Chapter Three

Title: Fixing Pandora’s Box

Pairing: Peter/Bella

Ra: M

Summary: They had one shot to fix their future, to do that they needed to save Jasper…

Author Note: There will be violence and mayhem, much language…

Chapter Three

Peter snapped his eyes open with a snarl as the familiar scream of his mate herald in his awakening. A newborn had bitten into her, a fresh scar to match those being revealed and the Captain rattled at the cage, his movements were lagged and jerky but he was able to tear the head from the fuckers body just as easily as he could before. Perhaps not as clean, but he was able to do it.

A warning snarl rolled off his tongue and vibrated in his chest as he crouched over his still changing mate. Venom dripped and gleamed from his snarling mouth as his eyes roamed over every fucking newborn in the room both awake and still changing. It eased him somewhat that he could see his wife’s shield bubble around them.

It flickered in and out, spots of holes where it wasn’t fully complete could be seen but she was aware enough that she was trying.

But that relief he knew would not last long as the very familiar face of the bastard that changed him came into view, except it was not with the Gold eyes he was used to, it was the familiar Red of his demon.

The Major cocked his head to the side at the strange newborn before him; there was no fear at the sight of him, just recognition, resignation, determination and something he couldn’t understand. Scars littered the two newborns, scars that were old and well healed but shouldn’t have. That too he didn’t understand.

He took the time to watch these strange cattle turn, hoping it would give him the answers to all the questions that popped up over the nights he watched them and from the night he changed them. Yet there were more questions than answers and that pissed him off. The male screamed all through his change while the woman was as still as a corpse and if it wasn’t for the emotions washing off of her even he would think she was dead.

“You’re a strange child,” The Major drawled his red eyes narrowed. “You do not fear me.”

Peter swallowed the venom flooding his mouth with a hiss as it burned down his throat. “No.”

A dark chuckle escaped his lips, savouring the fear from the other newborns as he pushed off from the wall he was leaning against. “You will, they all do in the end.”

It took all of Peter’s will and knowledge to not let the Major feel his amusement or laugh. Peter was once afraid of the fucker before him, in another life, but now he can’t fear the demon before him… not with the image of Jasper dressed in pink sequins and feather boas running from the law and every other mischief they got into.

Peter knew what he was like deep down, knew what Jasper was truly like and it was hard to fear him. He also knew what would cause the bitch of his creator and the Major’s wrath, knew when to avoid that so no harsh punishments would be taken out on him and his Mate.

“I might surprise you… we might surprise you.” Peter drawled cocking his head to his still changing mate.

The familiar cocktail that kept the newborns submissive rolled through the room like a violent storm, hitting the newborns like a vicious wave and scattering them to the ground in whimpers and screeches yet Peter stayed in his crouch, lifting his hand away from his mate as he awaited the reaction that was about to cause.

Three… two… one…

Bella’s eyes snapped open, her body flipping and landing in a crouch with a snarl. Her chest heaved as she scanned the room for dangers as her shield bubbled out and covered her mate and brother, making the former smirk and the latter to cock his brow in surprise.

“Pete?” Bella hissed out confused as she settled herself down.

The stench of fear, blood, rotting flesh and bodily fluids were strong in the air and it brought her back to the last part of her life. Her eyes locked onto the black ones of her mate before flickering up to the demon five feet away from them, her shield dropped instantly as she realised that he was protected as well due to reflex.

“Interestin’,” Major drawled before smirking. “You’ll be very handy, my mistress will be pleased.”

Twin growls escaped both Peter and Bella at the mention of Maria. Bella opened her mouth to speak before snapping it shut as she saw the minute shake of his head. It infuriated her that she would have to share her shield with the bitch but she would do it if there was no other choice, their goal was to save Jasper and everything that entails integrating with the Major.

“Hmm,” The Major started as he eyed those before him. Questions and screams, the familiar feel of newborns awakening. “I am the Major, you’ll address me as such or Sir, anything other will be punished. Ya are now soldiers in a war that you will never escape from if you win an’ survive then you’ll be fed. If you do not follow orders then it means punishment.”

Peter stood and pulled his mate to his side, he knew the rules and all the unspoken ones. They’ll train for a day and then they will be fed if they improve over that day, those that prove to be useless will be killed, if you had a gift then even better because you were fed more often.

As both Bella and Peter stepped out into the open it was a familiar sight to one and then horror for the other. In a blink, she had her shield up and over her making sure that her physical one was thick enough to be soundproof before speaking.

“Jesus Christ Pete, if this is what being a newborn is supposed to be like then I’m glad I passed the raging orgy and dumb as a stump stages because of hunger,” Bella grunted while eyeing the two groups before her.

There were literally ten newborns fucking in the middle of the field while another group laid practically catatonic shoving fistfuls of dirt into their mouths like children. She couldn’t hold back the wince on that because really, she did it at one point of her life and she knew how bad the afterburn is going to be when they spew it all out in a few hours or less.

Peter snorted hard as he pushed her forwards. “Me too Suga’, dealin’ with my own urges to fuck you senseless into the ground before all, ripping the throat out of anyone who’s looked at ye and my own hunger I’m a hair trigger away from going batshit crazy.”

“Where is he leading us?” Bella asked as she followed the Major and the newborns to another building.

“Training, just remember everythin’ we taught ya Suga’.” Peter reminded as he eyed the groups. “Many of the newborns you just saw are due to be killed, an’ the training is brutal, it’s kill or be killed so iffen you decapitate one doin’ one on ones then all the better.”

Concern filled Bella’s core as she eyed her mate. “And if he puts us together?”

“He won’t,” Peter replied darkly, his eyes black as he stared at Jasper’s current right-hand waiting. “He’ll be placing ya with that fucker and if you can kill him. Do it.”

Bella turned her attention to the vampire at the door and scowled as she saw him leering at the women newborns and nodded sharply to her mate, a grin twitching at her lips. “Once more into the breach then.”

“There will be more than one-time occasion Suga’.” Peter chuckled as he let the Captain leek out of him, his black eyes turning darker. “Time to release some of this extra energy, Capt’n wants to play.”

Bella purred before smiling wickedly as they stepped into the barn. Perfect.

Author Note: *dark chuckles*


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