Chapter 6

Authors Note: gasp Peter’s mother? Oh noes hahaha….

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Chapter Six – Third POV

Pain. Pain, agony and fire was all Peter could feel. Followed by numbness and ice, images of his life flashed before him, before twisting into a horrible nightmare where Isabella was hurt, broken, with Aro standing above her. Yet he remained helpless, his body struggling to move as he screamed at him.

Only his screams were silent, nothing but a mere whisper in the wind of his homeland and disappearing into the Rehaa forest. He was surly in the dark zone, the place where evil lay and he was bound there by fire.

“Shh, Peter you are safe… Safe. You are with me at my home village.” The voice of Isabella cooed softly, washing away the dark scenes from before him, her hands brushing across his flesh leaving trails of a different kind of fire. It soothed him instead of burned.

“Isa…” He breathed out, his mind relaxing as he drifted.

Isabella sighed softly as she dipped the cloth back into the bowl of water, her mind focused on the way the cloth twisted as she released the water that wasn’t needed before placing the cloth back on Peter’s brow. She couldn’t restrain herself much longer, her hands wanting to touch and her mind wished to connect with his just to sooth his pain. But she couldn’t risk it; not yet, he was still close to the fever taking him.

“He is lucky to have you.” Di-ye states softly as she watches from the doorway, she had seen the way the young woman reacted towards her son. It made her happy and sad, happy that her son had found his mate even if he didn’t know it and sad because she knew all the troubles they will face before they could be happy.

She knew that pain, she had found her mate, not with Vladimir but with Marcus of the Rehaanian Tribe. She knew she couldn’t leave Marcus, yet she could not escape her marriage with Vladimir without risking Peter. So she made the hardest decision of her life and just left, only telling her brother. It was a mistake though, telling her brother of her plans for he had used this against her and started a war.

“No, I am lucky to have had him come across my path. He is truly a strong soul, kind and compassionate compared to the others of your kind I have seen. I would not let that go for anything, I would fight for him.” Isabella replied in a clipped tone.

She didn’t know what to make of the woman now, a woman who had healed many of her kind and even herself once. She had admired the woman, even had seeked her out to learn a little about medicine and yet now all she could see when she looked at the woman was the pain in Peter’s eyes.

Peter tossed, his hand reaching for Isabella when he felt her distress, her anger and sadness. He didn’t want her to feel that way, he couldn’t understand why it upset him so that she was upset but he wanted to fix it. He struggled for a second, before opening his eyes, blinking as the work around him flickered with lights before locking onto Isabella, her eyes pulled down as she looked to the other side of him.

Curious he turned his head, blinking slightly as they adjusted to the light before frowning. “Mother?” he asked confused before the darkness took him once more.

This time, Peter could feel only pain. It was sharp needles that buried into his skin; his mouth open as screams tore free. His flesh felt like the venom of the Roatera Best had struck his flesh. He struggled to tear at his flesh, not caring if he was to flay himself but he just wanted the pain to end, for the needles to leave!

Isabella jerked awake her eyes locking onto Peter as his agonized screams filled the silence of the night. She could hear others waking, whispering what was happening if there was an attack. Her father and Samuel rushed in, their blade and staff raised only to pause as they looked at her struggling form as she tried to hold Peter still after she realized he was tearing into his skin.

“What’s wrong?” Charles asked as he rushed forward to help his daughter, “Samuel fetch Di-ye, NOW SAMUEL!” He roared as even he struggled to hold the man still.

“I don’t know what’s wrong, he passed out long ago once he woke and saw Di-ye, then I was woken to his screams and his hands digging into his flesh. Father, I don’t know what to do!” She cried out, her tears spilling onto Peter’s chest.

Charles didn’t answer, he couldn’t, and he too didn’t know what to do and only hoped that Di-ye knew. He could see his daughter was in pain, the effects of the mating bond beginning; he hoped Samuel and Di-ye would return soon.

Screams, pain, agony… Water dripping, cries of pain… hands upon his flesh holding….

Deliriousness… He was dying…

Pain, needles… Isa…


Isa… Isa.. Isa…

Peter… please… Fight for me; do not perish in the dark…

Frowning, perish? Who is perishing?

Pain… Needles… Bubbling flesh….

Blinding light….

The sound of birds chirping in the forest caused Peter to still, his brows puckering as he looked around. The pain had gone and in its place was content and numbness.

“Peter…” The voice of Isabella caused Peter to whip around, his eyes landing on her form near a waterfall.

“Where are we?” He asked as he moved towards her, frowning slightly as he realized the closer he got the more transparent she was.

“You are in your mind, in my mind… We are one… Though I cannot hold this for long. You must fight Peter, fight for…”

With that she was gone and Peter was left in the field confused. But he would fight because she asked it of him. He didn’t wish to perish, he knew he saw his mother and he wanted answers. He also wanted to spend more time with Isabella, learn about her people, the forest around him.

Di-ye smiled as she saw her son still, her eyes flickering to the Chief and his daughter. “He will be okay, you did the right thing Isabella. He is fighting.”

Isabella sagged against her father in relief, just before Di-ye had returned she had the overwhelming need to connect them. Though it was difficult, she had to push past the pain and the sickness within him to reach his mind. But she did it, even if it was a weak connection he now lay peacefully on his bed closer to health than to the darkness that wished to take him.

Authors Note: He will wake up next chapter J

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