Chapter 1

Title of Story: Rehaa And Joramine

Rating: M

Pairing: Bella/Peter

Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi

Story Summary: After an attack, Peter helps Bella escape from his lands back to hers. But when he grows ill and she nurses him to health he discovers they are mates. It was forbidden, their love; their species enemies based on trickery of the Advisor Aro. Can they overcome this, can they be together?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything twilight related, only the plot.

Third POV

Peter stared out of his chambers window upon the sunlit village below, his eyes shifting from building to building and person to person with utter boredom. He had been confined to his room while the Rehaanians visited their lands by his father in fear that they would attack without provocation as they have been claimed to do so.

It made him wonder though, wonder if the claims of violence of the Rehaa Forest people were true. When he was young he had snuck out and watched over them as they roamed the halls, they shown no acts of violence like the claims, in fact it was quite the opposite.

Though he suspected misleading as the person who stated these claims to his father was the Advisor Aro, a forked tongue trickster. Peter could see through his mock charm and foul lies for the monster he truly was and it wasn’t because of the fact that the told his Father of the other reason why he was confined here like a child.

His father – Vladimir – was the ‘King’ of the desert wasteland of Joramine and in the only free time Peter got he found himself on the outlands of his kingdom, thus is where Aro had seen him and told his father.

“Brother, what has you in such a state.” Renata, his only friend in this castle asked her gold eyes curious and worried.

With a frown I stop my pacing, my hands that were tugging my hair falling to my side. “Aro.” Was all I stated, I needed not to say more.

She like me hated the trickster, knowing what he is truly like. In the eyes of Aro, Renate was a servant. This in fact was not true; she was a guard, a very high up guard and treated just the same as I. I and my mother made sure of the fact that everyone who worked here was to be treated like equals in some degree.

“Worry not; I heard he was to travel to Quol, to speak with Chief Black about trades. He shall be gone for three moons.” She stated as she moved to my side and stared out upon the town.

“How is Heidi?” I ask softly causing her to sigh and smile.

“She is everything I could ask for in a mate,” She stated, her tail flicking in delight as she lost herself into a memory.

“Goo…” I stopped, my head whipping around to the sound of screams. I pulled the sword from my back and rushed forward out the door and down the hall in the direction I heard the screams. This section of the home was empty due to the meetings and that because it was the chambers of mine and my fathers and others.

A hiss escaped my lips as the screams came from Aro’s room. Another scream and pleading caused my rage to boil over and kick the door open just to see his hand connect with a young woman’s face, it took me mere seconds for my eyes to take in what I saw before I charged forward and pushed Aro away. Her robes ripped and bloody, her eyes wide and full of rage as she tried to cover her blue hued skin.

“YOU DARE ATTACK ME! SHE IS NOTHING BUT A FALLEN WOMAN!” Aro screamed as he pushed himself up, spitting orange blood across the floor.

“I am a Maiden, I am pure!” The woman hissed in a heavy accent that of a Rehaanians.

Peter’s nose flared as I readied myself to charge, “You attack a Maiden, and you dare try to take what is not yours to take?” I ask outraged.

“She is Rehaanian, a savage!” He spat causing the woman behind me to get up, catching herself on Peters back as she lost her balance. He could feel the heat of her hands upon his flesh through the mere fabric he wore under the bandolier.

“Does she look like a savage to you? You’re the one I see as a savage!” Peter snarls out, before charging, his blade clashing with Aro’s as he unsheathed it from his side. Peter threw my fist out and connecting it with Aro’s jaw with a thud sending him tumbling to the ground. “You spout lies to my father about these people, they are nothing but peaceful; what caused you spread such lies?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you.” He spat before rushing out the door. “HELP! HELP! ATTACK! REHAANIAN ATTACKED ME!”

I spun quickly behind me and grabbed the woman, her bare leg oozing blue. “I need to get you out of here.” Peter told her urgently before hoisting her up into his arms and rushed out the door, brushing past Renate on his way.

“What happened? Aro has alerted the guards!” She asked as she caught up to Peters side, her eyes narrowing at the woman his arms.

“Aro attacked her; he was to take her purity. I attacked him and is claiming it was a Rehaanian. I need to get her out of our lands and into her own where she can be safe.” He stated to her causing her to nod furiously.

“You will need to take Aliash; she is the fastest of the herd. Take her and go, I will do what I can here. Be safe brother, may the stars guide you.” She informed before breaking off and running down the other hall where the call of voices grew. Peter could hear her screaming that the person went the other way, diverting the attention from them both. He looked down at the woman cradled in his arms as they stopped and hid themselves in a nook near the stables as guards ran past. Her wide vibrant green eyes stared up at him in confusion as Peter quickly ran to the stables and where Aliash rested.

Her large body rose, supported by six long legs as she recognised the scent her Master had adapted to and had claimed he was safe, to be trusted.

Peter rushed forward, verbally trying to calm the large Berale as it snuffled angrily at the woman in his arms. “Whoa girl, she is okay, safe. We need to flee, help us.” He rushed out calming the beast.

Isabella watched amazed as the beast nodded its head and lowered to the ground, though it shouldn’t surprise her of the animal’s reaction but of how the man spoke to the Animal. She hadn’t seen many of his kind treat the animals the same as themselves. In fact she knew that the animals of their world were just as intelligent as them if not more.

“Run Aliash, towards Rehaa Forest; fast and swift we cannot be caught. Keep us safe girl and you can return back to your master.” He spoke as he secured her to him and then grasped the rein before it took off fast out into the desert lands.

She took the time to examine her saviour, noticing that she had never seen him on her other trips to Joramine. He obviously lived in the palace as he ran through the halls like a native, like her in her home of Rehaa, as well as the fact that he had the markings on his flesh of the Joramine people. She was glad that he wasn’t hurt but saddened that she was the cause for him to flee the home he knows.

“Faster Aliash! They’re gaining!” The man yelled causing Isabella to look under his arm to see three beasts following one with the Joramine king and the monster who attacked her, with guards at their side.

The beast pushed faster, its soft grunts turning into growls as it threw up earth with each footfall as it moved. The animal was indeed the quickest she has seen of the species but then again she hasn’t seen many, these beasts only used by the royal’s and the guards.

“The forest is up a head, they will dare not follow into the terrain.” The man stated drawing her attention to the front of them. Relief filled Isabella as she saw her home, felt the air cool to her liking as they crossed the barrier and letting the lush forest conceal them.

Author Note: Well here is the first chapter, this was originally going to be for the Twiscififantasy contest but didn’t finish it time unlike the other. This is the beginning of Vadhera, a plot originally owned by WhiteWolfLegend, except this is my telling of how Bella and Peter met.

Also some of you may notice my stories keep going, someone keeps reporting and they are being pulled… Let’s hope this one stays.



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