Chapter 5

Authors Note: well I left you all with a cliffhanger…

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Chapter Five – Third POV

The villagers froze as their chiefs’ voice filled the open land before they all turned towards Isabella, Peter and Samuel before drawing their weapons. Ready to strike if others rushed out of the trees in an attack, after all it was only a few days ago when one of their council members returned beaten and bloody with word of a war.

Isabella stood tall as her father strode forward, his staff in hand. “Move Isabella!” He demanded before looking at Samuel. “Drop him, I will have others to tie him up and return him to his home!”

A hiss escaped Isabella’s lips before stepping in front of her father once more, blocking his view of Peter. “He saved me! He saved my life and the life of Samuel’s many moons ago. Would you rather help the man who saved the virtue and life of your daughter from his own kind or return him to the monster who would surely kill him?” She asked causing many of the villagers to lower their weapons and look at Peter with admiration and shock.

“What? What do you mean this Je’er saved your virtue and life?” Charles asked, lowering his staff and looking at his daughter for the first time. She was injured but healing, her tunic torn in several spots revealing one leg and some chest.

“Peter, his name is Peter not Je’er. Father I was being attacked by that beast Aro; he wished to take what wasn’t his and was beating me into submission. Peter came and drew his blade defending me, helping me escape by his very own father and that monster. Now please, he is dying, he is sick… I cannot lose him father; help him.” She begged, tears pooling in her eyes.

Charles was speechless, his eyes drifting to the body in Samuels arms and could see the hued flesh of the Je- Peter’s – flesh. He was indeed sick, and in need of a healer; he knew exactly what happens to a Je’er in their forest. They were not used to the cold, living in the desert does that; he rushed in here to save his daughter… risking his own…

“Ephraim take him to Ephraim immediately Samuel. If he cannot heal Peter then someone will need to go and find Di-ye in the caves only she could help him then.” Charles instructed before clutching onto his daughters shoulder, stopping her from following.

“We need to speak first daughter, then you can be with him. Your mother will need to speak to you as well.” Charles stated before having to drag her to their home, he could tell by her stumbles that she still hadn’t looked away from where they had taken Peter and he grew concerned. Not for the fact of his species difference, but for the fact that if the boy was to die… he may very well lose his daughter too.

“Husband?” Sue called before her eyes landed on Isabella, “thank the goddess!” she praised in relief before rushing to her daughters side and grasping her tight, frowning when she could sense a difference in her daughter.

“My love, we need to speak. Isabella has come back with a Je’er who had saved her life and it is… concerning.” He trailed off, before motioning to their daughter and the fact that even with the door closed her eyes were focused in that direction.

Sue focused then on Isabella, her own magic wrapping around Isabella and smiled as she realised why her daughter seemed to have changed. She had found her mate, her long other half but yet had to realise it as such. Turning back to her husband she nodded, confirming his suspicions and causing him to sigh.

“Isabella, child, please listen to what I have to say. It is dire that you listen.” He started causing his daughter to whip her head around to his. “Isabella, though I was wary at first I will not send Him back to his home. Though Isabella, when time comes you will need to do something that only you can decide and will know when to do it. My child, you cannot stay here with him for long, we’re not telling you to leave, it will not be safe here for him or for you if Vladimir comes looking for his son.” He explained causing Sue’s eyes to widen in horror and for Isabella to look at her father in surprise.

“How do you know he is Vladimir’s son?” She asked, her eyes flickering back towards the direction she could sense Peter in worry.

Charles chuckled, “my daughter, I have seen Peter many of times hiding in the shadows watching us when we came. He was a curious boy, I know the familiar tattoos upon his flesh each different and no other will have them. Till he is acclimatised to our home you will be protected here, show him our world daughter. Then you must flee, stay in our lands but flee, hide from the Joramine King and his guards, or surely you will perish and Peter will suffer.”

Isabella looked at her parents with pained eyes but nodded, she knew they knew what was happening between her and the Joramine Prince but she knew they wouldn’t tell her if she were to ask, it was something she would have to figure out on their own. “I understand, I will return once everything is safe though.”

“Isabella, my daughter, I know you have many questions much like you did when the goddess blessed you with powers and when you vowed to be a priestess to her. But in time that vow will break and she will understand, for when that time comes; you need to give this to Peter. Do not peak or look until you know the time is right. Now go to him, go to him and help heal him; he will need you.” Sue told her daughter while handing her the leather satchel her mother had given her when she found Charles, though there was different object than hers nestled inside.

Isabella took the satchel and rushed to her own section of their home and changing into another tunic before tying the satchel to her midsection and rushing towards where Peter would be. As she grew closer yells could be heard, fear churned in her stomach as she pushed herself faster only to stop at the door where she could see Samuel holding a delirious Peter down while Di-ye knelt over Peter and tried to pour a potion down her throat.

She rushed forward and placed her hands on Peter’s chest to help Samuel and watched as he instantly relaxed, his eyes closing once more and allowed Di-ye to pour the liquid down his throat.

“Good, you calm him. He will need you here to get better, he will get better; I mixed the correct herbs for him to digest. Worry not Isabella, he will be better.” Di-ye stated as she turned to fix up more ingredients.

“Correct herbs? How do you know what herbs he needs to get passed this sickness?” Isabella asked curiously as she brushed Peter’s hair away from his clammy face.

Di-ye turned towards the woman and Peter, her hand brushing against Peter’s cheekbones tenderly before removing her hood, allowing her markings to be seen by the woman before her. “Because child, he is my son.”

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