Chapter 7

Authors Note: Okay, so here is some realisation for Peter, so let’s speed this story up shall we?

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Chapter Seven – Third POV

The sound of the forest is what Peter woke up to, blinking several times to adjust to the light. He felt horrible, but much better than feeling as if he had burned in the fires of Zore or the burning venom he felt after that. At least this was a pain he could adjust to, having used to feeling like falling off a Berale.

He let out a soft grunt as he pushed himself up from the floor, his body aching as he pushed the blankets off of him. He sighed as he felt the soft warm breeze and snapped his eyes open as he realised that he wasn’t cold. In fact he felt as if he was home again.

“You climitised yourself to Rehaa.” The familiar voice of his mother stated softly from the door, causing his eyes to snap to her.

He couldn’t believe it, he wanted to; goddess did he want to. He remember when he was younger, when she had perished or so he had thought he wished every day, prayed to the fact that he wanted his mother back and now, now all he could feel was anger.

He asked the only thing he could think of, “Why?”

Didyme or Di-ye as the Rehaanian people knew her as sighed and moved closer to her son, “Because I had found my mate in a Rehaanian man, your father wouldn’t have understood. I thought at the time just to disappear was the best thing but I had not accounted for my brother’s hate against the people of Rehaa.” She explained, moving her hand out to brush Peter’s hair only stopping when he jerked away.

“Brother? Aro is your brother? That forked tongue trickster who dared to try and take Isabella’s innocence is my uncle?” He spat out causing his mothers eyes to darken, the vibrant purple fading to a grey in her rage.

“That scoundrel is no brother of mine or any relation to you. He had disowned the family, bar Vladimir when I left. He cares not but for himself, do not fret my son, he will get what is coming to him.” Di-ye hissed out before calming as the woman next to her son began to stir. “I will return later, I need to gather more herbs for you and the people. Be gracious you have young Isabella by your side, she didn’t leave not once.”

With that Peter watched his mother leave, disappearing into the early light before turning to the woman at his side, his face softening as he looked down upon her with a fond smile. He brushed a strand of hair from her face softly, caressing her cheek as he went.

Isabella stirred at the sensation of someone touching her, her eyes snapping open to see the hazel green eyes of Peter staring down at her, she couldn’t help but smile and sit up, only to blush as she realised she had fallen asleep in his bed and had curled against him.

“It is fine,” Peter hummed out amused, guessing as to why she blushed. “My mother told me you stayed by my side, you did not have to do that Isa.” He stated causing her to frown and shake her head.

“But I did, you saved my life and I… well I could not pull myself away. I needed to be by your side; I cannot explain it. Even now I need to be.” She told him, her hand resting on his softly surprised that he still felt so warm and yet not feverish.

“I can understand that feeling, even in my illness I knew you were near, I could feel you, hear you. I could even feel your distress.” He explained softly, intertwining their fingers together.

You will find yourself a mate one day my son, and when you do it will be brilliant. You will be one, feel as one. But when you do find your mate, you will know and do not ever take that for granted.”

His mother’s voice echoed in his mind from when he was younger. When his brother Rylee had found his mate in Charlotte.

“Why is it we feel so connected? Is it because I had pushed my mind and power across to you in time of sickness and did not take it all back?” Isa asked as she looked down at their hands causing Peter to chuckle softly.

“No my Isa, it is because the Goddess has blessed us to be one. You are my missing half as I am to you I hope.” He explained causing Isabella to jerk her head up in surprise.

“But how can that be, I am a Priestess, I sworn myself to the goddess.” She explained causing a pain to stab at Peter, but he could understand.

“Maybe in time,” He hummed, not giving up. He knew his goddess would not be wrathful if she were to break her vow, they were destined. “Now, help me up Isa, I wish to move about and for you to show me your home, teach me your language.” He explained causing her to smile and nod; she would gladly teach him her native tongue.

“Yes, I will gladly do that. But we will not travel far, you are still recovering from the fever. We nearly lost you, if you had not fought to stay.” She explained while standing, pulling him up as gently as she could on the way.

Peter groaned as his body cracked, almost falling over as he stood, his hand grasped something only to realise it was a staff.

“It is my fathers, he wished for you to use it till you are better, then you may have your weapons back. He is making sure they are safe and well sharpened before we have to leave.” She stated simply, as if it was little of importance, as she helped him walk.

He on the other hand knew the meaning behind the staff, it was a token of blessing, he could see that as they moved out amongst the people, the way the mated couples smiled towards them. Many people spoke to them as they passed, Isa translating their wishes for him to gather his strength back soon and some thanking him for saving Isa.

As they went, many gave him food and Isabella taught him some simple words, thank you and hello.

“P’et’er!” Samuel cheered as he walked out of the forest with fruit on his back, a small woman carrying just as much fruit following him.

“Sa’mu’ell,” Peter called back with just much delight now that he was coherent enough he can see how well the man had aged.

Samuel turned to Isabella and smiled, “How is he has the fever broken?”

“Yes Samuel, Di-ye had helped. I see you and Emily had gone to gather fruit, I am sure Paul and Leah will be returning soon too?” She asked causing Emily to laugh and step forward.

“After they spend some time together of course, you know how those two are.” She laughed out before turning to Peter. Surprising them as she spoke fluent Je’er. “It is a pleaser to finally meet you Peter, I am Emily of Hanson, my mother was a Je’er and my father was a Rehaanian. I have waited many of moons to meet you and to thank you for rescuing my mate that fateful day, I owe you a dept.” She stated causing Peter to frown and shake his head.

“No need Emily of Hanson, he had saved my life first I was returning the favour. There is nothing you owe me but your happiness and you are, your debt is paid then in full.” He stated sincerely causing the woman’s eyes to water and she thanked him and clutched onto her husband’s arm.

“We must depart Samuel, I need to take Peter to see my father before he has to go back and rest,” Isabella stated bidding them goodbye and vice versa before dragging Peter towards her home where she knew that her parents waited with Di-ye. Peter too knew where he was going, he could sense his mothers power deep within the closer he got to her, and knew that this meeting would either be good or bad.

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