Chapter Forty-Two

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Forty-Two

Two words, that’s all it took for the happy smile on his Mates face to disappear. He could see no sparkle of mirth in her eyes, no teasing tilt of her lips. Just a mask of nothing and it disturbed him greatly.

Garrett, I’ve been tryin’ t’reach you for the past two days. Where are ye’?” Peter drawled out unimpressed.

“I went to visit the Denali’s, been out in the forest.” He replied, watching as his Mate slowly sunk to the ground, the blank mask now one of agony. “You don’t normally call Peter, what’s wrong?”

Somethin’ big is comin’ and we may need some help.” There was genuine fear in Peter’s voice.

“You know you can count on me Peter, just give me a call. Have you spoken to…?” The unexpected hiss cut him off and he was even more surprised when it was from Peter himself.

“It’s the Cullen’s who will need our help. Something’s changed, something dangerous has been awakened and all I see is fire. The Major is so wrapped around that manipulative bitch he won’t even see us.” Peter snarled out furiously and Garrett had to pull the phone away from his ear while grasping his Mate tightly.

“Time and place, just call me when.” He hissed out before ending the call, gritting his teeth as his Mate tore from his arms and roared. Her eyes were the deepest of blacks with flickering flames, his mate was not the one peering back at him, it was Enyo.

“Tell me now Nomad, tell me all you know of my brother and what The Captain stated. You knew I left him be because he was happy but manipulation! I freed him from that demon to get away from that. Tell me now!” She hissed low, a guttural growl follow it and vibrating in his chest.

Garrett flinched unable to help the sharp jab of fear in his chest before sighing. “He is happy… and I don’t know Jasper well, I’ve met him twice so I cannot tell you if what’s real or not but he is happy there.”

“You are delaying.”

“Peter and Charlotte aren’t allowed to visit much and it has been many years since they were able to be near Jasper. The clan is on the vegetarian lifestyle, animals only and from what has been told they don’t take too kind to Pete and Char… only a few. Mainly it’s the seer who is Jasper’s companion and the mind reader.” He sighed and began to pace along the short distance, following the outline of the spilt blood and bodies. “When they try he is somewhere else saying that Alice had wanted to do this and that, when he tries to argue to see them… he forgets.”

Sharp biting pain tore through Bella, her chest heaved and stomach rolled with the freshly consumed blood and if she had the ability still she would have heaved it all up. Everything she did, all of it was for nothing! Her coven is broken! Her twin in the hands of another manipulator!

“It was all for nothing… all this pain and loneliness, all that death was for nothing!

Author Note: *Dark chuckles* oops?



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