Chapter Five

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Fixing Past Regrets
Written for: Rebadams7
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar
Rating: M
Summary: Returning home for the first time in five years for her father’s wedding was one thing, but she didn’t expect this. A/H
Prompt used: Pouring Rain, Crashing a Wedding (sort of LOL) and Starting Over/Fresh Start

Author Note: Uh, there will be swearing maybe…

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Chapter Five – Epilogue

The reception was in full swing, people were laughing as they either danced or battled over the food. Sue and Charlie had decided to have a casual wedding on Second Beach while their reception was in the hall because it looked like the rain wouldn’t hold off until morning.

Thankfully, they had set up both inside and outside for people to move from, the food was under a canopy and fallen logs were placed sporadically around the small clearing that was around the bonfire. So if it did rain, everyone could grab something and run inside.

“I thought that Leah and Emily were still fighting?” Bella whispered to Jake as she spotted the cousins laughing over something near the bonfire.

Jake raised his brows and snorted, “They were, until Leah and Emily got drunk one night and hashed it all out. Leah still refuses to talk to Sam but she and Em are good. How you holding up?”

Frowning Bella tore her eyes away from Em and Leah to Jake who jerked his head in the direction of the Cullens. Esme and Carlisle were with Sue and her dad, while Alice and Rose were off with Becca, Angela, leaving Emmett, Jasper and Edward to mingle with Jared, Seth, Ben and Paul.

“I honestly don’t know.” She confessed. “Conflicted.”

“Of course you are, you still love him,” He paused when she shot him a look. “Stop denying it Bells, I can see it clear as day just as I can see he still loves you.”

Bella opened her mouth before snapping it shut as she saw Leah drag Seth over to Sue and Charlie. That was her cue to make her way over for her surprise. She had thought making the announcement during the speeches but decided against it. “Excuse me.”

Once she excused herself, Bella made her way over to her small family, greeting those she passed and kept going onwards until she finally reached where they were waiting.

Charlie cast his daughter a confused frown. “Bells? Sue and Leah said there was something you wanted to tell us?”

“Yeah, it was gonna be a surprise for all of you but it slipped out.” Bella chuckled giving her father a happy smile. “My job is opening a store in PA, I’ll be managing it so I’ll be moving back to Forks in two weeks.”

Everyone paused as Charlie let out an excited whoop before pulling his daughter into an excited hug, freezing when he realised what he had done and stepped back quickly clearing his throat, cheeks aflame. “That’s great kid, what about school?”

“I finished early, I am now fully certified.” She explained with a smile.

“That’s great Bells, I’m proud of you.” Charlie chuckled before jerking his head up as the skies finally gave and rain began to fall.

There was a mixed sound of laughter and squeals as the rain took people by surprise, everyone gathered their drinks and plates before rushing inside. Bella was one of those people who were laughing; it always amused her when people who had lived here practically all their lives got surprised when it started raining.

“Are you coming Bells?” Charlie called over his shoulder when he realised she didn’t follow.

“I’m enjoying the rain!” She called back laughing, her hands wide and head tilted to the sky.

In minutes Bella was soaked but she could care less, it had been a long time since she could enjoy the rain mixing in with the smell of ocean breeze and forest. Her eyes snapped open when the rain suddenly stopped, but could still hear it, to see Edward holding out an umbrella.

“Bella,” Edward whispered as his hand rose to brush away a strand of hair sticking to her forehead and cheek, tucking it back behind her ear. “God Bella, how after all this time you be even more stunning than you were when we eighteen?”

She was unable to reply as her breath hitched, his fingers were warm against her cool skin, sending sparks running down her spine. She leant into his palm and savoured the warmth while she took a step closer, her hand coming up to cover his own.

Emerald green locked onto warm brown, a flash of yellow and green catching Edward’s eyes.

“You kept it…” he breathed out in a whoosh, the sight of the plastic ring stealing his breath. He remembered the day he gave it to her, a promise so long ago on the pier in PA.

“I couldn’t throw it away, it’s been sitting in my memory box for years now with the rest of our things,” She whispered before gasping as Edward dropped the umbrella and pulled her close to him, capturing her lips with his.

A moan escaped their lips as Edward explored her mouth with his tongue, tasting the sweet taste of wine and Bella. His arms held her close to him as she melted into his embrace, her hands snaking up to wrap around his neck and bury in his hair, pulling him closer to her.

They broke the kiss with a gasp, their chests heaving begging for air as Edward rested his forehead against Bella’s. “I thought I’d never see you again, no one else was able to fill the hole in my heart that was the chunk of my heart I gave to you so long ago.” He confessed.

“God Edward,” Bella replied with a hopeful laugh. “I was the same, no one could replace or fill the hole you left. I never stopped loving you.”

The confession had Edward’s hands clutching her tightly, his green eyes burning bright and a crooked grin tugging at his lips. Even in the rain Edward seemed to shine with joy. A laugh escaped his lips as he lifted Bella up and spun her around, pulling her into a swift kiss as he let her back on her feet once more.

“I have never stopped loving you, love… I refused to let you go, I just found you again. I’ll do anything to keep you.” He whispered passionately, his hand cupping her face. “I’ll fly to Arizona if I have to.”

“You won’t have to,” Bella replied with a fond smile.

Edward cocked his head to the side in confusion, his brows pulling down into a frown. “Oh?”

“I have a job in Port Angeles, I’ll be moving back to Forks in two weeks.” She confessed, giving Edward a wide smile as he lit up once more.

“Then would you like to go on a date with me, Miss Swan, when you are settled into your new home? I have been told that Bella Italia has amazing Mushroom Ravioli.” Edward stated, stepping back and giving her a flourished bow.

A giggle escaped her lips as the action; it was the very one he had done when he first asked her out on a date. “Why I would be delighted, Mister Cullen. I would be delighted.”

Cheers could be heard from the hall as people peered out and around doorframes and windows to the scene outside.


Author Note: That’s it folks, I hope you liked it! Huge thanks to Buggy for her betaing! *smooches*

EDIT: I should note that I am Australian and wrote this because Rebadams7 needed a story written for FAGE which is a gift exchange. Because I was on a time crunch I couldn’t delve deep into the American Schooling System, so cut me some damn slack.



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