Chapter Two

Chapter Two

                                                                                        Bella POV

I saw the nickname and scowled, my eyes scanning the sparse kitchen area for the booze I usually had, though all I could see was the Jack on the counter and there was no way I was touching that. With a harsh sigh I hop up on the counter, snorting as it groaned under my weight before turning my attention back to the letter.


By now you are on the counter, and I am disgruntled to write that you have disgust for the fine bottle of Jack on the top shelf.

I raised my brows in surprise and slight distrust but continued on anyway, something in the very depths of my core telling me to do so.

You have only met me once, kismet I should say long ago on the rocky paths in Phoenix when you were a mere child.  It was late in the afternoon when you were snatched by that monster, that human that yanked you into the alley. I don’t know what possessed me to help you, like I said Kismet… But now, I ask for the return favour.

Please Isa, I know by now you hate my kind but as I write this it was too late. Too late to save you and in the protection of Garrett, he’s a good man.

I can tell by now you are frustrated but please, it all needs to be explained. If you are indeed reading this then Charlotte is with you, Garrett is with you and you are in hell. Hell because you are stuck between both worlds and I offer you aid even in death. That is if you help.

I know I am asking a lot of things and with the aid of becoming a true vampire you will need to do something for me, for my mate and for Jasper.

The name made me pause, my chest constricting with grief of his loss and rage that he was killed… that he gave up on life while I stood here in this dank kitchen half vampire reading a fucking letter from a dead vampire after all the shit I had been through.

“What do you want?” I mutter darkly to the inked pages, ignoring the looks that the two lone, silent vampires gave me.

I need you to help us.

In the bag are vials of mine and Jasper’s venom. Don’t ask it truly is a long story. Along with the venom is a jar of blood that is mixed with herbs and other things that I had acquired long ago for an unknown reason from a witch, the last witch and it was only revealed to me recently why.

To help us you need to drink the blood, all of it while Garrett and Charlotte stab you in the heart with Jasper and I’s venom before biting you themselves. Make sure you are wearing the knapsack when they do this and hopefully when the pain subsides you will know what to do…

It will be a hard life then Isa but I promise, I promise when your duty is done, your mate and I will help you get your vengeance on those who have hurt you. I don’t know what will happen, but I also know when you see me you need to give the knapsack to Jasper…

I hope you will help Isa, and if you do then I will see you soon.


I folded the note and placed it back in the envelope and then back into the bag that I now saw held notes for Peter and Jasper themselves. I zip the bag closed and look inside; pulling out the two large syringes full of silvery-white liquid that I could tell was venom. I could smell Cherries, that being Peters and the other smelled of something calming, of a forest after rain mixed with leather and desert.

You need to do this…

A voice, one I haven’t heard in a while whispers in my mind. It had helped me in my life once in a while but those times I ignored it, I ignored it that night the man grabbed me in Phoenix, I ignored it when it told me to stay away from Edward Cullen. But I wasn’t going to ignore it now and I knew that if I were to do this, it’s going to be long and painful.

“I need you to do something.” I mutter in a harsh resigned whisper while standing, my right hand holding the bag while the others gingerly holding the syringes of venom.

“I need you to inject these into my heart while I drink blood. Then I need you to bite me everywhere else, that’s all that Peter instructed to do for now.” I explain tiredly handing them the syringes while pulling the small Mason jar from the bag. I could already smell the blood and held back the gag my body wished to do.

It smelt of rust and moss, rotting food and wet dog. It was disgusting and I knew I was going to have to drink it so to speak and on top of that I knew when I woke I will have to feed on humans, human beings and their feral blood.

“What? I don’t understand, how did he get Jasper’s and his venom?” Charlotte asks causing me to sigh as I place the jar down with disgust before putting the bag over my shoulder.

“Look I don’t know okay, but you need to do this fucking quick or I won’t do it. It’s bad enough I have to do it as is but I’m doing it for Jasper because I sure as hell owe him one and whatnot. So hurry the fuck up and just jab me already.” I hiss while I grab the blood, who the fuck knows what was going to happen.

They cast each other worried looks as they positioned the needles over my heart and swiftly pushed in. I grunt in agonizing pain as they slowly began to push the venom in and once I felt the burn causing my sluggish heart to feel like it was embers I began to drink, gagging at the taste.

I cried out as the burn got worse, my body erupting in the burning venom causing me to drop the now empty jar and drop to my knees, shocking the two vampires before me. I let out a snarl as my back arched, my eyes locking onto Garrett’s causing him to flinch.

“BITE ME ALREADY!” I roar, shaking the cottage around me.

He hesitated for a blink before both he and Charlotte grabbed a wrist and sunk their teeth in, Garrett’s bite overlapping James’s.

I could feel their venom burning the lingering venom of Edward’s and Victoria’s away and it made the pain worse, doubling the agony as it tried to fight it all. I gasped as my shield exploded out from me, just as Garrett and Charlotte gave the final bite in my neck, sending them flying outside.

The world around me began to vibrate and shake; the sounds of screams filling my head and the scent of dirt filled my sense of smell overpowering everything. Then as if the world opened up and swallowed me I began to flail as I plummeted.

Author Note: Oh… wait what? Is this making sense to you all?





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