Chapter Eighty-Nine

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Eighty-Nine

Enyo stood her cold calculating eyes flickered around with confusion. Oh the Major could see no hint of it but he could feel it well enough, even though he had not seen her for many years his sister was still easy to read.

“Major but not Ares,” She hissed and it still surprised him how she could always tell. “I… Why? WHY?”

Rage swelled up in him at that. “You’re asking me why when it should be the other way round! You decapitated me and threw me into a fire! YOU LET ME THINK YOU WERE DEAD!”

“Oh.” The word was flat and it lurched all the air from his lungs. “Oh I see, the forgiveness you gave was a lie.”

No! NO IT WASN’T! Jasper roared inside by the Major stood firm.

“I cannot trust you when you deceived me for so long.” The words were like razorblades on his tongue as an all-consuming numbness settled over his twin. “I cannot trust the words from Isabella, not with how much pain she has dealt upon me and mine.”

Enyo locked every muscle she could refusing to shake her head to clear the words. No, no… she did it for them… She did it all for them so they could be free of the torment. They were happy, they were happy.

Garrett shook as he saw the defeat flicker in the depths of his mate’s eyes. The fear of his own flashback, the feel of the fire on his skin but now he can see, he can read his mate and feel the heart wrenching agony under the façade that is Enyo.

“He is breaking her!” Garrett snarled flashes of finding her before a bonfire floated to the top of his memory.

In a blink of an eye before anyone could speak, Peter’s grip slackened ever so slightly and with a rumbling snarl Garrett charged forward and collided with the Major, his eyes a dark as coal and teeth gleaming with venom.

The Soldier and the Major disappeared into the forest with rumbling snarls leaving the others behind in a state of shock. It was not what Peter saw happening, had never have guessed that Garrett would attack the Major so fiercely or even without thought but he had.

“Stay. I will deal with this.” Enyo ordered before she took off into the forest, arousal at her mate’s dominance and anger at them both for many reasons but she would need to stop the fight before something terrible had happened and she was stuck with the decision on who to choose.

Peter’s hand shot out and grasped Kate’s arm with a wince as her power rippled over her skin. “We can’t follow; she’ll make sure they come back uninjured.”

“What happened?” Emmett asked confused. “All was well and then she just dropped.”

“Jasper pushed out emotions mimicking the ones when we were with Maria. He did it right as she was about to attack and it caused her to flashback. He wanted to lure out Enyo and so he bloody did it!” Peter snapped before taking a calming breath. “He’s still incredibly hurt but he can feel her agony inside and…”

“And Garrett?” Tanya asked, her eyes flicking to the spot Garrett and the Major disappeared into.

Eleazar’s and Oliver’s eyes widened as realization struck them, followed by every other mated pair. “They mated, even when lost in their instincts we can still feel the underlying emotions. Even when masked by the emotions that make our beasts.”

“And Garrett is protective of Sabel.” Tanya realised, “she’s been hurt too much and in such a short time since they’ve been together. He was barely holding on to his sanity, this just pushed him over the edge.”

Author Note: Okay, I hated what I wrote from here on wards so I deleted the chapters and decided to re-write… sort of…



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