Chapter One

Title: Not as it Seems

Pairing: Bella/Jasper
Summary: Not everything is as it seems, when Bella and her group of friends decide to stay at the old Whitlock home that has a history of disappearances and deaths, something will surely go wrong.

Disclaimer/Warning: I don’t own anything twilight related and there is a vast amount of gore and horror coming up in later chapters.

Third POV

The fire flickered casting its orange and gold hues while the people around it laughed merrily. It was a camping trip of course, hot enough during the day to go to the creek and swim and cold enough at night for a fire, perfect time for a camp out.

It was a good night Bella thought as she looked up at the sky, watching the smoke fade into the darkness. Why she had allowed Angela and Ben to convince her to come camping with them and the other four was beyond her. But she was glad in a way; it was a nice night and with her being out of the house meant she wouldn’t be alone in her tiny ass apartment.

They were all gathered around the campfire and told stories, stories of their failed attempts at the urban legends in the Halloween spirit.

“So we turned off the lights and both said bloody Mary three times.” Lauren slurs out as she curls up in Tyler’s lap.

“We waited for like five minutes and nothing happened. Like we did it and nothing happened at all!” Jessica giggled out as she tipped back from Mike’s lap and nearly falling on her ass.

“You should know by now all of that stuff is just an urban legend none of that stuff ever work.” Angela points out causing the others to snort.

“Not true, man I swear that shit is real. We did this Ouija board thing and it actually worked.” Tyler voiced, gesturing to Mike and Ben.

Mike nodded while throwing back the rest of his beer in thought. “It fucking crept me out man, that shit was moving and you had to go and ask how we died.” He slurred out annoyed causing Bella to raise her brows.

She had seen enough horror movies to know the rules of a Ouija Board, one never treat it like a game, two never ask how they died, three never ask how you will die and four… four was always say goodbye.

“I still say one of you were pushing it to mess with us.” Ben states from his seat, his voice exasperated cluing Angela and Bella that this had been a long-standing argument between the three.

“No way man, I wasn’t pushing it!” Tyler defended causing Mike to nod his agreement.

“Okay, I got to admit that some things work.” Angela stated, as she too had dabbled with an Ouija Board and swore to never again after that night.

“Bells, what about you, anything creepy or whatnot?” Mike asks causing Lauren and Jessica to snort.

“She’s miss goody-goody Mary-sue, there is no way she would even dare to do shit like that and like know scary tales.” Lauren laughs out causing Isabella to grit her teeth and bite back the insult that formed in her throat.


“I know one, have you heard of the old Whitlock place?” She asks causing them to perk up and Angela to snort.

“The old Whitlock place? Bella, of all stories you choose that one?” She asks slightly exasperated causing her friend to smile back.

“Hey sorry we’re late, someone got lost.” Alice’s voice calls from the darkness before stepping into the light of the fire, jerking her thumb at Edward who just leveled a glare at his sister.

“No problem, Bella he was just about to tell the story about the Old Whitlock place.” Tyler crooned causing Alice and Edward to frown in confusion.

“Can someone like explain to me what about ‘The Old Whitlock Place’ about.” Jessica asked snobbily, glaring a little at the two Cullen’s.

“The old Whitlock place is not far from here actually, it was stated that it was owned by Jasper and Peter Whitlock, brothers. They were a frightening team in the war, some say they also dabbled in the black arts but I say that’s bull.” Bella states, leaning back in her chair and waving her hand with a snort.

“Then what’s so creepy about it?” Tyler asked while Jessica and Lauren rolled their eyes.

“I told you, miss goody-goody.” Laruen states snootily, Bella’s eyes darkened and no one missed the way they gleamed with so much malice that it froze them on a spot and when they blinked the look was gone, making them all think it was just their drunken imagination or the fires heat.

“Well who ever stays in the house never leaves, its been closed up from public after the group of teenagers twenty years ago who decided to stay the night were found laying in pieces all over the house.” She finished, holding her bottle up and pointing at them to say ‘explain that’ and took a sip.

“I call bullshit.” Mike stated prompting the others to agree, even Angela.

“Then why don’t we go there tomorrow, its Halloween tomorrow, the murders happened that very night. Plus it’s a near five hour drive to the place.” She states in an obvious dare, something she normally wouldn’t do but she wanted to prove she had a backbone and wasn’t the goody-goody everyone thought her to be just because she was the Chief of Polices daughter, even now when they were in collage.

“I’m game.” Tyler stated casually, determined. “You in Cullen or you gonna pussy out on us?” He asked causing Edward to scowl.

He didn’t even want to be here, let alone be talked into joining them on some silly horror story but the only reason he came was because Alice said Isabella was going to be there and he was hoping over the weekend he could finally woo her and make her his. He’d been pining after her since he first laid eyes on her at Forks High school, no matter how many times she turned him or the others down; he didn’t want to give up.

“Fine I’ll go.” He spat out through gritted teeth causing the foolish idiot Tyler to lean over and slap him on the shoulder.

“Ang and I are staying here, keep eye on the camp.” Ben informed causing Mike to snort.

“More like getting bizzayy.” He mumbled into his beer.

“So are we going or what?” Jessica states jumping up from Mikes lap and nearly tumbling onto the ground.

“No, we’re leaving in the morning, so might as well get some sleep.” Mike suggested, wagging his brows at Jessica who moaned loudly in response and pulled him towards their tent.

Bella and Angela shared a look scrunching up their noses as Lauren and Tyler went to join them in their nightly activities.

“Are you okay by yourself?” Angela asked as Ben went to help Edward and Alice set up their tent.

Smiling Bella nodded. “Of course, I am safe, nothing will come eat me at night and if someone were to visit my tent, I have the mace and the lovely little taser you got me for my birthday.” She replied causing Angela to laugh.

As much as she worried Angela knew her friend was fine, after all she knew just how dangerous Bella could be. She wasn’t stupid like the others, she knew that Isa could shoot and cause a lot of damage if need me. After all she was the chief of polices daughter and she highly doubted her father would not teach his daughter to protect herself.

Bella sighed happily as she settled into her seat some more and sipped her near empty drink staring into the fire. She did her best to ignore the moans and grunts from the other tents and the way Edward stared at her from his own seat while Alice got changed and ready.

“Bella?” Edward asked, his voice oozing with hidden lust casuing Bella to scrunch her nose up ever so slightly.

Faking a yawn she got up and stretched. “Excuse me, long day tomorrow and I need to get some sleep.” With that she turned and practically dove for her open tent, smirking as she heard his agitated sigh.

Tomorrow was indeed going to be a long day.

Author note: there will be some places that will make you question things in later chapters, I’m unsure how long exactly this story will be but Halloween is in my head for sure.




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