Chapter 10

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Bella POV

I let a scream fly out as I felt the earth rock around me, the trees flattened to the ground as soot and earth fell from the sky. I was confused, so confused, where was I?

“RUN!” I heard a voice scream, my body pushing forward without my brain motoring it.

The voice echoed again, “RUN!”

The wind around me howled as the earth shook once more causing me to stumble. My hands skimmed across the ground as I pushed on, my feet refusing to stop running. I didn’t know what was going on, all I knew was that I was afraid of what was coming and that I was no longer in my bed.

“I will capture thou Cybele! You’re power will be mine to take! Thou cannot encave from me!” the voice laughed darkly, the sound booming over the thundering roar of the wind.

Though the voice frightened me, I needed to make it towards my destination; I needed to reach my love before the voice could. Why was I so foolish to hunt and gather for food? He is weak and cannot defend himself, foolish Cybele foolish!

“Thou will not defeat me; I will mortal arbitrament to mine very last breath if ne’d be!” I yell furious before pushing up off the ground and flipping over a large boulder, my hands shooting out causing the earth to ripple forth towards where the voice came from.

“Then a mortal arbitrament it shall be Cybele, thou took what was mine and anon I wish f’r it back!” The voice cackled before I felt my body being pushed off course, spinning several times before crashing into the very earth I moulded.

I flipped back to my feet before a blinding white light flashed across my vision.


A snarl escaped my lips and I tore my way through bodies of vampires, some I considered friends who had turned their backs on the coven. I needed to get to my brothers, my sister before the fire ravaged the castle anymore taking what was left of us with it.

Those filthy Italian scum, how dare they try and take what is not theirs to take! We are what’s left of the eldest vampires, of the originals and they dare to think they had right to rule?

“HALFBREEDS!” I scream, my voice booming off the walls as I shot my hand out, bolts of electricity seared its way down the hall sending many into ash.

“THOU DARE TO DESTROY MINE HOME? MINE FAMILY?” I roar furious as their eyes flickered behind the fire, my brothers at their feet in pieces, my sister in the arms of the fair haired scum. “RELEASE MY SISTER AT ONCE THOU ROGUISH MOTLEY-MINDED VARLOT!!”

“Sister, nay! He is mine love, mine soul-mate!” Athenodora pleaded as I went to kill him for even laying a finger on her.

I let out a snarl, my finger pointing to the bodies at her feet. “Thou stand thither in his arms, while our brothers lay torn at thy feet!” I hiss outraged, another snarl left my lips as I let the red hue take forth and my beast free. Mate be damned.


The sun shone down and I lifted my head, smiling as the suns warmth hit my skin. It was a beautiful day, I couldn’t help but breathe in the summer air.

“Mmm I doth love the smell of the earth after a rain fill’d night.” I breathe my English accent thick as I lay back on the soft blanket laid out by my love under the old tree.

“I wish I couldst enjoy the warmth with thou.” Benjamin whispers, his accent thick as he spoke, a smile on his face even though he was trapped in the shade.

“It matters not thou can’t, it matters that ye art hither with me,” I whisper as I lay back, my heard resting upon his stomach as we stared at the cloudless sky through the leaves.

“I care deeply f’r thou Lilybell, it hath been a pleasure to spend time with thou.” Benjamin whispers softly, his words happy, yet his eyes spoke unspoken sadness. I knew what he had meant, I had not much time left, I was a mere child in this world and yet sickness is to take me.

“I too feel the same.” I whisper back, needing not to say more.

What is going on? I… what are these dreams? I scream before the white light flashes before me once more.


I was jolted awake, Benjamin’s frightened eyes on mine as he pulled me from my bed. He was afraid, I could see that much as he trembled under my touch, his normal bright eyes dully and black pools the colour of a raven’s wing.

“What is happening?” I ask afraid, finally not speaking in Shakespearian.

This was confusing, I could feel my past self and my present self in the body I now resided in. oh this is so confusing, either way I knew this was wrong, I was dreaming in an all too real time.

“They found us; I need to get you safe.” He uttered, panicked as he tore the hut down. His hands shredding through it like paper, normally I would enjoy seeing such things but all I felt now was fear and loathing.

Fear because they found us, loathing because I knew they would never stop and I did not know why.

This curse! I spat in my mind as I curled in the arms of my mate as he ran. Though it didn’t take long until he came crashing down, twisting in a way that I wouldn’t be hurt when we fell; screams ripping from his throat as he curled up. I looked up and saw a sadistic child gleaming in the light, her eyes locked on my mate.

“Oh Benjamin, another…” she tisked with laugh, I frowned confused, another one? Something niggled in the back of my mind as her hood came down revealing her face, overlays of herself flickering before disappearing.

“Why must you punish yourself child?” the voice of a man hummed, drawing my eyes to a raven haired man; one that built up hatred with in me.

I let out a scream as cold hands yanked me away from my love and I could have sworn the scene flickered to a burning village before flickering back to the forest we now were in. It felt like Deja vu, like I and he had been in this position before. I struggled in the man’s grasp, screams tearing from my lips as I watch my love being torn apart.

“This will be your last time.” A white haired man hissed as he stalked out from the trees and lifted my loves head from the floor. A dark chuckle escaping his lips as he turned Benjamin’s eyes around to face me.

I watched as his head was tossed in the fire, my heart breaking as his name tore from my lips.



Author’s note: So here is chapter 10, just remember some of this… Also chapter 11 is the big chapter one you are waiting for!





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