Chapter Three

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Fixing Past Regrets
Written for: Rebadams7
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar
Rating: M
Summary: Returning home for the first time in five years for her father’s wedding was one thing, but she didn’t expect this. A/H
Prompt used: Pouring Rain, Crashing a Wedding (sort of LOL) and Starting Over/Fresh Start

Author Note: Uh, there will be swearing maybe…

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Chapter Three

It was the day before Charlie and Sue’s wedding, and Bella found herself escaping to the park when things got a little too uncomfortable at home. In other words, Charlie and Sue were a little amorous and… with a shudder, she shook that thought from her mind. She didn’t mind leaving the house anyway, it was a beautiful day for once and the park had benches to sit on.

Every week, the store highlighted a new game, book, anime or comic and movie/tv show for recommendation, this was across all the stores they currently had. They all had their own separate tasks as well; the boys were all the more willing to help out when they got told they could choose the recommendations for their game selection when they had free time from work. Bella took to reading the Book selection and Bree took the comics/Anime while Tia took the movies/tv show.

All in all, she got paid to read and give a review for. She had brought this week’s book selection with her to the park to get some reading in. Bella always liked getting lost in the books, the stories. It made the world around her a little more acceptable and less lonely.

Bella read for hours. She was nearly at the end when she was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Bella?” the tone was a mix of surprised reverence and confusion.

Bella on the other hand froze, her body tensed as she slowly closed the book in her lap and turned to face the last person she expected to see today of all days.

Oh god… Edward still looked just as handsome as ever, his messy copper hair was now tamed and shorter than it used to be, a beard had replaced the smooth skin on his chiselled jaw that defined his features even more and oh… his eyes were still as green as she remembered. He was clad in jeans and she could see his scrubs hidden under the layers of his sweater and scarf, a small bag in his hand. He must have just finished his shift at the hospital.

“Edward,” she greeted after a long period of silence and swallowed hard a she took the time to put away her book to compose herself. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

A nervous laugh escaped Edward’s lips as he scratched the back of his neck. “Neither did I, may I join you?”

“You may,” she replied and turned to face him as he sat next to her. “Charlie said you moved back to Forks?”

“Yes, dad’s the chief medical officer at Forks Hospital and asked if I was willing to finish my rotations there and offered a job when I finished.” He explained while taking her in.

She still looked the same and yet more, her brown locks were pulled back into a messy bun, a few loose strands framing her flushed cheeks. Her features had sharpened and yet softened at the same time that made her look sophisticated and warm… She still lookedjust as if not more beautiful as he remembered.

“How long are you in town for?” He asked after an awkward pause, he didn’t know what to say… he honestly thought he’d never see her again since he was told that she hadn’t returned home since leaving for college.

He hoped that she was here for a while; he hoped that he could spend…

“I leave Sunday,” She replied shattering any hope he had roused. “I’m only in town for Dad and Sue’s wedding and heading to the airport with them the next day.”

“Oh,” he replied awkwardly, he forgot about that. His siblings were in town as they were attending and he recalled somewhere over the last week or so that his mom had already RSVP’d for him. He had been so busy with a bout of strep going around and his patients that it slipped his mind.

“How have you been Edward, you look exhausted,” Now that she got over her shock she could see the familiar signs of Edward overworking himself, the black bags under his eyes and the way he seemed to slump into himself for support.

Shaking his head Edward shot Bella a crooked grin, hoping that it would fool her. “I’m fine love, just been busy at work this week.

Bella felt her heart skip a beat as her pet name slipped past his lips unnoticed, her breath hitching as he shot her a grin but she could see the lie he tried to hide and the yawn he just did was also proof of it.

A snort escaped her lips as she stood up, holding her hand out for him to take. “You still can’t lie very well, come on I’ll take you home so you can sleep. Where are your keys?”

“I live a street over from you Bella, I walked to work today,” Edward explained and held back another yawn.

Raising her brows she nodded and grabbed her things and began to lead Edward towards his home, there were two streets he could live on and both were just off her own but she wasn’t a hundred percent sure which one it was.

“Left,” He instructed softly.

The more they walked, the more the exhaustion started to kick in. It got to the point where Edward honestly thought must be dreaming this. There was no possible chance that Bella was with him with her tiny hand in his own, looking like the sun and leading him home.

Bella cast a glance back towards Edward every now and then to make sure he was still awake and to see if he was okay. There was no point really asking what house was his once they were on his street as she could see the familiar Volvo parked in the drive, it was a newer model of course, but she knew it was his.

The house was familiar; it used to be Doctor Gerandy’s house. Taking a look around, she was pretty sure that if she were to climb the roof she would see Charlie’s house. With a shake of her head, she turned to Edward who was leaning against the post of his deck, eyes closed.

“Edward?” She called, smiling softly as he opened his eyes tiredly. “I need your keys.”

Edward fumbled slightly, his bag dropping to the floor as he dug into his pockets for his keys and handed them over. He wasn’t sure what happened next but he found himself following Bella once more up to his room and laying down.

A fond laugh escaped Bella’s lips as she pulled off his shoes and grabbed the blanket off the end of the bed before tossing it over him, unable to resist the urge to run her fingers through his hair like she used to. It was still soft.

“Get some rest,” She whispered, her hand dropping to her side and began to turn to leave, pausing when Edward’s hand caught her own. She peered back to see dark green peering at her through hooded eyes.

“‘m sorry love…” he whispered, his words slurred ever so slightly as the sleep was definitely kicking in now. “I didn’t… I was an idiot… leavin’ you was th’worst mistake of m’life…”

She swallowed back the lump that formed in her throat and blinked away the tears at the half slurred words. “It’s okay… it’s okay,” She whispered and before she could talk herself out of it, placed a kiss upon his brow and hurried from his home, she couldn’t… she just couldn’t… What the hell was she thinking?

Author Note: Did anyone coo? I coo’d…



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