Chapter 12

Author note: so I posted another story, the rabid rabbits got me. I’ve also gotten a lot of messages about SOE. Fear not, this is going to be done, I’m alternating my time on it. Rehaa and Joramine is on a slight hiatus, the muse for it is on vacation at the moment. And 12 reviews! Epic!

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Bella POV

I didn’t know what was happening, one second I was having a horrific nightmare the next I was standing on the stairs seeing my family in pieces and a vampire about to attack Peter.

“Wha…Whats going on?” I ask, my voice loud and demanding with a bite of fear. I watched as the vampire froze before relaxing. His whole body seemed to melt at the sound of my voice; this confused me for a second before he turned. His soft red eyes locking on to mine; they were clouded with familiarity.

They were familiar, the longer I let my eyes scan over this male before me I knew. His eyes, his face, my Benjamin; I knew him because he was mine. Many lives I had spent wrapped in his arms and committing his features to my mind, my soul.

“Bell…” he breathed with unsure at my name. Yet he knew who I was, he could see me, I could see that. There was no confusion, only the love and devotion I had seen many times over in each life.

I couldn’t help but move closer, the visions of his head being tossed in the fire flashing across my minds eye. How? How could he be here, without hesitating I raised my hand out to him, I needed to feel him under my fingers.

As soon as my hand caressed his face I knew, the all-familiar spark of warmth at his touch filling me. The empty feeling I’ve always carried inside no longer felt was there, I felt whole; complete. A sob tore from his throat as venom tears pooled in his eyes. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around him tightly, my legs wrapping around his waist as he moved us to a seating position of the floor.

All I could see was him, all I could feel was he; it was euphoric. I felt the tears pool in my eyes as his body shook around me.

“Benjamin! I… I saw you go into the fire! They chucked… Benjamin you are alive!” I cry into his neck, relief filling me to the core that he was alive and well now that reality has sunken in. He was indeed here, in my arms, alive… well as alive as he could be being a vampire.

“Shh my eternal love, I am here, no fire can harm me.” I whisper soothingly as I burry my head in her hair and breathe in her honey and berry scent. “You are alive… my love… you are here…” he chokes out, pulling me tighter to his chest.

“Can someone explain what the fuck is going on?” Rose’s voice hissed out furiously and yet weak. I look up over Benjamin’s shoulder and stiffen as I see her glaring at Benjamin.

“Oh my god!” I exclaim loudly as I take in the rest of my family. Peter was bathing Charlotte’s wounds with his tongue as he purred while unknown people put together Emmett, Rose and Alastar.

“Well, that’s an experience I hoped to never feel again little sparrow.” Alastar grunted out as his head finally reattached. Though I felt sick to my stomach at him talking while a large wound in his neck was still open.

“I apologize.” Benjamin states standing, reluctantly placing me on the ground. “I felt her fear, smelt it really and when she called my name- my beast pushed forward.”

Rosalie scowled slightly before nodding. “You must be her mate, I approve then.” She states lifting up her shoulder in a shrug. I couldn’t help but stare at her, what… what? In fact I wasn’t the only one who was looking at her stunned.

“What? What more could a sister want for their little sister than a man who would come in, face the most feared vampires in the room without a care just because he thought his mate was in trouble! I know for a fact that Emmett wouldn’t even fucking dare to go against Peter and Charlotte without hesitating.” She defended causing her mate to nod in agreement.

“She has a point…” Alistair utters, sitting up before looking at his jacket. “You owe me a new jacket mate, this was my favorite.” He sighed while tearing the rest away from his body.

“May I ask who you all are?” Benjamin asks causing them to snort.

“Tear first, questions second.” Emmett snorted out shaking his head, causing Rose to smack him slightly.

“I am Rosalie Hale, Isabella was my little sister; I knew her as Belladonna. This is my mate and husband Emmett.” Rose introduced.

“My name is Alistair, she was my mentor; I knew her as Isibeal.” Alastar smirked, bowing his head my way the way he used to when I was teaching him.

“Peter and Charlotte Whitlock. She is Charlotte’s great granddaughter this life time.” Peter growled out roughly, still bathing Charlotte who rolled her eyes when I looked at her.

“Whitlock?” the unfamiliar man asked warily, stepping slightly in front of the two women with him. “The Major or the Captain?”

Peter smirked as he looked at the man, “The Captain. The Major is currently being domesticated by a control freak of epic proportions.” He smirked, one that I had seen twice in my life and each time glad it wasn’t directed at me.

“Now that our intros are out of the way, who the hell are you all?” Emmett groaned out impatiently. “I want to hunt but not before I know who you are!”

“Our apologies. I am Amun of the Egyptian Coven, this is my mate Kebi, my daughter Tia and you of course know Benjamin. We had come here because of someone, I do believe it was you Captain.” Amun introduced causing Peter to nod sharply.

I couldn’t help but frown as I look at Amun, flashes of a past life pushing through. A smirk pulled at my lips. “Iiti Neb-I Amun. Aw ibek!” I utter out normal greeting causing his eyes to snap to me.

“Nebet-I Sitre-meramun?” he utters out in shock, my name rolling off his tongue clumbily.

“I remember you Amun. It has been a long time hasn’t it?” I ask with a laugh causing the man to sit down in shock.

“Amun? What is the matter? My love? You know Amun?” Benjamin asks confused, I could see that the others ignored us, already being here and accepting the fact I have led many lives and know many people.

“She is… She is my sister in law; I had married her youngest sister with her blessing, as she was the Lady of the house… She died the night I was changed, she is the reason I was changed and not killed by my maker.” He gasps out.


Author note: Couldn’t help it… really couldn’t…

Also Annie if you read this, I didn’t get your email so contact me via messenger or something 🙂

Nebet-I Sitre-meramun? = My lady Sitre-meramun?

Iiti Neb-I Amun. Aw ibek! = Hello My lord Amun, may your heart rejoice.



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