Chapter 3

Authors Note: Well here is chapter three!

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Chapter Three – Third POV

A day had passed and each hour Peter seemed to grow frailer, his complexion paling from the tan he was born with making the green and purple markings on his flesh stand out even more so. He seemed to wither away before Isabella’s eyes and when she pressed her hand on his flesh she yanked it away quickly. He was burning and yet he was cold at the same time, it worried her immensely.

“What is wrong, what feels wrong?” She asked as he collapsed to the ground, almost dragging her with him as she latched on to steady him but failing. He groaned as his knees hit the harsh ground, his hand shooting out to hold himself up but collapsing under him.

“Cold. So cold.” He stutters out as he curled up on himself. Coughs wracked his body as a violent shiver hit him.

Isabella rushed, her hands searching for herbs to bring down the fever along with fallen tree limbs to create a fire. Normally she wouldn’t use fire in the forest; I was too easy to lose control of if it were to happen. Though no one would be mad, everyone knew that it was not a destructive force, it helped renew the earth for new plants to grow; but the mark will be there forever.

She was glad when she stumbled upon the familiar roots, her hands digging out the amount she needed before rushing back to where Peter lay groaning. His eyes open but unseeing, the vibrant purple now washed with a misty white.

“Do not succumb to the dark yet Peter, not till you drink these herbs.” She tells him as quickly as she could in his tongue as she mashed herbs together in a rock crevice with some of the collected water from the tree leaves, enough to make it into something drinkable. It would have to do for now, until they got back to her village where a healer could see to him.

Though she was worried he wouldn’t make the two-day walk back to her home, maybe she could rush forward herself to gather help but she felt wrong to leave him sick and unprotected in the forest, worried that if she were to do so those animals searching for food may take him.

“Isa…” Peter groaned out as he blinked up at her, trying to clear the haze. He was so cold, so very cold and he knew that he would not make it even with the fire. He wasn’t acclimatized to the Rehaan Forest and he wouldn’t without the help of a healer now. “Go… find help…” He gasped out before shakily pushed himself up.

He couldn’t help but moan at the warmth of her hands on his cold skin as she helped him up into a sitting position. Isabella shook her head before bringing the leaf with the medicine to his lips and coaxed his lips to open before pouring it down is mouth; laughing as he scrunched his nose up in disgust.

“Ugh… Why is everything bitter?” He asked in a groan before leaning back onto the tree stump and closing his eyes.

“I can’t leave you here…” Isabella trailed off answering his request to find help.

Peter gave a weak smile before patting her hand softly, “you’re worried. Don’t be… go get help Isa, you know… you know I wont live without a healer…” he sighed out, turning his head away.

Tears pooled in Isabella’s eyes as she nodded, she knew his words – though harsh – were true. She was not a healer, she was a priestess and there was only so much she and her powers could do. She was fearful though, she had grown attached to the man before her and she couldn’t explain why and she didn’t wish to lose him.

“Okay… I will go and bring back help; I will run as fast as I can. I will gather you food, water and shelter before I leave…” She explained before dashing back into the forest around them. Her eyes scanning the trees for fruits and berries. Her senses were stretched but her mind was chaotic with thoughts to focus on where everything she needed was.

“Isabella!” The voice of Samuel called in surprise as he dropped from the trees, landing in front of her looking relieved.

Relief filled her too as she grasped his bow handle and pulled him back into the direction Peter lay. “Samuel, I need your help. Please we don’t have much time, we need to get to a healer.” She rushed out pushing herself faster.

Samuel followed behind step for step as he followed his priestess, they were worried when her and group she left with didn’t return and when word came out that there was an attack… With a shake of his head he pushed the thoughts away, a fellow member of their tribe must be hurt. He pushed through the trees where Isabella disappeared through and instantly drew his bow as he saw a Je’er leaning on her, his arm around her neck.

“NO! Samuel, please he is the one that saved my life. He is sick! He is dying, he isn’t…” Isabella trailed off causing Samuel to pause and lower his weapon. He could see now that the man wasn’t holding her in a threatening way but the fact Isabella was holding him up, in fact he was almost the colour of their skin.

“Your father will be displeased but if he save your life I will help. If you trust him then so will I.” He explained before going to help Isabella, cringing slightly at the heat that radiated off the man’s flesh.

“Why did he stay if you were safe? He is dying because he is not used to our climate, its too cold for him and he is practically naked!” Samuel asked as they rushed towards their home as quickly as they could while dragging the man.

Isabella hissed slightly as she looked at one of her father’s guards. “He refused to leave, he wanted to make sure I was safe in my home… We left in a hurry with guards chasing us!” She hissed out angrily causing Samuel to nod, he wasn’t going to continue the questions.

“What happened?” Samuel asked after he looked over his priestess when they came to a stop causing Isabella to cringe.

“The Advisor, you know who I mean, he tried to take my innocence.” She spat out causing Samuel to hiss in rage, his blue skin darkening ever so slightly. “Peter saved me.”

The name set off alarm through Samuel but he couldn’t explain why, the name was connected to something important he knew of this but couldn’t place it. He knew that the man before him was more than just a regular Je’er of Joramine.

“A war then… They have started a war. Hurry we must get back, your father wished to leave soon to Joramine to speak to the king, to find you but if this is the case then we cannot let him go.” Samuel stated before lifting Peter onto his back after handing his weapon to Isabella. They needed to run and as much as Isabella wished to hold Peter she knew that they would reach her home quicker this way.

Authors note: Ohh, how will her father react to this?

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