Chapter Two

FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Fixing Past Regrets
Written for: Rebadams7
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar
Rating: M
Summary: Returning home for the first time in five years for her father’s wedding was one thing, but she didn’t expect this. A/H
Prompt used: Pouring Rain, Crashing a Wedding (sort of LOL) and Starting Over/Fresh Start

Author Note: Uh, there will be swearing maybe…

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Chapter Two

“We need to do something!” Seth whispered to his sister at the bottom of the stairs, snapping his mouth shut with a click as Leah shot him a glare before looking down the hall to the kitchen.

“I know, I know!” She hissed. “But there isn’t much we can do till we have more information.”

Even though Leah lived in Tacoma now and Seth in Port Angeles, they knew all the gossip of Forks. It was hard to stay out of the comings and goings of the townsfolk when you were friends with nearly everyone on social media.

And for the past year or so, the gossip had been centred around the notoriously handsome bachelor of a Cullen. Edward had returned to Forks with no sign of a relationship and hadn’t given any indication that he was even seeing anyone or interested in anyone… even with the persistence of certain townsfolk.

‘He looks lonely sometimes and when any of us mention Bella at all his smiles become strained and he just seems sad.’ Angela had told Leah one day the last time she was in town and bumped into her. They had lunch and before they left Leah had asked about Edward.

Those few weeks after Bella graduated and took some time to pack before heading off to college was hard on everyone. Bella had cried for a week straight, harder than anyone had ever seen her do before. She hadn’t even cried that much when Renee shipped her off to Charlie’s just before Middle School or when she fell out of the tree and broke both her leg and her arm.

What Leah saw tonight just proved her own theory that even though Bella had said many times over the following years, even when she found others to occupy her time… she still loved Edward.

“She still loves him,” Leah explained to her brother softly. “And he still loves her.”

Seth felt his brows rise before he grinned. “You have something planned.”

“No, well yes… I did see Alice and Jasper the other day but I left out the fact I stopped to speak with them. Mom invited them all to her and Charlie’s wedding.” Leah supplied.

A bubble of laughter burst free from Seth’s lips before being muffled from behind Leah’s hand as she silenced him. “Shhhh… Bella can’t know. Charlie was terrified that if she knew then she wouldn’t come, he didn’t want to hurt her anymore then she had been or put her in an uncomfortable position.”

“That’s true,” Seth sighed, casting his eyes up the stairs. “Who knows that Bella was coming back?”

A wicked grin pulled at Leah’s lips, “Everyone but Edward. Mom told Esme who told Carlisle. Alice somehow knew because she knows everything, which means Emmett, Jasper and Rose knows.”

Something akin to worry flickered in the back of Seth’s mind, wiping away the smile and the excitement in an instant. “What if they don’t love each other anymore? What if Edward has moved on?”

“Then I don’t know what to do but help Bella pick herself back up again.” Leah whispered sadly, unable to give Seth the answer he was looking for.


Bella sniffled slightly as she pulled the box from the hidden floorboard at the end of her bed and pulled it close to her. The news from dinner had her heart clenching painfully tight and for the tears to pool and spill over.

God, she couldn’t help but be annoyed at the fact that Edward Cullen could still make her cry.

There had been a point or two over the last few years where she had tried to move on and she did give it a try with Riley and then with Benjamin but she… she just couldn’t put all her heart into the relationship, not when a good chunk still resided with Edward Cullen.

Riley had been disappointed but understood, unknown by both of them till the very end that they were in the same boat; trying to get over their high school sweetheart. Except unlike Bella, Riley and Bree had gotten engaged a few months ago and Benjamin had found his heart in Tia, Bree’s best friend. They were all very good friends and she adored Bree and Tia both.

“Focus,” she scolded herself before lifting the lid from the box and tipping the contents across the bed. There were more photo’s, a CD that he had composed for her, movie ticket stubs and a small keychain in the shape of a stuffed bear that he had won at the fair for her.

She brushed them all aside because she was looking for something specific; a small plastic red box. As she opened it, the memory washed over her as if it happened only yesterday.

“Oh, wait!” Edward called, pulling her to a stop as he caught sight of something of interest.

Bella watched with a fond amused smile as he dug deep into his pockets and pulled out a few quarters and placed them in the machine before him. A triumphant shout escaped his lips as he scooped out his prize and held it out for her with a smile.

“I had to get you this, a reminder and a promise.” He explained, plucking open the plastic lid to reveal the tacky plastic yellow band and gaudy green stone. “One day I will marry you Bella Swan, until then, let this be a reminder.”

Tears pooled in her eyes as he slipped the ring on her little finger as it was a toy suited for children and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss.

“I love you,” She whispered once the kiss broke.

A crooked smile bloomed at her words. “I love you too, love.”

She had kept the ring since sophomore year, she had always worn it when they had an anniversary, always bringing the smile she loved so much to his face. She had nearly thrown it out in her sadness when they broke up but, she just couldn’t. Instead, she had placed all things of importance in the box and hidden it in the floorboards.

This isn’t what she expected when coming home for her father’s wedding, not at all. The worst she expected was to run into Esme and Carlisle and have to have that awkward conversation but to find out that all of her friends were here and Edward was as well?

“I didn’t sign up for this,” She whispered, shoving all the items back into the box and setting it on the side table with a sigh. “But I can do this, I can just… oh who am I kidding.”

She was here for the next few days, and then she had to head home to begin packing up her apartment. She had finished her business degree as well as her Masters earlier than intended, and had planned to move back to Forks to open the store next month in Port Angeles. This was supposed to be a surprise to her Dad and Sue…

Were her plans going to change now? No, she’d still move back home and run the store in Port Angeles. After all, she couldn’t let Bree and Tia down.

Midnight Sun had been Bree’s and Tia’s dream baby since they were kids. Both of them were the biggest nerds you would ever meet – once you got past the shy exterior. They had hated the fact that there was no place for people like them to go and relax, mingle with others just like them. So they started putting their plans for 24/7 book store slash café that was a mix of every fandom they could think of.

It took off and they now had a store in Flagstaff and Tucson as well as Phoenix. They wanted to spread to a new state but they didn’t know anyone else they could trust to run the business.

Bella loved it from the second she stepped inside and applied for the help wanted sign a month after her break up with Riley. Thanks to Emmett, she was well versed in anime and video games. Alice was obsessed with all things pop culture that had brushed off on Bella, and Bella’s own love for literature was a huge help getting the job.

Looking back on it now, she found it hilarious how Fate had pushed her in the path of several amazing people that were connected in some way. Bella had no clue that the Bree Riley spoke of was the one she worked for, nor did she ever think that Tia was the perfect fit for Benjamin and vice versa.

“Bella?” Sue’s voice called from the other side of the door.

“Come in,” she called, turning to face the door as Sue slipped inside and took a seat on the edge of the bed.

“I just want to apologise for your father, I told that man he had to tell you…” she trailed off as Bella let out a soft laugh.

“It’s fine Sue, really, I needed to know. I was going to find out sooner or later anyway when I moved back,” She explained laughing as her for all intents and purposes her mother lit up with joy.

“You’re moving back? When did this happen?” Sue asked excited. Oh, she was excited at first when one by one her children left the nest but after a while she and Charlie began to miss their boisterous voices and lively personalities. Oh, they visited yes, but it wasn’t the same and Sue knew Charlie missed Bella as she was still his little girl.

“Well, my friends Bree and Tia run the store I work for, they wanted to expand into another state and when I made my thoughts know that I wanted to move back home well… they’re opening up a store in PA that I’ll be running. I have a unit I’ll be renting ready for me in two weeks in town, I was gonna tell you and Dad as a surprise before you left for your honeymoon.” She explained with a wide grin before bursting out into laughter as Sue pulled her tightly into a hug calling for Charlie.

Oh, she had missed this.

Author Note: *chuckles* I really do love the family dynamics!



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