Chapter 11

Author Note: Okay, so maybe I am a little excited for this chapter thanks to Bexie!

Disclaimer: I own not unfortunately…. *sad sigh*

Benjamin POV

We didn’t wait for me to heal; in fact they insisted we left after the thirtieth time I tried to escape from that rock bed I lay on. I needed to go to her; I needed to even though I didn’t want to. It was agony, my mind torn on the fact. I wouldn’t have her for long, I knew this; I just knew it.

But this time, it felt different, the bond felt different; stronger somehow. That alone is what made me decide that I would fight no matter what, I would fight tooth and nail for my mate; I refuse to let anyone take her from me again.

“Benjamin, calm down, you are scaring the passengers.” Tia whispers, placing her hand over mine as she smiled at the humans next to me.

“Excuse my brother, he’s a nervous flier.” She laughed out before levelling me with a pointed look. I sighed softly and willed my body to relax, willed the anger to simmer down so I wouldn’t get up from my seat and shred everyone in the cabin to bits in my fury.

“BENJAMIN!” Tia hissed lowly as my hand dented the armrest, her eyes blazing with fury. At the moment she was the only one who could calm me out, keep me under control until we reached America. Thank the gods we were close to our destination, only a mere few minutes to go till we can run.

The closer we got to the destination, the stronger the thump in my chest began; it elated, humbled and frightened me all at once.

“Almost Benjamin, almost and then you can see her.” Amun stated from his spot behind me, his voice soothing me as he spoke.

“Yes, I thank you Amun for coming. I know you wished to hide me all my life from when you found me; I know you fear of losing another son.” I whisper back to him, acknowledging Demetri’s betrayal.

Amun didn’t see it as such, he saw it as a loss of a son; the day the Volturi stole him from us. I had not met Demetri when he was with Amun, I was decaying away after one of my mate’s deaths and Amun took me in, many years afterwards.

“I know, but I do not want to lose you through grief. I will stand by you now; I will no longer obey to Aro’s rules.” He muttered darkly back before looking up just as the seatbelt sign clicked on.

It didn’t take us much longer to exit the plane; we didn’t bring much luggage everything we needed fitted into small bags. We left the city and to a deserted area before taking off towards Forks in a run.

“Amun.” We stopped instantly when Amun’s name was called to see a blonde haired man standing a few feet away.

“Carlisle, I am sorry but we are in a hurry.” Amun replied calmly.

The man – Carlisle – looked at Amun strangely. “My daughter had seen your decision to visit us. I had come to greet you when she said you were running, may I inquire why you are here if not to visit?” The man asked, I felt my body stiffen instantly my eyes locked on the back of Amun’s head as Tia grasped my arm tightly.

“We came because I am need for a business transaction, a client had called me and insisted I come to do my work and bring my family.” Amun stressed out the word ‘family’, something he has said to other vampires who have inquired our movements in the past.

“Oh, I see. Then I shall return to my home, when you have time Amun, I would like to meet your new members.” He stated before giving us a slight bow of the head before leaving, Amun turned to look at me.

“I was informed not long ago that if we were to come, we should be wary of the Cullen Coven, two members cannot be trusted.” Amun explained before we began running again.

I knew we were close, I could feel the beating heart within my chest grow stronger, the pull pushing me forward and the wind backing it up. I flew past the others, my feet barely touching the ground as my power fuelled the wind.

Clouds rolled in the closer I got to my mate, I could smell the scent of fear over the wind and it rattled the cages of my beast as dread struck me. A cry of fear filled the air as a house came into view in the distance, my beast tore free and the ground shook; the wind howled.

I let out a snarl, red tinting my vision as I slammed the door open tearing a hole in the structure. I could sense my mate, her scent always the same as she screamed my name.


All I could see was vampires, two littered in scars and three others. I tore through them as I pushed my way through to the stairs, confused as to why my fire wouldn’t ignite as I ripped them to shreds. I let out another roar as the scarred male was the only one standing, he blocked the stairs and had me pinned in seconds no matter how much I struggled.

“WAIT!” The sound of Amun yelled as he came into my view. His eyes soft, hands up in warning.

“Benjamin, calm… They mean you no harm. They mean no threat to your mate.” He replied and the hands were gone from restraining me. I shot up quickly, my teeth bared as I heaved, my eyes scanning the wreckage; my family putting together those I tore apart.

“Wha… What’s going on?” The sound caused my beast to relax, instantly recognising the soft tenor that was always in my mate’s voice no matter the body.

I turned around slowly as her gasp of horror reached my ears, my eyes locking onto her honey-cognac coloured eyes. I was captured by her beauty, by the spark of power in her eyes.

“Bell…” I breathed out, unable to form any of the names she had; I didn’t even know her name now in this life. Her eyes widened slightly as she moved closer to me, her hand reaching out and resting on my cheek.

I let out a sob as the spark of electricity shot through me and warmed me to the core, I no longer felt cold, hollow; incomplete. Her touch grew firmer before she threw herself in my arms, her legs wrapping around my waist as she held me close. I let my arms wrap around her, my chest shaking with sobs as I fell to my knees and sat.

“Benjamin! I… I saw you go into the fire! They chucked… Benjamin you are alive!” She cried out into my neck.

“Shh my eternal love, I am here, no fire can harm me.” I whisper soothingly as I burry my head in her hair and breathe in her honey and berry scent. “You are alive… my love… you are here…” I choke out happily.

I was never letting her go again.


Author note: Well? Well! Holy crap right?

Cybele is her original name – 20 years
Romanian Era – 1000 years
Russian Era – twenty
Rae-Isa – Amazon – eighteen years
– other life – twelve years
– other life – 45 years
– other life – 10 years
Isibeal – With Alistair, 30-35 years.
– Wolf era – 30





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