Chapter One Hundred Five

Chapter One Hundred Five

Jane and Alec stood before their masters with grim expressions. They had told them Demetri’s report about Carlisle’s first Childe and his idiocy. Aro was displeased by Caius was grinning from ear to ear at the news. He had desired to kill Carlisle for a very long time now but couldn’t without risking the wrath of Aro and he wasn’t going to be chained to him via Chelsea either.

“It seems Edward has been a naughty boy, very well then, gather our guards… we shall deal with it.” Aro ordered with a tired sigh, waving his hand at Jane and Alec in dismissal.

He was concerned and annoyed when Jane and Alec had returned with the news of the Human in the Cullen coven but he had let it slide once more, now there was news that Edward had gone to Maria and she was planning to seek her Major once more.

News of the Major and the Captain dying had reached the far corners of their world that knew about him, it was something Aro knew would happen sooner or later… the news that Enyo died was… a little unbelieving but after many years of inactivity well… Not only that, the Major lived amongst the Cullen clan and Carlisle didn’t even know!

Oh, what a mess, all of this and with Demetri and Felix still in America it was up to Jane and Alec to gather the guards.

“I told you, brother.” Caius chuckled darkly as he got to his feet.

“Yes I know, now you will finally have what you desire.” Aro hissed in return before turning his eyes on Marcus. “And what say you Marcus on this matter?”

Dim red eyes flickered his way. “Nothing Aro, I will do as you command.”

“Very well, we leave on the morrow.”

Author Note: And crazzzzyyy



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