Chapter Seventy-Five

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Seventy-Five

The last syllable of the word rung in the air heavily, Oliver’s eyes were wide as he spat out the word, teeth bared and pointed towards the ‘Coven Leader.’

“Is this true?” Siobhan asked. “You called us here because of this?”

Amun stepped forward, his hand tightly curled protectively around Benjamin. “You did not tell us of the Volturi threat when you came to me Carlisle. Nor did you go in depth as to why, now I am to be told that it is because of a human?”

“Not just a human,” Jasper explained, jerking his arm free as Alice tried to stop him. “The Volturi has warned Carlisle twice for Angela to be changed and has both each time allowed Edward to put it off. There is something missing in this puzzle.”

“What is missing is how exactly no one noticed that Edward had the ability to manipulate people.” Kate asked, her eyes never leaving Carlisle’s tense frame. “Not only that, how did she not see this coming?”

“He knows how to get around my visions!” Alice cried indigently.

Kate scoffed. “That may be so but you must have seen something over the years.”

All the Cullen’s eyes snapped to Alice who seemed to fidget, her eyes downcast as she tried to think of an excuse to make, but she knew it was fruitless to deny or lie. Not with Jasper in the room and not with the little red headed child with Liam and Siobhan.”

“Alice?” Esme asked hesitantly, a sense of dread pooling in her stomach as her daughter continued to look away.

Oliver let out a low dry laugh. “She knew, she knew what he was doing and didn’t care. I just want to know if it was to further your own twisted plans or…”

“SHUT UP!” Alice screamed, her voice cracking in the end with the force. All vampires present winced at the high range but Oliver just stood there with his brow cocked.

“Tell us the truth Alice, did you know?” Rosalie demanded, her eyes staying firmly locked on Jasper as he seemed to stand placidly behind her. A sudden horrible sense of realisation clicked as she saw her ‘Twins’ eyes dilate and darken but still he remained calm. “Oh god, you knew and you didn’t utter a word if he Manipulated Jasper for you!”

Growls tore out of the Whitlock Covens throats while the Denali’s blocked every exit the seer could use to escape the questioning. Peter knew the truth, as did Charlotte but they needed for the others to know and realise how manipulative and cunning the bitch was.

Speak!” Garrett ordered, his power echoing around the room.

“Yes.” The word was hissed out reluctantly through clenched teeth, all Alice’s rage directed at Garrett who forced the words from her mouth.

In the following few seconds after the admittance all hell broke loose, a scream tore from Alice’s enraged form as she launched herself at Garrett. Kate jerked trying to stop her while The Cullen’s were held back by the other Denali’s, their eyes locked on the windows as the Whitlock’s jerked forward to attack.

A terrifying snarl drowned out the others followed by shattering glass and in a blink all were still, all were stunned into silence as the debris around them finally settled to reveal Alice lying buried a few inches into the floor, a familiar figure snarling holding her there.

Jasper’s body spasmed as the haze finally lifted and clarity was once more returned to him, his gold eyes wide. “Isa?”

Familiar black eyes lifted to his own, a tense smile on her face. “Hello Brother.”

Author Note: *dark laughter* See you in a few days!