Chapter Three

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Three

Bella woke to a cold bed and exhaustion; rain poured down from the heavens and beat against the windows of her apartment just adding to her bitter loneliness. She had tossed and turned all night once her brother left, unable to get comfortable with the thoughts of the mission before her.

She had to infiltrate and gather information, which was easy enough in words but the act of doing it she knew would be difficult and she was sure there would be obstacles in her way.

With a deep sigh she cast a look to her clock and cursed, she had to get up and get ready for shift. She had to meet the chief and Ben Cheney to go over her cover story, get her background set up and find out what her job is going to entail and what exactly he wished for her to find out.

It was going to be such a fun day she just knew it, especially with how cocky Cullen was going to be once he was told he would be her handler, the fucking peacock.

“Get up.” She muttered to herself while hauling herself out of bed and towards the shower.

Her morning routine passed in a blur, shower, dress and food. Coffee was always a plus but today she didn’t really have time to make one and god, she hoped no one pissed her off until she got one because a coffee free Bella was a pissed off Bella with a happy trigger… so to speak.

One last look at the clock had her cursing and grabbing her keys and bag from the side table before rushing out the door. Thankfully she only lived a few streets away from her precinct, so she didn’t need her car which was stored in Emmett’s garage and could either a) cab it there or b) walk… but in today’s case it seemed she would be running.

She left a wave of angry people yelling in her wake, knocking them over or sending them careening into the vendors or the bins stacked on the sidewalk. She also didn’t bother to send her apologies over her shoulder in her wake as it would be a waste of the precious air she was sucking into her lungs while running.

“Late again, Swan?” Newton called out as she shoved the door open and rushed up the stairs to her office.

“Bite me Newton!” She snarled viciously out of breath over her shoulder as she did so.

God she needed to exercise more if she was out of breath now…

Emmett cast his sister an amused look as he waited at her desk, placing the coffee before her as she clutched at her knees and sucked in gulp-fulls of air. “You are right on time, drink your coffee Bells and then get your ass into the Chief’s office.”

Bella gave her brother the finger while trying to get her breathing under control once more and interchanging that with inhaling the coffee her brother got for her. Oh, how she laughed at all who thought he was just a big jokeable brute with no brains; he was one of the smartest people she knew. He just didn’t like other people to see him as such; he liked people underestimating him as it always took them by surprise when he let his true colours show.

“I really do not want to do this but I know it has to be done.” She grunted out as she downed the last of her scorching coffee and tossed the empty cup in the bin. She eyed the door wearily as she saw both the Chief and Cheney in the room, but thankfully no copper haired dick to accompany them.

“I hear that you and I will be working close for the foreseeable future, Bella.” The voice was smooth, and to every other girl it was like honey but to Bella it just made her want to punch the speaker’s perfect too-white teeth in.

“Cullen.” She gritted out while plastering the fakest smile she could, but from Emmett’s silent laughter from behind the asshole, it seemed she had only managed a grimace.

God she wanted to punch him in his perfect face and break those perfectly straight, too-white teeth until he resembled the beast he truly was under that smarmy ‘charm’.

Emmett, catching the tightening of his sister’s hand a sure sign of her about to punch something, stepped in reluctantly and swung his arm around her shoulders and steered her towards the chief’s office. “Now, now, aren’t you expected in the chief’s office?”

“Yes, thanks.” Bella muttered back as she stepped out of her brother’s hold nearly cringing as his dimpled smile widened. “And if you say you’re welcome so help me.”

His booming laughter sounded out through the bullpen as he turned away, throwing a quick wink over his shoulder. “You’re welcome.” He sing-songed while dancing his way back to his desk.

Muttered curses spilled from her lips as she forced a smile on her face and stepped into the Chief’s office. Ben sat awkwardly off to the side, his black hair in disarray as he ran his hand through it once more. He looked tired, face gaunt with bruising bags under his bloodshot eyes. If she didn’t know any better she’d say he was having one hell of a hangover or took to Mary Jane during his work breaks.

But Ben was as straight and narrow as one could get, his wife a good friend and stay at home mother of three. They went to school together a long time ago, had been good friends once until she went away to college.

“Ah Swan, I was waiting for you. Ben here has all the information and items needed for your undercover operation.” Carlisle Cullen explained from behind his desk, looking as annoyingly perfect as his son.

It annoyed her on some days how unrumpled Carlisle could be, his gold hair slicked back and uniform clean pressed each day while others under his command did the graveyard shifts to run down leads or finish the mountains of paper work that needed to be done.

Ben jerked to his feet, his hands clutching the laptop close as it nearly toppled to the floor with his abrupt movement. “Bel- ah…”

“You can still call me Bella, Ben.” She uttered as he shifted his gaze from her to Carlisle and back. “Now tell me what you have got for me.”

Author Note: Ohh yeah, Edward is a dick…




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