasper’s lips at Carlisle’s surprised face was dark. “Demetri is Aro Volturi’s bastard son; I’m surprised you didn’t know this Carlisle as you were friends with them at one point until our mother’s death.”

Enough of this,” Peter snarled jerking forward, only to stop when Bella placed her hand upon his arm. A sigh escaped his lips as he turned to face his wife once more, she could still quell his temper with a simple touch.

Oh how I’ve missed you Darlin’…

Even now as he took in the bloody lip and bruised face, when it caused his anger to burn and bubble under his skin, he could remain calm. He could be tender and loving, god it had been years since this mess had started and yet here they were… just one step away from truly owning the city. All they had to do was take out Hunter and deliver his body to Billy Black.

Oh it was a sweet day when he got a call from Billy stating that Jacob had been killed on a money run, shot in the back of the head with their money stolen. They even made it look like Hunter had done it, using the same specialised bullet he seemed to prefer from a gun that was used in a prior murder.

Alistair was a man of many talents and both Jasper and Peter paid him well for it.

Bella brushed her thumb against her husband’s lips, pulling him back into the now. “Are you with us Pete?”

“I am now Darlin’, what I’d miss?” He asked, earning a huff of a laugh in return.

Jasper appeared at his brother’s side, holding out the phone with the location on it. “That idiot thought he could hide…”

The frown that rested on Peter’s face was replaced by surprise as he saw where exactly James Hunter had run to, he really could not be that stupid. “He’s run to the Olympic Forest? Towards Billy Black’s Territory and the Denali’s? Have you rung Tanya to let her know, because if Irina got to them first…”

“Garrett informed the sisters as well as Charlie.” Jasper explained calmly. “He took one of our boats to get there, cutting the trip in half. We lost Lucas.”

Bella’s hand clenched tighter around her husband’s arm, both to keep him calm and to make sure she didn’t rush off out of the warehouse as well. Lucas was a sweet kid, the dock hand they had hired to keep the boats maintained.

“Soon, but first we need to make a call.” Bella reminded, her eyes flicking from her husband’s face to her brother-in-law before turning her attention back to Carlisle. “Caius and Aro will want to know who killed Didyme and Marcus.”

A shiver ran down Carlisle’s spine at the names.

Mirthless laughter left Peter’s lips as his eyes narrowed in on the ‘Chief of Police’. “Oh, you really didn’t think we’d not tell them? Our Uncles have been at war with the Romani Family ever since our mother passed, breaking the fragile peace. Aunt Dora nearly divorced Caius because of the strain between the two families.”

“Shall I make the call?” Emmett asked casually from his spot by the stack of crates, shrugging when everyone raised their brows at him. “What? I have Aro’s assistant on speed dial.”

“I do not even want to know why you have Gianna’s number Em,” An unamused feminine voice drawled from the shadows.

Carlisle turned his eyes towards the voice, his heart dropping as a familiar blonde stepped into the light. There dressed in a high designer business suit was Rosalie Hale Whitlock, Senator Gianna’s right hand woman.

Violet eyes met blue. “I’d say it’s a pleasure to see you again Carlisle but it is not. I could have gone the rest of my life without meeting you again after all the pain you caused my family, but alas that’s not meant to be.”

“Rose.” Bella greeted with a smile, pulling her sister-in-law into a tight hug. “It’s so good to see you; now that you’re home you can feed your god damn husband. He and Demetri eat me out of house and home, mainly him.”

“Oh is that right?” She asked, turning her unimpressed gaze onto her husband before turning her attention back to her brothers. “You won’t need to ring Aro.”

It was then that they realised Aro and his two lieutenants stood just on the edge of the circle of light. Dark Italian leather shoes gleamed and were paired with a finely made suit, always formal Aro was.

“Carlisle, when young Rose here came to me with a message from her brother about Didyme and your involvement… I just had to come.” Aro greeted a charming smile upon his face as he stared down his old cowering friend with malicious glee.

“I didn’t…” Carlisle began before screaming out as a dagger imbedded in his leg.

Waving his hand at Jane, Aro stepped forward, eyes roaming over the scene before him and gestured to the bloody body. “Young ones these days, they just make a mess of everything and so, how do you say it, ah yes… so impatient and eager. I do apologise for that, condolences on your loss though.”

“Uncle Aro,” Peter and Jasper greeted. “We owe you a very large apology.”

“Nonsense my boys, but it would be a delight if you do come for dinner once this mess is all settled. Your dear Aunt has missed you greatly and it pains her that you don’t visit.” It was said so sweetly but all could hear the command in the elder man’s voice. “Alec, would you be a dear and take Carlisle to the car, he’s coming home with us.”

“Yes boss.” Alec replied with a dip of his head and strode forward, a syringe in his hand.

Carlisle thrashed as he realised what it was. Everyone knew what it was that the Witch Twins were able to do; Alec was the one who worked with experimental drugs and poisons that could take away your senses while his sister was well versed in the ways of causing extreme pain without killing you. Fighting was no use and even when he felt the drug flood his system, he still struggled.

Aro sighed before raising his hand and knocking the thrashing man unconscious. “I’ll be sure to let you know what information Caius and I find out about what happened, but be sure to let your man to replace him know to be ready… he won’t be returning.”

With that said and done Aro bid his nephews goodbye and made his way back to the car, letting the anger burn bright for the first time in decades. He’d finally be able to put his sister’s spirit to rest.

Author Note: Had to throw the Volturi in there somewhere!



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