Chapter Six

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Six

There were many things that Bella knew she should be feeling about tonight but excitement wasn’t one of them. She should be nervous, worried, annoyed and exasperated for one but excited? No.

Yet she was. She was excited to see inside Wild Things, excited to be close to the danger and feel the adrenaline pump through her veins.

She had showered, dressed and had just finished putting the light touches of her make up on. She was reluctant at first when she was forced into a make-up course as she was not usually one to wear it besides the simple gloss… or hiding love bites and other related things… But she stuck to the courses and now with some contouring, she was able to subtly change her looks just a little so no one at a glance would recognise her.

Cops went to Wild Things too.

A knock echoed through her flat as she finished strapping her heels, she slumped slightly with a sigh of exasperation before getting up and grabbing her bag that had her fake ID – Isibelle Sloman – personal essentials, mace and her ‘phone’.

Checking to make sure she had everything one last time, Bella made her way to the door, taking in a steady breath to see who was persistent enough to keep knocking. She wasn’t expecting anybody and she knew that Emmett and Demetri were out near the club waiting just in case so who the hell…

“Cullen,” She greeted blandly.

Green eyes roamed over her body before he greeted her with a smarmy smile. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, but I specifically said that I would be meeting you there and not have you picking me up. Not only am I furious over the fact you decided to ignore me and the fact that your father is our Chief, I can’t even lodge a formal complaint.” She snarked back while she pushed him to the side and locked the door behind her.

Edward rolled his eyes and began to follow; he would get her to like him one way or another. “Don’t be like that, Bella.”

“Isabella to you,” She grunted back while waiting for the elevator down.

The few moments that it took for the elevator to go from her floor to the basement was passed in annoyance as Edward tried to convince her to let him take her to Wild Things. Her annoyance morphed into amusement as he tried to give the excuse that she didn’t have a car to drive since he never saw it. Obviously he didn’t look into her files deeply because he would see that she had a restored 56′ Chevy pickup, a gift when she graduated from college.

“What is that?” Edward asked with distaste clearly written on his face.

That is my baby, it was a gift. Now, I’ll meet you where we were supposed to meet.” She replied while sliding into the driver’s seat. “Or did you forget that if I was spotted with you of all people, then this undercover op would be over before it started. I don’t think the Chief would forgive even you for that.”

A smile tugged at her lips as the rumble of her car drowned out whatever he said in reply before she began to make her way towards the location where the Chief said to meet him.

Curses spilled from her lips as she manoeuvred through the busy evening streets of Seattle until she reached the alley way that was a street over from Wild Things, there was thankfully a slight chill to the air and though she was only in a dress and heels, she was still hot.

“About time you got here, Swan,” Carlisle greeted after she knocked twice on the back doors.

She really couldn’t help herself. “Well, I would have been here a bit earlier if your son hadn’t broken protocol and turned up at my apartment to drive me over.”

Carlisle frowned and cast a look out into the alley way for any sign of his son, annoyance bubbled up in the pit of his stomach at the news. He knew Edward liked Isabella, was crazy for her, but he didn’t think that he would actually disobey his own orders.

It seems he would have to have another talk with Edward when this was all done.

“…alright, seems we have everything ready. You’ll be meeting with Lauren, she’s the one who got you in, she’ll tell you what you need to know.” Ben explained as he turned his eyes from Bella to the screen as she placed the cam on, he pulled up Lauren’s picture for her to study.

He had spoken to Demetri the night before about the cam and easily agreed, he too didn’t know how this was being run and when he looked into it he found that the Chief didn’t submit any forms or documents about an undercover op.

There had to be a record down, even if there were no names stated.

He also wasn’t supposed to be here, they weren’t supposed to be monitoring this and yet they were.

“Thanks Ben,” Bella replied with a warm smile. “How do I look?” She asked gesturing to herself.

Giving thumbs up, Ben smiled. “Lookin’ good Bella, everything’s working so you’re good to go. If you need backup – but I doubt you will – just say horseshoe.”

With a chuckle she shook her head and began to make her way back to her car, cocking her brow as both the Cullen men were in the alley in deep discussion. By the looks of it Edward was in a lot of trouble because Carlisle looked to be furious.

She gave them a salute before hopping back into her girl and made her way over to Wild Things, following the directions she was given for the employee carpark. She was a little early thank the skies and she could see Lauren near the door, dressed in a very short black number with a cigarette at her lips.

“You’ve got to be fucking with me…” She mutters to herself once she found a park, getting a good look at Lauren.

How on earth did she even get to be an undercover op? Perhaps she slept her way to the opportunity… With that thought, Bella placed on a warm, nervous smile and went to greet her.

Lauren’s eyes traveled over the newcomer with distaste, “You’ll do. Follow me; I have little time to tell you what you need to know before Charlotte and Maria arrive. These are the rules, remember them and abide by them.”

“I know the rules of Wild Things,” Bella replied coolly. “I just need to know the layout, my area and be introduced to the others working here.”

“Listen, you won’t last long so there’s no need, this is my operation and I won’t let some two bit tramp fuck it over.” Lauren hissed back, jabbing Bella in the chest with one false nail.

A scoff left Bella’s lips as she trailed her eyes over Lauren’s scantily clad body and cocked her brow. “Me, a tramp? At least I don’t smell and dress like one, this operation is no longer yours as the chief has decided to place me here for the foreseeable future. You mustn’t be doing a good enough job for this to have happened.”

Lauren’s face went from a faded orange to a bright red in a span of a heartbeat, her nose flared as anger burned in her hazel eyes. Her mouth opened to screech in fury before stopping as Bella tapped the little button camera that sat amongst the beading at her breast with a smug grin.

“I’ll uh… just follow me.” Lauren managed to get out meekly before pivoting on her foot and leading her deeper into Wild Things.

Author Note: Before you ask, yes Edward is a stalker still bahaha…



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