Chapter Five

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Five

Time passed in a slow motion for Enyo, or what seemed like slow motion and repetitive actions. Change, hunt, train and kill. On the rare occasions that she had free and left the camp in the hands of her two officers, she liked to watch the world change.

Cars, televisions and electricity. It was a luxury when showers and heating systems were created, it made bathing easier. But what she hated most was the clothing, until women of the free world began to change themselves.

Maria was not pleased when she found out Enyo had ‘destroyed’ the Major and Captain, and she will always say that the punishment for that would always be worth it, even if she did wear the scars forever across her exposed neck and face.

“Enyo.” Charles called, flickering out of the way as she spun and whipped out a flame.

“Charles, I told you to leave me be.” She snarled back, black eyes locking onto brown. Charles was an odd newborn with the ability to shift his looks, scent and kept his original eye colour, his changing was an accident but he became useful.

He was also the first to break through her walls, not enough to see the real her but enough where Enyo could tolerate and treat him fairly unlike the others. He was not a pawn in her game but a Knight.

“Oliver is back.” Was all Charles had to say to get his Mistress’s, his friend’s, attention completely.

“Good, did everything go to plan?” She asked as she made her way back towards the camp.

Charles nodded. “Yes, he’s waiting to report in your tent.”

Enyo stopped and turned her attention back to Charles. “You are free, leave and do not return. I will tell Maria you perished in the attack. Go Charles, find your family, be happy away from this Hell.”

“I cannot.” Charlies started before snapping his mouth closed as he saw the look in her eyes.

“Go Charles, you do not want to be here when I raise my vengeance.” She growled out before making her way back to camp, never looking back as she set another friend free.

Charles watched with sad eyes before nodding, he would not return as she had asked, but he knew that there would be nothing to return to after what Oliver has to say. “Goodbye then Enyo.”.

Author Note: Yup, Charlie… *grins*



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