Chapter Two

Author Note: So some of you thought this to be interesting, so shall I continue it?

Third POV

Bella’s eyes shot open as soon as the light filtered through her tent, her eyes glancing around once the sleep left her eyes for any sign of an intruder or well Edward and sighed in relief when everything was the same as it was when she went to sleep.

“Bella?” Alice’s soft voice calls from outside her tent causing her to silently sigh. In fact Alice was up mere minutes before anyone and when she had heard Bella in her tent shuffle she decided to say hi.

“Yeah Alice, you can come in.” She sighed out and a second later she had a vibrating pixie in her tent still dressed in designer pyjamas.

“Are you excited for today? I am so excited! We get to ride together and sing along to car songs and everything! I am so glad that I decided to come out with you guys!” Alice blurts out practically vibrating and then took a deep breath as she finished.

Bella couldn’t help but wonder who exactly invited her and Edward because she wasn’t the one who did it and Bella knew Angela wasn’t the one either. It was oddly… suspicious.

Forcing a smile on her face she nodded. “Sure Alice, let’s get up, I’m dying for coffee.” With that she practically dove from the warmth of her sleeping bag and into the slightly chilly air.

“Oh god did someone mention coffee?” Angela yawned as she made her way to the other girls.

“Yeah I did. How’d you sleep Ang?” Bella asks as she goes about making a fire to cook the water.

Angela blushed slightly before clearing her throat, “Good, um, Ben and I will be joining you after all.”

“YAY!” Alice squeals causing both the girls to shush them, Bella silently cursing as a grunt and groan came from the orgy tent.

Mike yawned as he stuck his head out of the tent and nodded. “Morning, you guys are up early don’t you get any sleep?” He asks as he crawls from the tent, frowning at the dirt and mud seeping through his fingers.

Alice snorted, “How can we when some four people decided to have an orgy, I didn’t know Jessica was a screamer.” She drawls out sarcastically causing Mike to smirk and waggle his brows. “Oh, it must have been Tyler that was causing it.” She laughed out.

Angela and Bella burst out laughing as they took in Mike naked standing before them, clutching each other to not fall over. Seeing Mikes face of confusion sent them all into complete hysterics.

Ben hearing the noise ducked out from the tent and stretched, his eyes catching a glimpse of Mike before laughing too. “Dude, put some pants on; no one wants to see your junk.” He chuckles out, pulling the t-shirt over his head.

Mike looked down and blushed, diving back into the tent and grabbed his boxers before hurriedly pulling them on, nearly tripping as he stood back up.

“Shut up!” Mike grunts out, causing everyone to burst out into laughter once more.


Laughter filled the car as Tyler drove towards the Whitlock Home. He had inserted the location into the GPS before leaving the girls dorm rooms and so far they were just over the half way mark.

“Oh my god! How much longer Tyler?” Jessica whined once the laughter died down causing him to sigh in frustration.

“For the last time Jess, there is still two hours left.” He gritted out through clenched teeth, she was the only one who kept asking and had only asked ten minutes ago.

Bella and Angela shared a look before giggling and huddling closer. “I wonder how much longer till he snaps completely?” Angela asks causing Bella to snort loudly drawing the attention of the others.

“What’s funny Bella?” Lauren sneers causing Bella to raise her brows in amusement.

“Oh, nothing really; just the fact you found it fit to wear a black skirt and it seems you and Tyler had a little bit of fun before leaving.” She pointed out causing Lauren to shift uncomfortably and pick at the edges of her skirt while everyone else laughed and for Mike and Tyler to fist pump.

“Bella, that was rude, apologise to Lauren immediately.” Edward ordered causing both Angela’s and Bella’s brows to shoot up.

“I think it would be wise to keep your own mouth shut Edward, you are not my father so do not act like it.” She hisses out, glad that she and Angela were in the back along with Ben while Alice and Edward had to sit with Lauren.

“Edward.” Alice warned with a shake of her head when she saw her brother open his mouth to reply. He snapped his jaw closed with a loud click before levelling a glare on his sister and then towards Bella.

“Fine.” He grits out before turning his attention back out the window.

“He’s such a creep.” Bella muttered to Angela causing both she and Ben to snort.

“Who invited them anyway?” Angela asks softly, her eyes flickering between Alice who was chatting up to Lauren and Edward.

Ben scowled towards Edward, “Mike, Tyler and I were at the store the day before getting supplies and they both happened to invite themselves along, Edward was hesitant till he heard you were coming. The guy is obsessed with you Bella, what did you do to get his interest?” He supplied causing the girls to snort.

“Nothing, you know that. He’s been obsessed since High school, I even got Charlie to warn him off but he still is persistent. He even followed me to Houston instead of Dartmouth. Daddy C was just so proud.” Bella snorted out with a roll of her eyes.

“Hopefully he won’t last the night.” She continued before bursting out into laughter, catching the attention of the others.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that Jake and Riley are coming.” Mike explained, causing Tyler, Bella, Ben and Angela to groan.

“Who invited them?” Jess whined, she hated Riley and Jake with a passion but couldn’t say it out loud since they were part of the football team and friends with Mike.

Mike sensing the tension rubbed the back of his neck. “Uh, yeah I did. I had to borrow Riley’s camera and he asked me what I needed it for. So I uh, explained we were going to the old Whitlock place and yeah…”

“When will they get there then?” Edward asks unamused, he was frankly pissed that Jacob was going. He was after Bella too and he wasn’t going to let Jake win her.

“They will be there before us if they don’t fuck around, they left before we did.” Mike mumbled out.

“Well, it’s done so no one can do jack about it. Let’s play a game to pass what’s left of the drive.” Tyler offers unimpressed causing Alice to squeal before starting up a game of I Spy.

Bella groaned, it was going to be a long hour.

Author Note: Well here you go 🙂




6 thoughts on “Chapter Two

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  2. I’m really enjoying this story. It’s like a game of guess who dies first. Can’t wait till they get to the house!

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