Chapter 1

Title: Shield of Elements

Pairing: Benjamin/Bella

Summary: Many lives have been lived and in each life she always found him, never remembering till now. Can Bella find her Benjamin, can they break her curse? Or will Benjamin have to suffer through another death.

Author note: Another story, the plot just won’t go away!

Bella POV

I was running; I could feel the burn in my lugs as I pushed myself faster. I didn’t know where I was running but I knew I wasn’t safe, that I needed to hide from the things – monsters – that chased me.

I could hear them, the pitter-patter of their feet hitting the surface of the rooftops and the rough terrain. How could a being move so fast, so stealth like?

Were they like my love?

Gasping; I move and hide behind a wall. I knew they will find me here, my love told me to keep running; that he was going to give me the time to hide. But something went wrong, so terribly wrong. I heard his agonised cry as I ran into the darkened streets; letting the shadows shroud me from prying eyes.

I didn’t even look back.

“She’s so close.” A deep voice – like the beat of a drum – rumbled out sickly. Male.

“I can smell her fear…” the voice was female, childlike with a hint of something dark and sinister.

How could they smell my fear?

Steadying my breath once more I ran. I pushed my legs faster as I weaved in and out of the stores, houses and… and corpses.

Their arms twitched with spasms as their bodies contorted in a way that wasn’t humanly possible. The eyes of the bodies were wide with horror and milky white – like the paints made by crushed powder – but they were lifeless.

Who could do such things?

Fire burned around me, many houses and unknown objects were smouldering with orange and blue hues. Fire wasn’t new; it was the unfreezing ice around them that was.

“Got you!” a voice snarls in my ear as I felt their cold embrace wrap painfully around my body.

“Oh Benjamin… You have been very naughty.” A chilling voice titters from the darkness, the fire only illuminating the gold V around his neck.

A whimper escapes my lips as I saw my love in pieces; only his head remained on his body. My love, my love was dead.

“Please… Please, spare her.” He gasps with coughs, a silvery liquid spewing from his lips with each spasm. I struggled to go to him, hope and wonder at his still living life.

“You know we cannot do that Benjamin. You see, she has too much power already. We killed your so called love many winters ago for her lust for blood and her sheer power. You broke a rule too Benjamin, you let her know of our kind.” The male sighs out dramatically, stepping into the light and towards my love – my Benjamin.

He was a tall raven-haired man, his skin shining a sickening yellow as the fire illuminated his ashen skin.

“Please, just leave her be… she doesn’t know!” Benjamin begs; his chest heaving with tearless sobs.

Oh my love, but I do… I do… I’m sorry.

“Ah but she does know Benjamin, just look at her! There is no confusion in her eyes.” The male chuckles, turning my loves head to mine. Defeat shone in them and I had put that there, I had failed to hide my knowledge.

“What is it you wish me to do to her master?” The brute with the drumming voice asks, his cold breath fanning across my neck.

Humming, the male turns to look at me; a gleam of pleasure in his eyes. “Kill her,” he orders and I felt my heart drop.

I knew I was to die, it was as if I had felt this before; been in this position before.

“Benjamin, moja ljubav, moja groi vatra.” (Benjamin, my love, my burning fire.) I breathe just as I felt the monster’s hands on my cheeks and then… nothing.


I woke with a gasp, my heart pounding like the rhythmic drums from a warriors beat. The dreams were getting worse – no not worse – more frequent; longer.

Ever since I was little I dreamt of Benjamin, and never once did I look the same in my dreams. But he always looked the same, always.

“Bella, are you sure you wish to do this? You could always come with us.” Renee –my mother – asked for the millionth time today. I sighed loudly, causing Phil to silently laugh and shake his head causing me to smirk.

“Yes mother, I told you I want to go to Forks. Aunt Charlotte and Peter are expecting me.” I tell her, a smile pulling on my lips at the thought of Charlotte and Peter. Charlotte was my great something grandmother on Renee’s side, the only one who didn’t know what she was, was Renee.

Pulling me into her arms she squeezed me before letting go and rushing to the car as she held sobs at bay. Phil smiled and pulled me into a hug before pulling back to look at me in the eyes, his own flashing lupine white yellow before returning to their brilliant blue green.

“If you need me, just ring. I will come to you, no matter what, you know this right? I trust Peter and Charlotte but they said another coven arrived and the pack in La Push has begun to form.” He stated causing me to sigh. Phil was a rare breed of wolf, a shifter and a child of the moon he was my protector in some cases and a good father. My mother is his mate, when Charlotte came to find us again Phil had lost control, thinking Renee and I were in danger and shifted right in front of me.

I cannot say I wasn’t afraid, but I cannot say I was afraid either. But I didn’t judge him, I knew what he was in some degree; I had dreamt of him long ago.

“Yes Phil, I know and I also know that Bernard and Ashtonia will be with you as well.” I reply with a smirk causing him to chuckle. Bernard and Ashtonia were his brother and sister, his Beta and Omega.

With a chuckle he gave me one last hug before looking back over his shoulder for Renee. “I better go see if she is okay, have a safe trip Iza, and ring us when you get settled.” He informed before leaving once I gave him my word that I would.

Flight 405 to Seattle, Washington is now boarding at gate 5… Flight 405 to Seattle, Washington is now boarding at gate 5…

With a sigh I made my way to the gate and checked in, all the while preparing myself for the long boring flight a head of me.

Author Note: *gasp* Peter and Charlotte? Lupin like Phil?

How do you like?



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