Chapter 8

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Third POV – Chapter 8

Peter grew silent, his body tired and rigged as he stepped into the door, his eyes instantly locking onto his mother, her eyes glowing under her hood.

“Peter… It is pleasing to see you up and around.” Charles stated after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, he could see and feel the tension between Di-ye and the young Je’er.

“Yes, I hear that you helped me in my fever, thank you. I thank you for your kindness, you could have sent me back and killed me, yet you did not. I also should thank you for looking after my mother all these years.” He stated stiffly, his eyes never looking away from that of his mothers.

“Mother? What do you mean? I was under the impression…” Sue started before whipping her head around to Di-ye, her eyes widening as her mouth pooped open in an ‘oh’. Understanding shone in her eyes but still she shook her head. “Di-ye, I never knew… I understand but to leave your son?”

Charles looked at the woman who had healed many and frowned, watching as she removed her hood revealing the familiar markings of the Je’er people. He sighed and shook his head, many of the reasoning’s and looks from the Je’er people making sense now when he visited Joramine.

“Why did you not tell us? We could have given you protection, you could have even seen Peter, or spoken to him.” He asked causing the woman to look away but Peter knew.

“She wouldn’t risk it. She didn’t want to cause a war and yet she did anyway. Her brother is Aro of the Volturi.” Peter grunted out before nearly collapsing as fatigue hit him. Isabella grasped Peter, her hands strong as she helped him back to his feet.

“Father I request a chair, Peter is still weak. We also need to discuss what will happen once Peter is well, he needs to know.” Isabella spoke while running her eyes over Peter to see if anything else was wrong.

Sue quickly rushed and placed the chair in the room behind Peter, helping her daughter place him in the chair and making sure he wouldn’t fall or pass out.

Charles looked away from the woman, the healer he had trusted to the man before him that held his daughters heart, the staff he had given the man grasped weakly in his hand. “Yes, forgive me. Peter, you and Isabella cannot stay once healed, for the safety of this village and to you. If your father and an Army were to come, they would kill you and her both. I don’t think you realise how much you both have changed.” He stated, his eyes scanning his daughter and Peter, noticing the several changes in their bodies. Peter carried the faint mark of his daughter that rested on her chest and she now had markings so pale only he could notice on her hands and face.

“I understand, I wish to learn all I can about the forest and village, your native tongue as well, just enough to get me by before we leave. I am sorry for taking her away, for being the reason of her leavings.” Peter stated solemnly, he knew they would have to leave so they wouldn’t risk the village, he knew they would have to hide and live deep in the forest now but he didn’t mind that.

“No, do not place the blame on yourself; it is that trickster, the forked tongue Aro who is to blame.” Sue said strictly, leaving no room to argument, Charles nodded agreeing with her.

Peter sighed and agreed, he wished not to go against them. He knew that they were right and yet he still felt some blame. How could he not? He was the one who attacked Aro, who had given him wounds to use against the Rehaanian people. Peter tensed when a man ran in his hair a mess and covered in what looked to be dirt and blood, his eyes locking onto Isabella. Peter watched the man intensely, his hand clenching around the staff ready to strike as they spoke.

“Father, mother, Peter… I must go, Seth has stated that there needs to be a blessing, it seems Maggie has given birth.” Isabella stated before leaving in a rush. Peter watched her leave before turning back to the chief.

“I know the meaning behind your gift; the staff is a blessing I know. I will make sure that Isabella stays safe.” He stated causing the man before him to smile.

“You know the truth then yes?” he asked causing Peter to nod.

“I figured it out, my mate. How could I not see that she was mine when so easily felt her in my sickness, how I came to her aid when I was ill or why unknowingly at the time risked my life for hers to return her here and not just at a safe distance. I know she has yet to come to an understanding, she believes if I am guessing that the goddess would not approve of giving up her vow. I can wait, for a woman as caring and pure hearted as her, I can wait.” He finished honestly, his eyes looking out the door in which Isabella left.

“It is very honourable of you, not many would say the same I know. Which proves on how good of a choice the goddess has chosen you, I for one agree for you to be her betrothed if she were to choose one before she found her mate.” Charles stated before narrowing his eyes. “Yet, if I come to learn you hurt her, had broken her in any way I would not be so pleasing towards you. I know every inch of this forest, our home and know perfectly well to hide your corpse.”

Peter smiled and nodded, “I expect no less Chief Swan, and in fact I would willingly throw myself upon your feet for punishment before you find out from her lips.”

Sue and Di-ye shared a look before shaking their heads, “Boys, enough… My husband, I do believe it is time for Peter to return to his place for more medicine before the passes out from fatigue.” Sue instructed while gesturing someone outside to come further. Samuel stepped in a smile on his face before turning to Peter after a nod of respect and helped the man back to the hut, his hands being careful of where they were placed due to the injuries caused by the fever. He knew that everywhere would be tender.

He chuckled as Peter muttered to him, words he couldn’t understand but he knew that he was cursing as he winced. His eyes fluttering shut and body giving out in exhaustion.

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