Chapter Sixteen

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Sixteen

Disbelief was clear on Carlisle’s face as he stared up at Emmett Swan, clean of all blood and he had removed his uniform. He watched with wide eyes as Emmett let his hair go and make his way back around so they were facing.

“You traitor!” He spat out the second the tape was removed.

Emmett laughed, rocking back on his heels before standing once more. “To be a traitor, my loyalties would have to lie with you in the first place.”

Jasper nodded. “That’s true, but you see Carlisle… Emmett here is our brother, he married our sister Rosalie.”

“That’s impossible!” Carlisle denied. “I look over every file and do a check on every one of my officers; he’s been working with Seattle PD for five years now!”

Peter snorted and cast his brute of a brother-in-law a wide disbelieving grin as he jerked his thumb towards Carlisle. “I wonder how he got to be Chief, cause it sure ain’t because of his brains.” Turning to face Carlisle once more, Peter’s grin turned mocking. “It’s easy to hack certain places and place a false trail, much like you do for undercover cops.”

“Speaking of that, we have to thank you for revealing who your mole was inside Wild Things, she squealed within three minutes of her questioning. Gave up all the others and the plans, real keepers you got under your control, Cullen.” Jasper hummed while picking off an imaginary piece of lint from his button down.

“What about Isabella? What did you do to her? Where is my son?” Carlisle demanded, blinking when Peter moved and grunted, flipping the table he was leaning against, letting Edward’s bloody broken body roll to the floor.

Bile rose in Carlisle’s throat as he saw the new damage done to his son, his hands and arms twisted at odd angles. “What did you do!?”

“Us? No, we didn’t do this.” Emmett replied, gesturing to himself and then to the others. “And I’m glad you asked about Bells, the first sign of care you showed my sister really.”

Peter chuckled and ran his tongue across his teeth, giving the chief a devil may care grin. “She’s feisty, not one you want to piss off though.”

Blood drained from Carlisle’s face at the implication in Peter’s words. “You barbarians! I should have fucking shot you when I had the chance years ago after your father crashed!”

All signs of amusement wiped off the Whitlock Brothers faces as they stalked forward. “I never fucking understood what issue you had with our father, nor why you continued to hold the grudge against us.”

“Our mother died in that crash and her death sent our father down into a spiraling depression, he made reckless decisions and shot himself. We didn’t know who caused that crash until now; guess we owe Uncle Aro an apology.” Jasper hissed while letting his fist fly.

Carlisle groaned as he rocked back and toppled over from the force of the hit, a scream tore from his lips as a kick impacted with his head, making him see stars before he was hoisted up once more.

“He killed my wife…” Carlisle grunted out after Peter punched him roughly in the stomach once more, demanding to know the answer as to why.

“Esme?” Emmett asked with a frown, stilling Peter’s volley.

He shook his head with a groan, spitting the mouthful of blood out. “No, my first wife Elizabeth.”

“Elizabeth?” Emmett asked with a bark of laughter. “That’s what all this bullshit is about? You risked my sister’s fucking life over our Mother?”

“What?” Carlisle asked, his eyes snapping up to Emmett’s enraged shaking form.

Jasper shook his head, his own shoulders shaking in laughter over this whole mess. “This is so fucked up.”

Emmett hissed, his eyes clenching shut as he took a calming breath before giving Carlisle his full attention. “Mine and Isabella’s mother is Renee Swan nee Higginbotham, born Elizabeth Masen.”

“Our father had told us long ago that Renee had gone to Marcus for aid, saying her husband was violent and neglectful. They planned her death, she met our father in college and a year later they were wed and after that she had us.” A feminine voice whispered from the shadows.

The three men in the room seemed to relax as Isabella stepped out from the shadows, no longer was she covered in blood but dressed in skin-tight jeans and a form fitting deep red blouse. Deep red lips, highlighted by the split lip pulled back into a wide toothy smile, her heels clicking as she made her way around for Carlisle to see, stopping just by his son’s prone form.

“Hello Carlisle, I see my boys have been keeping you entertained.” She hummed before making her way to Peter’s side and placing a kiss upon his lips. “Thanks for bringing me clothes to change into sweetheart.”

Peter smiled and ran his knuckles down her cheek softly, making sure not to press too hard along the blossoming bruise. “Charlotte thought you’d need a change of clothes. I’ve missed you Darlin’, these past couple of years has been torture.”

“I know, the late night visits helped though.”

Carlisle stared on in disbelief and confusion, unable to process the scene he was actually witnessing. Isabella, the girl his son had fallen in love with, who had hoped to ask for her hand in marriage was smooching up with Peter Whitlock. This, none of this was right…

“Isabella..? How could you do this to us? Look what they did to Edward? Don’t you care at all?” He asked out with a rasp, drawing her dark eyes to his once again.

“No, I don’t care. They are also not the ones who did that to your precious golden child. I did.” She confessed, stalking forward until she was face to face with Carlisle Cullen. “I don’t care for your son, Carlisle nor have I ever. He stalked me since I stepped foot in your precinct, turning up on my crime scenes, touching me without my permission or always bringing me coffee…”

“Don’t forget breaking into your file and showing up at your home Darlin’,” Jasper supplied.

“That too. I gave every indication to him that I was not interested and never would be interested yet he persisted anyway. If I could, I would have lodged a formal complaint but no… you’d never believe me because he’d put on the sad lonely boy act and well… I knew his time would come.” She finished with a wicked grin.

Peter was grinning proudly, his foot shooting out to kick Edward over and into the light better for Carlisle. “You should know Swan’s work anywhere, Carlisle. You should also know that his daughter takes after him in skill. She did a good job didn’t she?”

“It’s a pity though.” Emmett drawled his voice mockingly sad. “I think he died from shock.”

Jasper nodded, his gun drawn as he made his way over to Edward, stopping just a foot away from his bloody body, aimed at his stomach and pulled the trigger.

A scream tore from Edward’s lips, echoing Carlisle’s own. “Oops, seems he was still alive after all.” Another shot and the screams died. “Not anymore though.”

You won’t get away with this!” Carlisle roared, struggling against his bindings.

Jasper chuckled while holstering his gun and raising his brows, “I do believe we did.”

Author Note: Did you see this coming?



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