Chapter One

Title: Retribution
Pairing: Jas/Bella
Ra: M
She’s a woman scorned, when things go wrong in her time she is sent back to help. Will her time in the Southern Wars change the future like it was promised? Or will she return to her time with the loss of her mate and all she knew.

Chapter One – Bella POV

The scent of death, decay and the tangy rust smell of blood lingered upon my flesh in times like these, just staring down at the scars littered upon my exposed flesh. Scars Edward that asshole gave me.

He along with Victoria were plotting all along, even more so when he had abandoned me in the forest. It lasted three months before she came, destroying my life by taking my father, her laughter echoing his screams as she tortured him in front of me.

The wolves of course took me in, but it was of no use, no use because when she came, he came and they bought an army. I pondered why Alice never saw her deprived brother doing such an act till I realised she cared not about me all along and helped them.

She helped them because since the very moment Edward laid eyes upon me beating veins he was gone; him tempting himself of my nectar drove him into madness.

Grief clinched my heart but I shook it away and brought back my rage. They spared one wolf, a cub for some unknown reason or it was the cub who was told to hide and protect or thought to be dead, but they slaughtered the wolves and in return their imprints. Oh how cruel Taha aki’s fates and curse were. To be bound to another so tightly that when one dies so does the other, it was horrible.

For a year he held me captive, drinking my nectar enough to not change his eye colour but enough to satisfy him for now. How he masked my scent from him was beyond but oh how I longed for them to come. Victoria was who made sure that my punishments were made, never killing me nor doing enough to cause change or death and only she and he were the ones to visit my shitty little cabin.

But of course she was a little bit of a blabber mouth, I knew the Cullen’s were all but dead, besides Alice; oh she took the pleasure of hunting her down once all was done and ripping her head from her body and burning her. She didn’t want no tarnished record upon her mates name when it came to his hunts. I couldn’t help but smirk at that when she told me, earning more wounds but I cared not.

Not only I knew that they killed me in the eyes of humans, setting my home ablaze and shoving Charlie and an unknown women inside.

A year of hell I stayed, a year till the cub came for me, Seth… sweet Seth, he came and tore when they were gone. He saved me, helped me leave until she came, they both came but I somehow managed to get away masked in the blood of wolf.

I ran and I ran while he fought them to his dying breath and I somehow escaped freely, that was three years ago and here I stay in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. Not a soul could be found and that’s how I liked it, I don’t know really how I became to find myself here till a week later when I found myself in a stare down with a red eyed vampire.

A smirk pulled at my lips as I thought of Garrett, he was my saving grace once I realised he wasn’t going to hurt me. He saw my scars and almost burned the woods down in his rage, for some reason my instincts said to trust the fucker.

He taught me to fight, he taught me to hunt for food and all that I needed to know to live and meditate to centre myself and my mind. I told him nothing of what happened and he never dared to ask, only knowing my name was Isa.

He stayed till one day he came back with orange eyes, a smile wide upon his face when he told me he found his mate. That he wanted me to leave and join him, them. But I refused, I didn’t want to be around them, I couldn’t be near the family whose eyes resembled the Cullen’s. I told him to leave, that it was fine, he was of course reluctant and promised to visit but I didn’t hope. He did, every now and then but that was a year ago and now here I stand.

Staring into the two sets of red eyes, begging for help.


“A year you let go by and not a word nor sign of a visit, bring a stranger to my home when you of all know I do not trust your kind and yet you dare ask me to help?” I ask blandly, my fingers grasping the rough wooden door in rage.

The woman, I knew wasn’t his mate, her eyes were a deep red that reflected a hollowness I all knew too well.  “State your business Leech, tell me your tale and then and only then I will decide.” I hiss, a snarl bursting from my chest.

I was cursed this life of incompleteness, half vampire and half human. Edward was foolish it seems leaving enough venom after each bite to slowly change my anatomy but not enough to complete it.

“Bella…” The name slipped from her lips like a whisper, causing me to snarl.

“How do you know my name?” I spit causing her to choke back a sob.

“My mate… my mate and I were… we were friends with Jasper.” She chokes out and I rear back in shock, my nose flared and I took in the deep setting stench or decay and death from their hair.

“What happened to Jasper?” I ask softly, he being the only one I cared the most about the Cullen’s.

“Maria. Maria came in vengeance; she wanted Jasper back to reclaim territory… to go against the Volturi. She came with an army and in that time my mate perished and then so did Jasper. She tore my mate a part and set him a flame as I ran like he told me. Jasper, Jasper fought long enough that I was gone before he too succumbed to death. He gave up… He gave up… He came to us two years ago in agony when he found out Alice was not his mate, he just stopped… only staying for Peter and I… Peter willed him to stay as time would surely help when his mate was still out there.” She chokes out and I felt my heart painfully stutter.

“Then why seek me, why you Garrett?” I ask, my resolve and anger slowly vanishing causing his eyes to harden.

“My mate is gone, her coven. A member of the coven they trusted came, came with an army and took them all. My Kate, though she had power couldn’t hold it for long and not with the help of the gifted they had. He had lost it, searching for something and in time wanting to gain power. So he ripped my family apart and took the head of my mates’ father figure.” He explains tired and withdrawn, his accent drawn out and thick.

I felt my anger rise, my fingers tearing away the door as I hiss. “Edward. What do I have to do with it all?” I snarl noting their surprised looks at my knowledge.

“My mate told me in time that I would need to take this bag and run to Garrett, that I would know when to do so. When Maria came the bag flew through my mind and I took it when I ran, I ran to Garrett and gave him the note that was with the others in the front of the satchel.” The woman explains and this time I took another look at her, the face coming to the fore front of my mind from a fuzzy memory of when I was able to speak to Jasper.

“Charlotte… I know you; know of you… come in. Both of you and tell me the rest.” I hum as the storm brewing outside let loose its power.

“The note was in Peter’s scrawl, only of coordinates but I knew them already. He was telling us to come here, we were hoping you could help.” Garrett whispered as he made himself at home on the very little furniture I had.

“I was to give this bag to whoever was here.” Charlotte states while handing me the bag. I took it wearily and rose my brows when I realised it was mine from a long time ago. I had thought I’d lost it but no, someone took it.

I felt my brows furrow as I look in the front pocket to see multiple letters but I took the one that had my name on it. With quick succession I raised my shield and I opened the letter ignoring Charlotte’s choked sob as the soft scent of cherries filled my nose.


Author Note: Oh… wait what? Hehe





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