Chapter Twenty

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Twenty

It took Peter twenty minutes to calm down after being told that some of their men betrayed them, ten minutes of that cursing James Hunter and five cursing himself for not thinking that there might be spies in their company.

“Pete, we will make him suffer I promise. Ya need t’be a little more patient.” Jasper drawled, the fury simmering in his eyes. He was just as pissed off as his brother but could hold the anger at bay until he could point it in one direction to release it.

James Hunter was going to wish he had never heard of them by the time they are done.

Kate cocked her brow and looked up from the map before her, her fingers stroking the Taser holding down one of the corners. “Don’t make me tase you.”

“You gonna calm him down?” Jade asked, turning her head to the left where Bella was sitting, hands carefully cleaning the gun before her.

Shrugging Bella replied. “There’s no point, he’ll calm down eventually.”

“Or he’ll shoot someone in frustration.” Demetri sighed, his back tense as he scanned the area, marking where James was and the locations they could come from. But the cabin was on a rise, it had tactical advantage and no matter which way they came from he or his men would see them coming.

A sharp sigh escaped Bella’s lips as she assembled the now clean Winchester before her, “Peter, enough! The longer you rant the longer we have to take and I want to go home god fucking damn it!”

Peter stopped, his shoulders sagging. “Sorry Suga’.”

“I understand oh husband of mine, but save that anger for James.” Bella replied as she moved to his side, placing a soft kiss upon his lips. “Also if we finish this by sunrise perhaps we can repeat the warehouse scene at the cabin or in the woods, I know you always wanted to try that at least but we never got around to it.”

“You my little minx, I love you.” Peter grinned, pulling his wife into a deep enthusiastic kiss.

Breaking away Bella chuckled and pulled herself from his arms. “I love you too, now go!”


The forest was dark, quiet… no sound could be heard, not even the chittering of insects. It was a sign that something dangerous was coming, was stalking the dark woods and it held its breath in wait.

There was no monster, no bear or mountain lion but the humans that stalked slowly with guns at their side, keeping as low to the ground as they could could be classed as such predator.

“Andrew… that fucker.” Jasper hissed softly as he spied one of the men guarding the small cabin. “He’s been with us for two years.”

“I see Michael.” Felix replied just as soft, his eyes narrowing onto the familiar and unfamiliar face as they made a past around their section, AK47s in their hands.

Bella grasped Peter’s arm as he jerked when they spotted the person on their side of the house. This was going to break Makena’s heart.

We see Charles.” Bella hissed.

“Son of a fucking bitch,” Jade cursed, eyeing her husband who was scowling. “Makena.”

Demetri nodded at his wife. “Make sure he lives, Makena has been going mad with worry.”

“It’s up to her to decide his fate,” Jasper drawled before cocking his head to the left where he knew Garrett and Kate were waiting. “Anything?”

“Negative, there’s an open space.” Garrett informed, a grin pulling at his lips. “He didn’t cover all his bases. Perhaps he thought he wouldn’t have to worry about it since the window faces an open field.”

Laughter echoed over the coms at that, it wouldn’t be the first time where James had underestimated them. Garrett was one of the best Snipers there were, doing two tours before being sent home after taking a bullet to the shoulder. He had lost some range of motion and gained a shake but he could still shoot, just unable to hit dead centre but a few millimetres off of it.

Is everyone ready?” Peter asked once the laughter died down, sobering them all. “Do you remember the plan?”

After everyone confirms that they were ready and that they knew what they had to do, Jasper burst into action. His hand snapping up and pulling the trigger, shooting Andrew in the knee and then in the shoulder before grasping the fucker around the mouth and pressed the silencer to the fuckers head. “Hello Andrew, ‘fraid to say this is where your contract with us ends.”

Brown eyes snapped wide in fear as Andrew began to struggle once more, but before he could make any more noise Jasper pulled the trigger, grimacing as blood and brain matter coated his arm. He dragged the body backwards to his hiding spot and then began to make his way around to where Kate waited.

The plan was to find a weak spot, take down the guards as silently as possible before going to said weak spot and waiting for the command to enter.

Demetri and Jade silently krept from their hiding place, their feet silenced from the grass as they closed in on the two that Felix had spotted. They struck out in sync, both dancing around one another as they beat down the two before knocking them unconscious and dragging them back to their spot. Minimal noise was made, only the thwack of their fists connecting to their bodies as they gasped from the jab to the throat, all in all it was a silent takedown.

Peter and Bella shared a look; it was only Charles who stood before them and in the way of their entry via front door. His dark eyes scanned the forest on high alert, hand clutched the gun tightly. Charles was a paranoid man and it made him one of the most deadly as it gave him hyperawareness and an itchy trigger finger.

How on earth are we gonna take him down without alerting Hunter in side?” Peter asked his wife.

“I have a plan but you’re not going to like it.” She explained, sinking further back into the darkness of the trees.

Peter felt his eyes widen as he watched his wife remove her vest, holstering the gun at her back and stood, hands displayed to show she had no weapon. He tried to grab her but she danced around him and stepped into Charles’s view.

Charles raised his gun in an instant, his eyes going wide as he saw who in fact he was pointing a gun at, his hand dropping instantly when he saw Bella Swan come into view. “Officer Swan?”

“Charles? Thank the gods you need to help me! They’re after me!” Bella gasped, stumbling forward in panic. “I’ve been running all night!”

“What happened? Who’s after you? How did you get here?” He asked as he rushed forward, holstering his gun as he did so. He knew Officer Swan, she was a friend of his wife’s, a good friend and she had even come over for dinner a few times.

In a blink of an eye Charles found himself at gunpoint, the panicked look upon Isabella’s face replaced with a calm burning rage. He stumbled back, hands flying up in confusion. “What?”

“You’re in so much trouble Charles Wayfarer, Makena isn’t going to be pleased that you’re cavorting with the enemy.” She explained, cocking her head to the side as Peter stepped from the shrubbery.

“Lucky for you we’re not going to kill you, unlucky for you… we’ll be taking you back to your wife to deal with. Makena’s lovely, a sweet woman who has been working for us since my father was in charge.” Peter explained before lashing out, his fist connecting to Charles’s jaw hard.

Charles flew back and landed in a heap, his hand flying to his jaw in surprise and horror, the last thing he saw was Peter’s fist flying towards him once more before succumbing to oblivion.

“Front door is clear, time to go pay Hunter a visit,” Peter chuckled while handing his wife her vest once more. “You and I are gonna talk ’bout this later Suga’.”


James twitched as he paced, his phone clenched tightly in his hands as he tried to figure out how to escape this fucking forest. He knew the Whitlock’s would find him sooner than later and he wanted to get out of this fucking state before they could.

He fucked up, miscalculated when and what was going down. He’d stumbled in on a bust, his men taking on both the Whitlock’s and the Police, he thought if he had Riley slip the information of an oncoming drop the same time the Whitlock’s had one it would be just them arriving but no. If Victoria didn’t fuck around on him, if she didn’t fucking betray him then she would have been useful but she can’t be useful from the garbage heap he threw her in with Laurent.

A snarl left his lips once more as he threw his phone against the wall, watching as it shattered. Every contact he rung refused to help, they’d not go against the ruling family of Seattle and called him crazy for even going up against them. His own people.

It didn’t fucking help either that people believed he killed mutt Jacob Black.

The door burst open, shattering with the force as it slammed against the wall. “Heeeere’s Peter.”

Peter drawled out before charging, deflecting the lamp that was thrown before leaping over the couch and tackling hunter to the ground before the fucker got to the gun resting on the table.

“YOU MOTHER FUCKER!” He roared, sending a fist into the assholes stomach, winding him.

James snarled, sending his knee up into Peter Whitlock’s side and spun them so he was on top, returning the blow to the stomach to Peter’s face. Repeating the process before snarling as Peter drove a blade into his thigh.

Two men and Riley pooled from the backroom to aid their boss, jerking to a stop as people dived through the windows and tackled them into the ground. Gunfire, shattering glass, splintering wood and grunts of pain could be heard as a small war broke out in the living room.

Bella hissed as she saw James yank the knife from his leg and bury it into her husband’s shoulder, with a snarl she dived forward, tackling James from her husband and rolling off, dodging the knife he brought with him when she did so.

“You’re that fucking waitress from Wild Things.” James snarled, recognising the face from Riley’s description. “Maybe when this is over I’ll have some fun with you.”

“You’re gonna regret that.” Bella laughed as she sent her fist towards James’s face, grunting as his connected with her stomach causing her to gasp out.

A snarl filled the room and in a blink Peter had James up against the wall, beating down the fucker with a fury that hadn’t been released since Joham. There was no stopping him, no one fucking touched or threatened his wife and lived to tell the tale.

James stood no chance with the Captain’s fury, none.

“Peter enough.” Jasper snapped, jerking forward with Demetri and pulled him from the body. “He’s dead.”

Peter snarled and thrashed before stilling as he words registered, the black fading back into colour and his eyes found the satisfactory image of James slumped against the wall, his face slightly caved on one side, libs skewed in ways that should not be possible and bloody.

With a harsh sigh Peter pulled free of the hold and straightened his clothing. “Fucker. I need a smoke.”

“Alright, you go with Bells make sure she’s okay and we’ll gather the bodies.” Jasper pushed his brother towards the door. “Eleazer will be here soon with the truck, calm the fuck down and clean up.”

Peter flipped his brother before stepping out into the lightening field, the sun barely peaking over the treetops, with his wife at his side. His hands ran over his wife, eyes taking in every new bruise and cut.

“I’m fine, stop fussing. Let Jasper deliver the body to black, we can get Eleazer to drop us off at our own cabin on the way and have some R&R.” Bella whispered as she inspected the wound on her husband’s shoulder, ripping his shirt and binding it.

“Sounds like a plan Suga’ you can fix me up there,” he grinned before placing a bloody kiss upon her lips. “Time for a holiday, Jasper can deal with all this shit for the next two weeks.”

With a chuckle Bella curled into her husband’s good side and watched the sunrise. There wasn’t much more to be done or said, she just wanted to enjoy the silence with her Peter.

Author Note: THERE THAT WILL DO! Hahahaha


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