Chapter Eighty-Six

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Eighty-Six

“We are going to split you up in groups, we’ll start off with one on one to see where you need to start from. Then we will go to two against one and so forth.” Jasper piped up, his black eyes scanning over the group before him. “We will do this for several hours and then we will work of gifts.”

“Some of you know how to use your gifts effectively, some of you do not.” Enyo stated from beside her brother. “But everyone doesn’t know how to use their gifts with others, to compliment who you are fighting with.”

“What about those who don’t have gifts, not everyone here has one.” Tia’s soft voice rung out, her dark crimson eyes cast down when Ares and Enyo turn their gaze towards her.

Something in Enyo’s face softened as she looked at the young woman. “Do you think that because you are giftless that you are unskilled or will be useless in battle? That you will distract your mate because he will have to defend you?”

There was no reply from Tia but her still downcast eyes told the two leaders and seasoned warriors all that needs to know. She did indeed think that.

“Charlotte,” Enyo called.

Charlotte made her way to Enyo’s side, following as she moved to stand before the Egyptian girl. “Charlotte was in the wars with Ares and I. Her and her Mate fought side by side in battle like I and my brother. Out of the four of us Charlotte has no gift, The Captain’s gift is not a true one and Ares’s empathy is a struggle to keep in war.”

Tia snapped her eyes up at that, a gleam hidden beneath the fear and worry. She was not afraid of the woman before her or the scars she wore; she could see no darkness or evil in her bearing but a stern kindness.

“It is true Doll, I have no gift t’claim nor somethin’ extra.” Charlotte explained softly. “But I was trained the same way Enyo and Major gonna be trainin’ everyone from now on. Ye don’t need to be gifted to fight well, nor ye need to be gifted to fight with yer mate.”

“It’s instinctual, a base of fluidity and synchronization with your Mate that will allow you to flow in harmony with him. We do it habitually, unknowingly.” Peter explained, tapping his temple softly. “But with trainin’ ye can see what moves he makes with his gift, ye can flow with it.”

“I believe a demonstration will be needed.” Enyo explained firmly, her eyes flickering to her mate and back. “Oliver, Fredrik? Captain, Charlotte?”

Benjamin frowned. “Why can you not show us? Your fire is close to my own gift, would it not be easier to show her that way?”

“No.” It was said sharp, quick and with enough force that Benjamin and Tia took a step back in fear. Enyo’s shoulders drooped ever so slowly. “No, my mate… my m…”

“I’ll be well Sabel, we can show them we will have to get pass this sooner or later. “Garrett informed while he removed his jacket and passed it to Kate.

Realisation flooded across Peter’s face followed by a wince. “I always wondered how ye got that scar on your leg.”

Garrett snorted before rolling his shoulders and loosening up his limbs. He had not had the pleasure to fight beside or with his mate, this would be a true test of skill to see if he could synchronise with her and vice versa or if more training will be needed than planned.

Eyeing her mate Enyo nodded, she could see the determination in his eyes and stance, there would be no talking him out of this. With a flick of her wrists she left her fire fall down with her whips and settled into a stance while everyone backed away.

“If you insist.”

Author Note: dun dun duuuunnnn… People thought I’d do Jasper/Bella first up but nahhh after.



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