Chapter 4

Authors Note: Well here is chapter four!

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Chapter Four – Third POV

Peter groaned painfully, his feet now dragging along the ground instead of slightly walking with the others, he was getting worse; the hallucinations getting the better of him. He didn’t know what day it was or if the suns were up, the world turned grey the sicker he got and more twisted like decay and death.

He could hear the sounds of Isabella screaming, blood curdling screams and he couldn’t reach her, his body feeling as if it was chained to the very ground and it infuriated him. He had rescued her, he knew but he couldn’t… it felt real. On top of the screams he could hear Aro’s laughter, sometimes he could swear he could smell the scent of a male fill his sense and it made him ill.

I have her now… the shimmer of Aro laughed as he held Isabella by the hair at his feet, her body beaten she looked defeated and he struggled, trying everything to scream and move towards the woman he…

“Shh Peter, it’s okay… We’re almost to my home, you will be safe then.” The voice of Isabella soothed, washing away the hallucinations. He blinked furiously before his eyes cleared of the haze to see Isabella staring at him, her face twisted in worry, fear and anxiety.

Peter’s brows puckered as he realised she was not the one holding him, that she was in fact in front of him. Who was holding him? Were they captured? He struggled free of the person who held him and moved in front of Isabella, the small concealed blade now in his hand as he stared at the unknown man before him.

Samuel was amazed as he watched the male – Peter – break free from his grasp and protect Isabella, even in his sickness he was protecting her from an unknown person. “I mean no harm Je’er.” He soothed, holding his hands up in a peaceful way.

Peter jabbed the knife out in warning, before spouting off words of threats at the man. He didn’t know what he said but he still didn’t trust him.

“Samuel, he cannot understand you. Sit down or he will hurt you, he means it.” Isabella instructed and Samuel followed her directions and waited. He watched as she calmly moved infront of the man, placing her hand on his outstretched knife wielding arm and pushed it down.

“It is safe, he is friend. He is here to help, not to harm… You can trust him Peter.” She whispered into Peter’s ear in his language.

Peter looked at Isabella quickly before looking down at the man, noticing now that he had no markings of his people and the familiar traits of the Rehaanian people, in fact he knew this man. He had seen him come with the last group before the war broke out when he was a child, though he was much younger then. It was the scar on the left cheek that gave it away, one that he could never forget he had gotten it because of him after all.

“Sa’mu’ell.” Peter uttered out confused in their tongue, the only word he knew besides his own name that the man had taught him the day he had saved him from falling and calmed him down.

Samuel and Isabella’s eyes shot up in shock at their pronunciation for Samuels name spilled from Peter’s lips. Samuel stood and moved towards Peter as he swayed, the blade falling from his hands and digging into the ground.

“How does he know that? Know me?” Samuel asked as he helped Isabella settle Peter onto the ground.

She shrugged and moved to gather water, “I don’t know I never spoke to him about others; just myself and that wasn’t much before he grew ill.” She replied confused.

“I know you…” Peter rasped out making Samuel frown as he tried to understand what he said.

“He said he knows you. I thought by now Samuel that you would know their language.” Isabella taunted causing Samuel to scowl.

“I am not allowed back to the kingdom of Joramine, so I had no need to remember their speech.” He replied back before turning back to Peter and pointing to himself, repeating his name. “Sa’mu’ell.”

Peter nodded relieved, all tension gone from his body as he let the man touch him without the fear of an attack. He shakily raised his hand and pointed to himself. “P’et’etr.”

Samuel’s eyes widened as he shoved himself back, his hands flying off the man’s body as if the very flames he felt of scorched him. His head whipped around to Isabella with fear, “the Prince of Joramine saved you?

Isabella frowned at Samuel before nodding, “yes, why are you fearful. How do you know he was the prince?” She asked.

“It is because of him that I am banned from Joramine, he almost fell off the window sill and I caught him when he was younger. Aro had seen and told the king I was to kill his son, that he saw me ready to throw him from the window. I had only taught Peter my name and his when he had come to see me that night before I left. He gave me this. He is also the reason I still have my head, he told them I saved him and his mother had believed.” Samuel stated holding his bow up and pointed to the braided leather with a scale of a Berale hanging from it.

“He is a noble man.” Isabella replied softly; fondly.

By now Peter was back in a state of sleep, making it easier for Samuel to lift him from the ground and onto his back. “That he is, you have chosen well. Let has hope that your father will not react harshly and will see him how we do.” She informed his Priestess causing Isabella to grimace.

“Maybe mother will help, what is it with he and the Joramine king being stubborn?” She replied, ignoring the part about her choosing well. She didn’t know what he had meant by that, her head still focused on Peter and his breathing becoming more and more ragged as they moved.

“We must hurry, he’s faint of breath!” She urged pushing herself faster praying to the goddesses to spare the man Samuel carried, to spare Peter for she could not think of him not being her; that the reason why he had perished was because of her and her foolishness.

They were close to their village, they could hear the people speaking and children laughing as well as the sound of animals and smell the food that cooked. It made them feel a little more relieved, though they knew it wouldn’t last for long; they knew as soon as they stepped out of the trees it would become chaos. After all they had brought a Je’er to their village with a war on the horizon.

“Isabella!” Charles yelled horrified as he rushed towards them before freezing as his eyes landed on the man on his guards back. “JE’ER!”

Authors Note: Two chapters in a day hell yes! Uh oh, trouble now!

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