Chapter Four

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Fixing Past Regrets
Written for: Rebadams7
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar
Rating: M
Summary: Returning home for the first time in five years for her father’s wedding was one thing, but she didn’t expect this. A/H
Prompt used: Pouring Rain, Crashing a Wedding (sort of LOL) and Starting Over/Fresh Start

Author Note: Uh, there will be swearing maybe…

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Chapter Four

Leah, Emily and Sue cast a look at each other as Bella stared out the window of Sam and Emily’s second story home. They knew something had happened the day before when Bella came home with flushed tear stained cheeks and red rimmed eyes.

Charlie had left with Seth just an hour before to head over to Billy’s with the boys and it left the girls home alone.

Bella tried her best to join in on the activities, laughing along with Angela, Kim and Rachel. She tried to put on a brave face but all could see that she was upset and though they wished to know rumour had it that she was spotted with Edward yesterday in the park.

“Bella are you okay?” Sue asked softly, making her way to stand behind her stepdaughter and began to braid her hair much like she did for Leah whenever she was upset.

“Oh!” Bella jolted, her hand shooting up to quickly wipe away the tear that spilled over and cast her stepmother a smile in the reflection of the glass. “I’m okay, sorry.”

Sue sighed softly and tied off the braid before spinning her around and staring intently at her. “You don’t need to apologise but you haven’t been the same since you ran into Edward yesterday.” At the surprised look that appeared on Bella’s face, Sue chuckled. “Jessica saw you and she told Lauren who told everyone. What happened?”

“Nothing… just… he spotted me on the way home while I was reading and practically started to fall asleep the moment he sat down… I took him home and…” she stammered out with a blush. “He apologised… He said that leaving me was the worst mistake of his life.”

“Oh, Bella,” Sue sighed, pulling her into a tight embrace that was soon followed by Leah joining them.

Bella sniffled one last time. “I don’t know what to do. I thought, I hoped that I was over him but I still love him.”

“Things will work itself out; you move back in a couple of weeks. Take that time between now and then to sort out what you’re feeling and see how things go when you return,” Sue advised, smiling softly before laughing as Leah let out a very uncharacteristic squeal of joy as she let the news slip. “Don’t tell Seth yet, he’ll find out when Bella announces it tonight.”

“Oh hell yeah, I know this before both Charlie and Seth?” Leah asked as she stepped back and smoothed out her blue bridesmaids dress.

Bella laughed and nodded. “Okay, you’re right Sue. No more tears today is a day of celebration! You and Dad are finally, finally getting married!”

Both Sue and Leah burst out into laughter at that.


When Edward woke up the next day, it was to the sound of his brother’s booming voice yelling to open the freaking door and to the familiar smell of freesias and strawberries.

“Bella?” He asked softly, confused, before jolting up and falling to the floor as his legs caught around the blanket that someone –not someone, Bella – had placed over him.

A groan escaped his lips as he rolled to his back and rubbed his sore him, his sleep addled mind filling in the blanks of what happened yesterday afternoon. He remembered leaving work after a fourteen hour shift and cutting through the park when he came across Bella…

He remembered talking and then slowly falling asleep, he could recall her huff of laughter and the warmth of her hand in his own as they began to walk. He recalled finally reaching his home and then Bella putting him to bed, her fingers raking through his hair in a way he hadn’t felt since five years ago when he made the stupid decision to leave her.

God, that was the worst mistake of his life but he wanted her to experience life without having to worry about him. He didn’t want her to go through the same problems his mom and dad did when he was in med school.

The last thing he remembered was… telling her that… “I’m an idiot.”

“I already know that,” Emmett said after letting himself in. He was now standing at the bedroom door, his brows raised as he took in the scene before him. Edward lay in a heap on the floor still in clothes that Emmett assumed were from yesterday pinching the bridge of his nose in his usual way when he was pissed or stressed. “You okay bro?”

“No…” Edward hiss through gritted teeth before snapping his eyes open and taking the hand that Emmett held out for him. “What are you doing here?”

“Dude, it’s the Chief’s wedding day remember? I’m here with Jas under Alice’s strict instructions that we had to get you ready.” Emmett explained with raised brows. “Jas is cooking breakfast.”

“Thank god for that.” Edward muttered before pausing. “Wait, wedding?”

Emmett frowned and pressed his hand to his brother’s head in concern. “Yeah, Chief Swan is getting married today, we’ve been mentioning it all week and dad even scheduled time off for you. It’s why we’re in town; remember… of course you don’t…”

It wasn’t often where Emmett went into mothering mode and it usually was scary when he did, as he was exactly like Esme when he did it. It also has seemed to get worse after becoming a father just over a year ago to a little boy named Henry.

“I’m going!” Edward grunted as he shoved Emmett’s hands away and practically dove into the bathroom, slamming and locking the door behind him.

Now that he was alone, Edward began to get ready, peeling the shirts and his scrubs from his body and then shuffling out of his jeans automatically as he thought back to yesterday afternoon. He paused, his hand pulling the scarf to his neck as he familiar perfume that Bella favoured reached his nose. A reminder that he didn’t dream of her again.

She was here… for her father’s wedding… a wedding that he was invited to…

With that thought, Edward hurried through showering and drying off, making sure that his hair was neat and teeth were brushed before practically forcing himself into the suit that was hanging on the open door to his closet, nearly ripping his pants in the process when he lost his balance. There was a small chance for him still and this excited him. Yes. He was fully awake now and he could-

“Edward, stop, deep breath and slowly exhale,” Jasper ordered as he spun around and caught Edward by the shoulders.

Doing as Jasper asked, Edward took a deep breath and let it out slowly, his body relaxing instantly and his anxiety dulling into white noise instead of a loud roar. When he was calm, he gave his brother-in-law and one of his best friends a nod before taking a seat at the table.

“Thanks Jas,” Edward sighed as he took a bite of his scrambled eggs and toast.

“No problem. When Em came down sayin’ yer were as anxious as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs, I made myself ready for yer entrance.” Jasper drawled out, his twang thick.

“Now that you’re up and looking more human than you did before, what happened?” Emmett asked before leaning back with a grin. “Does it have anything to do with Little Swan?”

Edward snapped his head around to Emmett with enough speed and force that it caused his neck to crack. “You knew she was in town?”

“Alice knew, she told the rest of us.” Jasper replied before Emmett could open his mouth. “We and when I mean by sayin’ we, I mean all of us. Not just ye siblings but hers an’, our friends an’ our parents.”

“So you were just going to let me go on believing that I’d never see her again until the wedding?” Edward demanded, anger simmering in his green eyes. “You know I still love her, you know I thought I’d never get the chance to make things right and you keep it from me? She leaves tomorrow!”

Jasper and Emmett shared a look before cringing, perhaps they and the others didn’t think this through as well as they thought. They’d hope he’d be happy but obviously that was not the case.

“We’re sorry bro, we’d thought you’d be happy about this,” Emmett tried to sooth, all sense of his goofy-self vanished in a blink of an eye.

Running his hand through his hair Edward sighed, he finished off his eggs as plans began to form in his mind. He had a chance tonight; he’d just have to figure how to get Bella away from the others so they could talk.

Until then he’d have to keep to himself, it was going to be a long day.

Author Note: Seriously love Jasper, had to give him an awesome line and I gave you all some Bella Family bonding here is Edwards! Next chapter is the last!



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