Chapter Two

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing… just a heads up lol

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Chapter Two

Bella waited as she pulled out the lasagne from the stove, a smirk pulling at her lips. The rat-a-tat-tat of Emmett’s knock echoing mere moments after she placed the lasagne down on the table had her laughing, that man always knew when she finished cooking.

“Come on Bells! I can smell food!” Emmett boomed from the other side of the door and she couldn’t help but mock sigh as she slowly opened it, catching herself on the frame as he pushed passed her and into the kitchen.

“Emmett! If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re dying of starvation, I saw you eat those club sandwiches at lunch!” She scolded but she couldn’t stay mad as her brother placed a full plate for her down first before getting his own.

Their father instilled manners into them explicitly and sometimes with a spoon for Emmett but really, she knew better that if she was served first he could eat the rest. “I don’t know how that wife of yours puts up with you.”

Emmett snorted and waggled his brows. “She can’t resist my charms but it’s your lasagna Bella, I’ve not had this since… Christmas.”

“You had it last month when we went home!” the exasperation was clear in her tone but Emmett simply waved it off.

“Tomayto-tomahto.” He laughed before sitting down and shoveling the first bite into his mouth with a moan. “Now tell me what the Chief wanted today.”

Bella felt her brows rise; it wasn’t often that Emmett wanted to discuss work during a meal. “No one but him and my handler are supposed to know but I was going to tell you anyway. He wants me to go undercover, gather information on the Whitlocks.”

If she weren’t so serious then the sudden halt of Emmett’s arm and the look on his face would have been hilarious, there was not much that could stop him eating. But this wasn’t a joke and from the sudden dark look upon his face, he knew it too.

“This could be dangerous Bella.” Emmett warned low. “You could be caught in the crossfire if things go south, does he know about this?”

“Do you really think it matters Em? I can take care of myself just fine; I have you watching my back after all.” It wasn’t just Emmett either, she knew that if something happened to her on this job then there would be no stopping her family from wreaking havoc upon Seattle, no matter who started it.

Emmett grunted, his fork stabbing the food in front of him angrily before shoving it in his mouth. She’d let him think about that, let him settle before she told him who exactly was going to be her handler.

“I’ll speak to ‘Metri tonight, work out a plan and back story.” Emmett muttered before pausing, his eyes snapping up as he caught the cringe on his sister’s face. “I am not your handler am I? No… Demetri? Makena?”

“Cullen.” She spat out before cocking her brow in amusement as the expletives spewed from her brother’s lips, ones that she knew would get him a belting around the ears from both their father and his wife even though he’d learnt the most from the latter.

Everyone in the precinct knew that Cullen had a thing for Bella, but she never gave him the time of day. Now the bastard had the ability to spend long, close hours with his sister without interruptions because no one but the three of them were supposed to know? That slimy snake would do anything to make sure Bella was his; even convince his goddamn father to make her his charge.

Panic flared in his chest as all the scenarios ran through his head, what if she refused him one too many times and she was in trouble? Everyone knew Edward was a spoilt, spiteful little shit… would he leave her there? Would he ignore the call? Oh god, what if he tried to force her to do something she didn’t want to do that risked her life? That fucker… He would burn the city to the ground if Bella was killed, so would his wife and so would their family. Job be damned.

“Emmett?” Bella whispers while getting up from the table and squatting at his side, her hand resting gently on his clenched fist. “I’ll be fine Emmett, you’ll have my back and I’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop when I can. Benjamin trained me well, so did you and so did Dad.”

The sudden bang of Emmett slamming his fist down upon the table made her jump, nearly sending her sprawling on her ass if it wasn’t for her hands clutching his arm so tightly. It wasn’t often he got angry, an angry Emmett was a deadly Emmett and scary. All knew that when he turned this grim and silent to run.

“That’s not the point Bells. The fucking point is that Chief is sending you undercover because you’re fresh on the force. Not only that, he put Edward as your handler because that fucker has feelings for you and has been throwing fits because you won’t give him the time of day.” He gave her a pointed look at that. “This is a dangerous position for you to be in, no matter how prepared you are.”

She hissed through her teeth and stood once more, shoulders tensed and hands fisted as she moved to the middle of her lounge. “You don’t think I know this? Fuck, Emmett.”

She cast a look around her flat, taking in the open floor and living room that connected to the dining room and kitchen, her bedroom on the section above with windows sprawling from floor to roof and wall to wall that overlooked the city. It was too big, too clean and not her at all no matter how much she liked it, but it wasn’t home to her. She missed home but she knew this was the right choice.

A deep sigh escaped her brother before he lumbered over to her and pulled her into a hug. “Right, I’ll have eyes on you at all times so nothing happens and you’re stuck in a hard spot. You’ll get a burner phone and you’ll message me every goddamn day and night. I mean it Bells, any information and locations you tell me, too.”

“Of course I will tell you.” She scoffed. “Again, I am not stupid.”

Emmett chuckled and pulled her down by one arm, his free hand ruffling her hair before letting go. “Sometimes you can be- like that time…”

“No.” She hissed, smacking his hand away as she made her way back to the table. “You swore never to mention that again, now come and eat. Dinner’s getting cold and you’ll have to go home soon to see your wife.”

Seeing her tense shoulders and jaw Emmett decided to let it be. “Okay Bells. I’ll let it drop for now, tomorrow after shift we’ll go over everything and I’ll be bringing ‘Metri.”

“Thank you.” She sighed, her shoulders dropping in relief. “Now, tell me what mischief you caused today.”

Author Note: I really do love Em&Bella sibling bond…



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