Chapter Three

Chapter Three


I fell and fell for what seemed like forever all the while I burned in hell. God it was painful, I could feel every cell sear away and in the wake of fire be rebirthed. It was maddening and now I understood why some vampires were just plain down right psychotic.

When the very last cell of my body became rebirthed I impacted, a moan of pain escaping my lips before breathing in sharply. I instantly regretted it as I began to cough and choke up the dust and ash of the ground below.

My senses were on full alert as I struggled to push myself up, my arms though now strong felt weak from whatever the fuck just happened.

“Jesus.” My eyes snapped up, a snarl leaving my mouth in a warning as they locked onto a boy, a mere boy covered in scars and stared at me slack jawed. I rose to my feet instantly, wavering a fraction as the world swayed before clenching my hand, watching fascinated as the boy suddenly became ramrod straight and struggled to free himself.

Fear, it was all fear and confusion. Awe and respect. I cocked my head to the side, brows raised high as I realised I could feel emotions. Humming I knew that I could also influence them but had to keep it hidden for now.

“Who are you?” I grunt out slackening my hand ever so slowly and marvelling at the fact I could see my shield loosen enough to let him talk.

“My name is Eli, I was told… told to come here to get you… to light a fire and wait. I… I didn’t expect you to rise from the flames like a Phoenix… Mistress…” He gasped out and I knew, just fucking knew he was telling the truth and that Peter sent him.

I released him immediately and grunted, lifting the bag from the ground with a wince and placing it around my shoulders before cracking my back, thanking Hades himself that I could still do that. “I’m not your Mistress kid, now, tell me where is Peter?” I grunt causing the poor kid to cock his brow confused.

Captain… Peter isn’t Peter yet, unless in private with Charlotte and Jasper… He knows him as Captain… My brain so happily whispers causing me to frown.

“The Captain, I must speak with him immediately. Now where is he or is he still neck deep in the bitches’ lair?” I mutter, recalling Jasper’s story to a perfect T. Not only that, Garrett had filled me in when he told me of his war friend but never uttering a name.

The boy swallowed. “The Captain is waiting; he is on the outskirts of camp. We must hurry, he will take my head if we are late.” He mutters and I cast him a jerky nod before following.

I honestly thought that those who told me that vampirism would be hard was an understatement. It was easy to monitor my actions, my speed, and the way the air tasted on my tongue. But it was maddening to have so much space in my mind, the way I knew how my shield and gifts worked. I felt lethargic, jerky and angry but I wasn’t the out of control newborn people told me I would be.

A freak as a human and now one as a…

Maria… escape… captured… she will kill them… hurry… this is what you- I need to stop…

“We need to hurry, Maria has them.” I hiss as my brain exploded with information.  I pushed myself faster, following the kids faint scent trail back to the camp; leaving him in my wake.


I blew into the camp like a gust of strong wind, my eyes scanning the hell that Jasper was born into with critical eyes. There were newborns fucking and fighting and yet, this was not the worse I have seen of the dark side that was vampirism.

YOU dare try to escape my camp? Spitting in my face after all I have done for you!” The voice was dark and accented one that I knew immediately as Maria’s thanks to the little voices in my head.

I came to a stop near the other side of the camp, my eyes landing on Jasper’s kneeled frame instantly before sweeping over the situation. There was a man – Peter – and a woman – Charlotte – whom was being held down by two men each, three in Peter’s case while Maria’s claws dug into Jasper’s stony neck.

“Let them go… I will stay…” Jasper wheezed out, his eyes dark and pained as the bitch continued to stare down at him.

He cannot fight against her, he cannot manipulate her and where her hand is placed… if he were to move… his head will come off… the voices oh so happily supplied.

I contemplated if I should save him or not, but I knew I had to; I owed it to the fucker whose dark eyes were now locked onto my form pleadingly.

“Release him.” I sigh after another few seconds of contemplation.

I watched amused as Maria stilled, her eyes snapping to mine in slight shock a snarl escaping the temperamental newborns holding the others, one causing Charlotte to cry out as its claws shredded into her arm.

“And who are you?” Maria snarls, her eyes alight with something I couldn’t place. “And why should I? He is my soldier; he will be punished for trying to escape with them.”

I clicked my tongue as I walked forward, hoisting the bag up onto my shoulder nonchalantly. My eyes scanned the faces quickly before I effectively turned my back on the others causing Maria’s eyes to widen a fraction, her eyes now taking me in further or more specifically the scars that mar my skin.

“Who I am is not that important, I have got no name. Why you should release him is because I will be very upset if you were to rip off his head like a kid on Christmas.” I sigh bored, I could feel the stares from Peter and the others burning in the back of my head.

Her hand squeezed tighter, causing me to sigh. “Plus I am under very good knowledge that you just lost a large portion of your feeding ground. If you were to kill them or bury Majors head and burn his body you will lose the only bargaining chips you have.” I state flatly, smirking as her curiosity hit me.

“And what is it that they are to be bargained for?” She asks curiously, her hand loosening ever so slightly.

“For my aid, if you let them live and leave then I will stay and aid you. I will gain you your feeding grounds back and any other you wish. I know you are looking for a way back into Texas and new Mexico and I will help you recapturing it.” I offer simply, holding back a smirk as she let Jasper’s neck go, his body slumping ever so slightly.

“I see you are a warrior… What army did you come from?” She asks cautiously, I knew she didn’t trust me and that was very smart of her.

“I woke not long ago; I gained these as a human under a vindictive vampire who thought it was my fault to blame at the loss of her mate.” I state smirking, not only they would portray me as a feedbag but to survive the wrath of a vengeful vampire?

Her eyes sparked with interest, a smile pulling at her lips. “A strong one yes, but still I don’t think you will be a fair trade.” She sighs before turning her back on me and grasping Jasper’s hair and yanking it back, pulling his head and body to face me.

He was hungry, weak and wounded. He had put up a good fight and yet… he has given up…

Mi amor here is gifted, a wonderful soldier…” She purrs while running a finger down his face, it took all my control not to snarl at her. “They are deserters and will be used as a warning to the others.”

Power… shield… mental… tell her that and nothing more…

“I am gifted…” I trail off nonchalantly, her eyes locking onto mine once again, this time with open interest. “I am a mental shied and I can cast it across others. Release them and I will give you my aid and my shield till you have full feeding grounds. They are my terms, nothing more and nothing less.”

She smirked and sauntered her way to my side, grasping my hand tightly in hers. “It seems we have a deal Mi Tesoro.”

Author Note: Mwahaha, so here you go…




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