Chapter Seventy-Six

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Seventy-Six

Jasper staggered forward slightly before catching himself. His eyes caught the strain in his sister’s body, the subtle tightening on Alice’s jaw. He also noticed that his coven and the Denali’s were not held tightly in her shield like the others.

“How?” He asked, no louder than a whisper. He hasn’t decided yet if he’s furious or happy that she’s here.

“It is a long story Jasper. A very long story and I will tell you.” She explained, running her gaze over the rest of her coven. “All of you.”

Peter scowled down at the floor, refusing to look at her. He blamed himself, she made him blame himself for her death and… no.

Bella kept her mask in place at the dismissal of her brother and sister before whipping her head around and snarling at the bitch in her hands. “I would stay still if I were you, that spot where I have my fingers is the juncture we all seek for to rip the head off.”

“Please…” Esme whimpered. “Don’t hurt my daughter.”

“Don’t hurt her?” Fredrik manages to get out. “Lady I don’t think you understand how irrevocably fucked your ‘daughter’ truly is.”

A low dark rumble of laughter escaped Bella’s mouth as she eyed the Seer below her. “I tore my brothers head off so he could be free of one manipulative Bitch. I stayed dead when I saw he was happy with this farce of a coven and then I come to find he’s being manipulated once more, that all my pain and plans were for naught?”

Garrett stepped forward, ignoring the warnings from the Whitlock’s around him as he reached out and placed a calming hand upon his Mates back, ignoring the sparks and flames flickering from her body. “Calm Sabel, we need her alive for her to speak the truth.”

Jasper blinked and raised his brows as his sister sighed harshly and removed her hand, allowing Garrett to pull her back and into his arms. His eyes shifted from them, scanned the raised brows of those that knew her… The surprise in her Children’s eyes, the soft smiles in the Denali’s…

“He is my mate,” Bella whispered from her mates embrace as she felt the wave of curiosity roll over them. “Later, right now we have other problems. Oliver, report.”

“I followed the Mind Reader as instructed by Dolos, I got close enough to see him exchange words with Maria’s second before the Devil herself. He threw a stack of images, ones that contained proof the Major was alive and well…” He stared dead in the Coven Leader’s eyes. “As well as of him interacting with your coven.”

“I don’t understand what that means… Carlisle?” Emmett asked confused.

“It means that she’s coming for all of you.” Peter snapped. “She likes to make us watch those we love suffer and if Edward has told her that you’re his new coven, that the seer is his mate… What do you think she will do?”

“It is a torture many have done and still do, humans… Vampires it does not matter.” Siobhan pointed out before frowning. “We will help you with this war Carlisle, but then our ties end there. I will not risk my coven for your stupidity.”

Sabel watched pleased as the rest agreed. in time she’ll have a word with the vampire, but now… They needed to plan.

Author Note: Holy crap, 44 reviews for the last chapter alone…



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