Chapter 4

Authors Note: Wow, I am amazed by the reception this story has come across…

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot.

Peter POV – Chapter 4

I stood in the kitchen of our home, my eyes trained on the foggy cold night as I think; think as I listen to the shifting of my daughter, for that is what she is to me. Her voice changes when she talks, a thick Irish brogue seeming out as she speaks.

I knew she was having these dreams, but I didn’t know to what extent. I had thought they were merely dreams and not memories, memories she shouldn’t remember and yet does. This is what worries me.

“Peter? My love, it’ll be alright. If we have any problems maybe we can ask Ja…” I cut off my mate with a look, her jaw snapping shut with a click before sighing softly.

“We can’t, you know and I know that if they knew she was with us they would take her away and Jasper will allow it because his mate will deem it best.” I spat out causing Charlotte to rub my arm in comfort.

“I know. I worry about her Peter, reincarnation… It… It never ends well, not in books, movies and not in real life. It worries me, how many lives has she lived and died, how many vampires does she know?” Charlotte asked, her eyes flickering up worriedly to the roof, Iza’s whimpers clear as she calls for someone, their name unknown too us.

“It worries me too; I think we should visit Zafrina soon, maybe… Maybe they can help somewhat, unless we go to Romania. That’s the last chance though, I can’t risk it, and I can’t lose her. Suga’ things might go worse, they may go right down the drain hole and I’m worried she may not make it.” I explain, sitting down into the kitchen chair, my hands clenching my hair tightly in stress. My so called gift is giving me fuck all when it is needed the most.

“Maybe there is a way to break this curse, ’cause you know it’s a curse. It’s always a curse.” Charlotte states causing me to snort and look back up at her.

“I don’t know Suga’, my gift ain’t tellin’ me shit.” I drawl out frustrated.

“We can look, ask around; it’s at least we can do till we find out more.” She sooths me, I nod before looking back out into the night.

We stood together, my arms wrapped around her in comfort as we listened to Iza in her sleep, the silence beyond that was almost deafening, not even a cricket could be heard. A sign, maybe, of what is to come?

Alastar…” Iza mumbled, “Is fearr rith maith ná drochsheasamh.”

My eyes shot up in shock as she spoke, “Did she just speak Irish?” I ask my wife with utter awe, it was a language that I found hard to learn yet speak.

“I believe she did, I wonder if she knew the Irish coven then.” Char muttered bemused, I shook my head, no that wouldn’t be possible.

The moment was broken by the sound of my phone ringing, I was wary, not many people called. It was I that usually called them when I needed something. Looking down I felt my brows raise as Randall’s name popped up on the screen.

“Randall? What do I owe the pleasure of this call?” I ask with a humour filled drawl.

“Peter!” my smile slipped as his shocked and panicked voice filled the line.

“What is it? Do you need us?” I ask, frowning as I curse my gift out again for not alerting me to something serious. Charlotte was at my side instantly, her eyes dark as she looked at the phone.

No, look Peter… Mary and I, we’re in England. It’s a slaughter, we had to discard either bodies, EIGHT! Pete, you got a storm coming your way…” He rushed out the sound of a fire crackling in the background could be heard. “Mary! Do you know where he went?”

“What’s goin’ on? What bodies? Who?” I asked frustrated.

“Peter… Alistair… Peter, Alistair went into a rage and slaughtered some of the town people near his cave.” The soft panic stricken voice of Mary sounded over the phone causing me to freeze.

Everyone knew of Alistair, the only vampire that was considered a myth of sorts to certain vampires. He was old, not as old as some but old and the only vampire that you could not hide from, his gift of tracking well known, that and his isolation. He had been isolated since a hundred years into his life.

“This ain’t good is it?” Charlotte asked causing a strangled laugh to leave Mary.

No Lotte, Peter we heard him scream a name, the name that only a few have heard and was never mentioned again after the death of Moriece. Peter… I don’t know what this has to do with it, but he’s coming for you… both of you… If you need us, we will come, or get Garrett…” she trailed off.

“No, Mary it’ll be okay. We know why he is coming now, thank you. Take care of yourself. “I muttered before hanging up and looking once again up to Iza. Unsure and wary of whom she may be, if she was… then…

“He’s coming for Iza isn’t he?” Char asked causing me to nod, unable to speak.

“She’s Isibéal.” I mutter out causing her to gasp. “He may not believe it; he’s running on instinct, he can sense her.”

I rub my forehead in frustration as the little bits of information filtered through, only a handful of people knew who Isibéal was to Alistair, Jasper, Mary and a few others where there when Alistair managed to capture Moriece and utterly desiccated the man without even ruffling his clothes. We are all unsure on her meaning to him, just that she was important, each person hearing a different story.

“I guess we will need to make that spare room up anyway…” Charlotte joked causing me to give her a small smile, my woman I love her; always trying to cheer me up when I’m feeling stressed.

“I guess so, we’ll ‘ave to tell Iza in the mornin’.” I groan causing her to giggle as she dashes around getting things ready to accommodate the nomad.

Author Note: So whats that up to now? She knows Benjamin, her mate. Alistair, Amazonian Sisters….

Is fearr rith maith ná drochsheasamh – He who runs away lives to fight another day




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