Chapter Thirty-Five

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Thirty-five

Garrett didn’t know what to expect when he arrived but this, this wasn’t it. The house on the outside looked the same but the inside, the inside lay in broken splinters and burning embers.

His boots crunched the debris as he hesitantly made his way through the chaos. He cut off his sense of smell as he breathed in the acrid stench of burning venom. Worry churned in his stomach until his eyes caught the two burning heads in the center.

“Sabel?” He called, faintly noticing the way his voice hitched in the was only silence to his call of her name, a silence that seemed to be deafening.

Where is she? Did she leave?

The door to the back was shattered, the unused kitchen in crumbles with water freezing on the floor. He cast a look up the stairs before making his way outside on high alert. That’s where he found her, sitting down in the middle of the clearing, staring blankly into the bonfire before her.

SABEL!” Garrett gasped out in horror as he finally took in what she was staring at. Her hands haphazardly piled in the middle of the burning embers. He didn’t even hesitate sticking his hand in the flames and yanking out the ragged edged appendages, she had bit them off. “What did you do?”

As carefully as he could, he licked the ragged edges of the wrists to clean the wound before gently as he could started to fuse them back to her stump, one at a time.

“Why did you come back?” The words were flat and yet oh so broken.

He didn’t dare look away from the knitting flesh, “Because I shouldn’t have left you in the first place, granted your name took me off guard and it threw me back to the day I escaped… I should not have run like a coward.”

“You had every right to Nomad. I know I’m the monster in our world, my reputation more brutal than my brothers… you’ve felt my fire upon your skin.” The last words were said in a whisper.

Garrett felt his heart clench as he began the process over, cleaning the wound and begin reattachment. It was true, yes… “But you are my mate.”

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