Chapter Three

Title: Flash Fire

Pairing: Garrett/Bella

Summary: She sacrificed a lot for her brother so he could escape hell. Now in isolation, will she find her own happiness or will war come knocking once more?

Author Note: this is going to be a drabble, so chapters will be anywhere between 100-600 words.

Chapter Three

The Major stiffened and snapped his head around to the direction the camp was in. He could see the glow in the horizon, not bright enough for Humans to see but it was a blinding beacon to vampires.

The fear that he could taste, could sense had fear churning in his chest. His sister’s name falling in a chant from his lips. The newborns he took followed, as they were still under his command and ran back towards hell.

“ISA!” The Major roared as the flaming camp came into view. “PETER!”

“MAJOR!” The Captain roared from near the barn, his movements frantic as he tried to get in, flames be damned.

The Major could feel the Newborns stuck inside, the pain and fear, he could sense and hear Charlotte on top of that. “What happened? Where is Isa?”

“I don’t know! I was training the Newborns when the fire started! I heard Enyo roar and then nothing!” Peter replied panicked, fear rolling off his body in waves, near crippling the Major.

Enyo watched from in the flames, Charlotte locked to her side and her shield wrapped tightly around her. Her Captain’s Mate would not feel the flames lick her marble skin but she would not know that in her fear.

The sound of her brother made her move, circling around in the barn to drop down from the crumbling hayloft above to behind her brother, hands wrapping around his head and with a burst of love and regret she tore his head from his body and tossed them both into the flames.

Peter watched in horror, his gift silent as he stood frozen on the spot. His brother, his Sire and mate was dead because of the woman he called Sister.

“Why?” He choked out, dropping to his knees as Enyo stopped before him, hands on his face.

“I am sorry. Do not come back.” With that, she flung Peter into the flames and turned her back upon the pyre.

Author Note: Lets see if people notice yes? I’m glad that everyone is liking it so far! Don’t forget to review!



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