Chapter Three

Title: Not as it Seems

Pairing: Bella/Jasper
Summary: Not everything is as it seems, when Bella and her group of friends decide to stay at the old Whitlock home that has a history of disappearances and deaths, something will surely go wrong.

Disclaimer/Warning: I don’t own anything twilight related and there is a vast amount of gore and horror coming up in later chapters.


Third POV

Bella smirked softly as her eyes spotted the rusted gates up a head of the long drive. They only had to get out twice to remove some debris from the path, it didn’t help that it looked like Tyler simply drove over it.

“Are we there yet?” Jessica moaned, her head flopping back onto Edwards shoulder that visibly cringed away from her, this only ended up her causing to fall face first into his lap with a squeal.

The whole car burst out into laughter at Edward’s blushing scowl face while Jessica simply took it all in turn and waggled her brows. Ben, Angela and Bella all snickered quietly in the back before gasping as the house came into view, no, the mansion.

It was beautiful; the outside was once a brilliant white but now a mismatch of greens, browns, blacks and creams from the age. It had been abandoned since the early 1900’s and banned since the 80’s for tours and visits, even more so when they found the kids.

Jasper Whitlock built it for his new wife in the late 1800’s with his brother Peter adding to it for his wife Charlotte. It grew and grew to this masterpiece.

“Look Riley and Jake are here.” Tyler pointed out, drawing three sets of eyes from the beauty of the Whitlock home to the two and the red jeep near the foot of the steps.

“Bout time you assholes got here, Jake and I got the door open and picked a spot to camp for the night.” Riley shouted, jumping down from the back of the jeep, beer in hand.

Jake laughed. “Yeah, its creeptacular inside.”

“Did he just say creeptacular?” Angela whispered to Bella, causing the brunette to laugh.

Ben snorted. “He did, he really did.”

“Hey Bells.” Jake calls, throwing his arm around her shoulders. “A little birdie told me this was all your idea, wanted to spend some time alone with me huh?”

Bella scowled and shoved the arm off her shoulders and gave the fool a saccharine smile. “No, I came here because I love the history of the place and to prove I wasn’t just some sweet little innocent girl. If you even think about coming near me like Cullen tries to then you and he will be introduced to the little Taser I have in my purse.”

Jake instantly backed away with his hands held high while Mark, Ben and Tyler doubled over in laughter. Alice was off to the side with her brother trying to sooth his anger at the fact of Jake trying to claim what was his and Bella’s statement.

“Shouldn’t we like get inside now?” Laura pointed out with a scowl.

Jessica nodded. “Yes, it’ll be dark soon and I want to explore before it does. This place doesn’t even seem creepy to me.”

“Suit yourself, Jake and I went for a look before and it gave me the creeps, it felt like something was watching us.” Riley shuddered thinking back to when he first entered the house; the sensation still hasn’t left yet.

Bella rolled her eyes as she walked up the steps. “Babies.”

“No it’s true! Something pushed me!” Jake shouted back, earning a few snorts of disbelief as everyone gathered their things and followed after Bella.

The inside was a crumbling mess but Bella knew it was a beautiful masterpiece in its hay-day. Beautiful Victorianesque wallpaper with redwood trimmings and gold leafing or what would have been gold leafing if someone didn’t come in and peel it all off or withered by age.

“Wow it’s beautiful.” Angela and Ben breathed as they stepped into the grand staircase.

“It seems this is the room the boys picked out for all of us to camp in.” Ben pointed out as he took a look in the next room over, looked like it was the old ballroom. Jake and Riley’s bags and tents were nestled in the corner near the fire place, an esky with some lights and food near it.

“Why can’t we like have a room?” Jessica pouted out as she sneered at the room.

“Well if you want to sleep on musty sheets and beds go for it babe, I don’t want to get bitten by bugs and dust mites.” Mike explained as he pushed his way past them all that stood in the doorway and over to set up his own gear.

Tyler snorted and shoved Riley to the side as they brought the rest of the stuff inside. “This place doesn’t seem creepy, you big baby.”

“It’ll work out Edward.” Alice whispered to her brother as they stood off to the side and stared at Bella. “She’ll come around. If you go with her when she wanders off and maybe make a few things fall over she’ll jump into your arms afraid.”

Edward sighs and sneers at the crumbling wallpaper. “It better Alice, I’m tired of her brushing me off.”

Alice scowled at her brother as he brushed past her and into the room; he had no faith in her ideas and it had led to him being pushy and an asshole towards Bella. Her plans with Felix had worked out well and they’ve been together for two years now.

A deep sense of coldness ran down her spine causing her to shudder and spin around, her eyes landing on nothing and yet it felt like something was watching her and it was angry… very, very anger. It unsettled her.

“Alice, are you coming?” Edward called out, watching his sister with suspicious eyes as she shuddered once more and ran her hands up and down her arms for warmth.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” She called back, frowning once more towards the stairs before joining the others.


Author Note: Well long overdue update!


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  1. Dun dun dun! I feel like we’re going to play a game of murder mystery and I can’t wait! Can’t wait till Bella meets Jasper!

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