Chapter Six

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Six

Enyo stalked back into camp, her eyes scanning and taking in the fighting newborns under Fredrik’s command. He was another of her children, one that she could tolerate by the reason that he was good at what he did.

“Mistress.” Oliver greeted the second she stepped into her tent.

“Report.” She grunted out, her eyes flickering from Oliver to the maps on her desk.

Oliver cringed. “I followed your orders and made sure to stay just out of the targets range…”

Enyo snapped her eyes up as her lieutenant trailed off. She could tell something was wrong, just by the look he was giving. It made her undead heart clench in fear, was something wrong? Did she need to leave herself?

“He is not doing well, Mistress. I was outside his range and I could still feel the grief, the starvation and regret.” Oliver explained with a grimace.

“He’s starving himself.” She whispered sadly. Bella knew that her brother’s Empathy got to him, it was the reason why she freed him.

Oliver nodded. “They are worried too, he feels guilt over you.”

This made Enyo’s hands clench and shatter her desk, guilt plaguing her. It seems she would have to hurt her brother, her coven once again. She couldn’t let this continue, Jasper would not move on with the knowledge that she was still here in this hell hole.

It was time to make Enyo disappear once and for all.

“Get Fredrik, we have much to do.” She ordered, turning her back on Oliver. There was much to do and not a lot of time to do it.

Author Note:  *grins* Awww man moment lol



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