Chapter 2

Author Note: Enjoying so far?

Chapter Two – 3rd POV

Once the forest conceded them Isabella pushed out her senses, marvelling the truth in the man’s words as she felt them stop and hesitate at the trees edge and yet the man pushed forward even though they were safe enough, only when they reached the Floating Falls did he stop, the beast huffing as it sagged on the ground.

The man slowly slid off the beast, only jerking her slightly as his own feet hit the ground and carefully placed her on a fallen tree before examining the wounds. His eyes swept over her, not once even remotely trying to catch a peak at her. It was odd and it was a new experience, he wasn’t like the other, she could already tell that much.

“Is there any plants I can search for to help with the wounds?” He asked his accent thick as he spoke in his native tongue. The tenderness in his tone was something Isabella didn’t expect and the surprise on her face made the man before her grimace.

Shaking her head she pointed to the small little patches by the rocks edge. “Roots, there.”

Peter wasn’t so surprised that she could speak in his native tongue, he knew those that travelled to his home often learnt some words and she had spoken up against Aro with plenty. With a shake of his head, Peter knelt down and began to gently shuffle through the plants, leaving the little sprouts and taking only what was needed. He knew she would need more than a little with the cut on her leg, and arm.

Isabella watched on with curious awe as she watched the male pick through the plants leaving the young, not many of his kind cherish the younger of the plants that grew here when they came or are brave enough to scavenge on their boarder. Maybe she had judged the Joramine people with haste, after all she knew not of the villagers only of those that lived in that castle so to speak.

“You need to chew it, lather in on.” Isabella stated as the man moved back to her side with just enough that would help her wounds.

Peter nodded before putting some roots in his mouth, cringing at the bitter taste. He had only ever had to do this once or twice, his mother was a healer and she had taught him a few things when he had accompanied her onto her trips here, back when the Rehaanians and the Joramine people were at peace.

“Let me.” Isabella stated softly as he hesitated on putting it on her leg. Peter nodded and handed her some of the chewed roots before putting the rest of it on her arm, tearing some of his shirt to use as a bandage.

Peter turned back to Aliash when he had finished and gave her a pat before loosening the harness slightly so she could be more relaxed. “Go Aliash, return to Renate. We will be fine, go, be safe.” He told her giving her one last pat before it took off in the direction they came from

“May I ask how you know to pick the right age of plant?” Isabella asked after a minute of silence as she finished bandaging her leg and watching the man speaking to the beast that brought them. She watched in awe as the beast nodded before giving them a wary glance before leaving.

Peter grimaced before nodding, “My mother.” He replied before sitting back against the tree trunk. His body had worn off the adrenalin and began to quiver as it registered the colder temperature. He was only in a pair of leather pants and a shirt, with his weapons. He knew in a matter of time he would begin to weaken, but he couldn’t return home, not now, not till the woman is safe within her home; surrounded by her people.

He also knew that he might not be welcome back home and for that he didn’t know what to feel. Saddened or relieved, sad by the fact he would miss the reminders of his mother and his friends; relieved he didn’t have to face his fathers’ tired face or Aro.

“She is a healer?” Isabella asked intrigued causing the man to look away. She instantly felt regret as she saw the pain in the man’s eyes intensify.

“Was, she was a healer. She was killed here, a reason for the war.” He mumbled before standing, holding his hand out to her. “That was what Aro told my father.”

“Father?” She asked not understanding what he was saying, if his father was the king.

“My father is Vladimir, I am his son Peter. I am not like him, do not fear.” He explained as they began to make their way slowly through the forest to her home adding the last part on when the woman faltered in her step.

Isabella didn’t know what to make of the Joramine prince; he was true that he was nothing like his father. There are some traits but they were not bad and nor did she fear him. Why would she fear the man who had saved her from being… no!

With a shake of her head she looked up at the man’s face. “Isabella, my name is Isabella. My father is the speaker for our people. Luckily he was home dealing with matters and sent me in his stead, though because of me those that came to my guard and council are now either dead or worse.”

The sadness and blame in the Isabella’s voice stopped Peter in his tracks and cause him to look at Isabella with a stern face. But the emotions of sadness and guilt that seemed to etch on her face, made his heart clench.

“No it is not your fault, it is Aro’s he has some sick sinister hate towards your kind and his attack was to warrant someway for him to cause the treaty of our homes into the dusts winds and cause a war.” He stated with conviction in a way to reassure her but knew his words didn’t help as she just nodded and continued to walk along an unseen trail.

With a sigh Peter followed, every once and a while helping her as she began to stumble or needed to reach a high spot or to climb down from a different spot. He vowed that he would make things right in time, for now he had a mission to do and that was to return her home safely to her people.

Author Note: Well here is the second chapter, this originally was going to be a long unfinished one shot like Vadhera but since it was long I’ll be splitting it into chapters. Hope you don’t mind!



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