Chapter Twelve

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Twelve

“That god damn fucker!”

Jasper sighed and tore his eyes away from the numbers before him to his agitated brother. “What has you so riled up now?”

Grey eyes locked onto blue. “Black.”

“Hm, at least it’s something different; usually you curse Hunter or Cullen. What has the dog done now?” Jasper asked, returning his attention to the figures, he had some money to clean and some product to ship out. Maria also wanted him to donate a good sum of it to the Mayor’s Campaign for shits and giggles while also donating to the homeless.

Peter growled low in his throat and threw over the manila folder onto his brother’s desk before lighting a cigarette. God, he needed a drink, more than a drink… cluster fuck after cluster fuck and now this shit he had to deal with. Some days he wished he had Jasper’s job of money laundering instead of this.

Maybe then he’d have less headaches and a bad smoking habit.

But oh, it was so fucking worth it. The screams, the agonized pleas the asshole had given him as he tortured the fucker. It released some tension that started to gather after his nice little romp but that was wiped away now with this.

God damn fucking Mutt.

“The fuck!” Jasper hissed as he took in the image on the police report of the asshole they dealt with the other night, the one Peter and Randall brought to the compound. He had never seen his brother so angry, so brutal.

It took him, when he arrived, Randall and Felix to pull Peter away from the man but the damage was done. The man was alive, just barely and in an extreme amount of pain. Randall and Felix had left to clean up the mess once they had Peter secured in the gym upstairs to calm down, he had ordered them to drop the fucker off at the border, it seemed Jacob Black had seen and killed him.

“Have you spoken to Billy?” He asked, his eyes scanning over the information.

Peter scowled and exhaled a puff of smoke angrily. “Yes, I called him the second this came across my desk. He doesn’t know anything, as he’s back on the reservation, about what happened an’ he’s just as pissed off about this as I am. Samuel told him that he saw Felix an’ Randall drop the asshole off in the safe zone so he wants to know who the fuck put him in Pack Territory.”

“Then why are ye cursin’ Black?” Jasper asked before frowning. “Ye’ suspect it was Jacob, the pup?”

“Of course I do, he and Sam patrol together always.” Peter grunts.

“We don’t need this shit now with the shipment coming in Friday.”

“And of course he killed this idiot in their territory to pass it off as another blame game. Because everyone knows we all throw incriminating evidence at each other as signs of a big fuck you. It says in the coroner’s report that Mister Da Deus was killed by asphyxiation, the Pup’s usual go to for death.” Jasper stated in understanding. “He’s getting more ballsy, I can say that much but you’d think he’d get over this shit, it’s been what, six years now?”

Peter snorted while stubbing his smoke and stood, “No. He still gets pissy because he thinks I stole his girl an’ the fact that I humiliated him the year after that at a frat party when I beat his ass into the ground in front of his brothers.”

“I remember that, he left the frat and swore he’d get you back.” Jasper replied with a huff of a laugh.

A growl escaped Peter’s lips at the reminder, his lips pulled back bearing his teeth in anger. “Yes and if this is it then he fucked up because it means we are under investigation, Cullen would be having a fucking field day with this…”

A sense of unease pooled in Jasper’s stomach as he watched his brothers eyes spark, a mischievous spark that always got them into trouble when they were growing up… Oh it meant they’d have fun but the repercussions would be devastating.

“What is it you’re thinkin’ of Pete?”

“I want a hit on Jacob Black, I don’t fuckin’ care how much it’ll cost but I want him dead… no… I want him hurt beyond repair. If they can make it look like Hunter did it then all the fuckin’ better, I’ll give em a bonus.” Peter explained to his brother, a predatory grin upon his face.

“Are you sure this is th’way you wanna go?” Jasper asked softly. “I know you haven’t been the same since Suga’…”

Waving off his brother Peter stood, grabbing his Stetson and his colt as he did so. “No, I want this done an’ then everythin’ can go back t’fucking normal. I just know it’ll go well.”

“Alright then, I won’t stop you but just know I’m not happy with this plan of yours Pete, it could backfire and we’d be in more trouble than we are now…Yoda mind voodoo telling you or not. What price?” he asked. “A million? Two?”

“A million for the hit, a half Mill extra if they can make it look like Hunter. Now, I have plans for tonight that involve some things that are illegal in most states; don’t wait up for me, honey.”

Jasper flipped his brother the bird as he watched him leave, eyes tight and a tense smile. He knew his brother hadn’t been the same since college, not after their father died and all this shit began to happen. He started to turn bitter, angrier. He began to turn into The Captain, much like he turned into The Major when Alice fucking Brandon decided to manipulate him and turn his back on his family for three years of his life.

He wised up when he realised how much of a bitch she truly was, left her, and sunk into a depression… he didn’t get better till he started dating his lifelong friend Maria. Though that didn’t stop Alice, not till Maria got a hold of her, the last he heard was that she was now somewhere back in her hometown in a mental hospital.

With a sigh he pulled out his phone and pressed six. The phone rang five times before the familiar stammering of J. Jenks could be heard.

Y-Yes Mister Whitlock?”

“Jenks. I need you to get word out— One million for the death of Jacob Black, an extra half a mill if they can frame Hunter for it.” He growled out. “Just make sure that whoever you tell doesn’t realise it’s from us, if we come under fire because ye told who placed the hit… not even yer friendship with mah Father and Uncle will save ye Jenks.”

Y-Y-Yes, Mister Jasper.” Jenks replied while hanging up.

Jenks had worked for their father, his father for their grandfather but Jasper had… put the fear of god into the man when he was going through his Major years. But it made the man work faster, better and it also made sure that if any information like this was coming from them it was to stay with him and no one else.

This shit needed to be dealt with and fast because he wasn’t sure how much longer Peter could wait. Rose, Char and Maria were at their wit’s end with him… with his temper and his slow descent into darkness. But they couldn’t understand like he did, had never felt so broken or lost because the ounce of happiness that was in them was roughly yanked away from them…

And though there was a happy ending… it was a while off yet and… his brother was a man drifting in a sea of anger and hate with no spark of joy in sight yet.

Author Note: *swoon* Jasper and Peter being all Major and Captain together is the best…



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