Chapter One Hundred Seven

Chapter One Hundred Seven

When Garrett, Bella, and Angela arrived at the house everyone was gathered in the backyard with various emotions. Bella could tell that the Cullen’s were slowly being pushed out, mainly it was Carlisle and Esme who were being subjected to the group’s scorn.

Jasper stood with Peter and Charlotte while the Denali’s stood just off to the side with her coven and Randall. The others stood in their own clusters but still together while Emmett and Rosalie stood between Jasper’s coven and the Denali’s, it was interesting and yet not surprising. The second Angela’s feet hit the ground she found herself in Esme’s arms crying once more.

“She ran to the Wolves,” Enyo explained eyeing the two Cullen members. “They will not be helping, they have forsaken her for the danger she nearly placed them in.”

The words were harsh and to the point that Angela let out another loud sob causing the others to roll their eyes.

“A choice must be made,” Jasper drawled out. “Do we change her or not?”

“Are we really going to risk the wrath of the Volturi more?” Tanya asked with a scowl at the human. “It’s change or death, probably still death for most of us.”

Esme clutched Angela to her as Carlisle sighed. “It is still her decision.”

Peter snapped his head up to stare at his sister with wide eyes, she gave nothing away as she stared blankly at the Cullen Coven but he knew… and he can’t tell if it would help or if it would cause chaos… shit… not only was that all he got…

“We have three days… they’ll be here in three days in a large field north of here…”

“Who? Maria or the Volturi?” Charles asked with many echoing his question.

Peter swallowed. “Both.”

Author Note: A virtual cookie for those who guess what will happen to Angela… is she destined for the mate of a vampire or no?



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