Chapter Forty-Three

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Forty-Three

As much as Garrett wanted to rush forward and hold her close, he knew that it would end badly. She was angry, upset and she seemed to be smouldering.

“No, no, Sabel. This is not your doing, it was not all for nothing. You may have escaped the frying pan and he may be in the fire, he isn’t hurting. They’re not hurting to the point it cannot be fixed. We will fix it.” He tried to reassure softly while squatting down to her level.

And oh how he needed to thank Kate as they were her words that escaped his lips.

“We need to clean up the mess and go back.” She whispered blankly her eyes glossed but unseeing. “I need to make a phone call.”

If her brother was in trouble then she would gather her own aid to help him. Charles knows where Fredrik and Oliver are, knows how to get in contact with them if need be. She’ll send them to the closest town needed until she figured out what she herself was going to do.

Oh she knew she was helping her coven, freeing her brother, there was no doubt about that but… she was not prepared.

She was not prepared for the accusations, the anger or the explanations she would have to give to her family. She’s always been the martyr. Her heart felt broken and cold, sitting heavily in her chest once again as she tried to push back the grief and anger.

“I have to go speak with Kate, they’ll need to know what Peter told me if they don’t already.”

It took a second for the words to register and Bella was glad for the fact her mask held in place. Succubi and her mate was close to them, how close though? Bella scowled at herself, they were mates yes but she had no claim on him yet, she cannot be angry about this.

Garrett could see the subtle shift in his mate at the mention of Kate, the slight pinch around her lips and the dark tint to her eyes. Was she jealous?

With a deep breath she squared her shoulders and stared at her mate. “I ask you not to mention the Succubi around me, I am a jealous creature Nomad and though we have yet to claim one another… I cannot promise you that I will take you around them well, so go do what you need to.”

With that she turned her back upon him and began to clean her mess.

Author Note: Don’t ask me what this mess is cause I have no idea.



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