Chapter 13

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Bella POV

“What?” Everyone blurted out; Amun effectively would have been the eldest vampire in the room, being far around the same age as The Originals, in fact, he was sure to be one.

“So you are one of the last standing Originals created or one of the very first to be changed by them?” I ask out loud causing eyes to snap back to me and for Amun to smile.

“I am merely changed by one of theirs. My maker was a newborn, barely out of his year into life.” He explains to me, both of us ignoring the gaping faces.

“Makes sense, you seem to be more… rougher texture than the others.” I tried to form, it was true while the other vampires had more of a smooth like skin, Amun had texture of what was left of his human flesh; a distinguishing marker of being part of the originals.

His eyes lit up in surprise before laughing, “Yes, if I had any doubt before, I do not now. Only you would have that keen eye for detail and observation.”

“Uh not to but in or anything but does anyone else find this a little coincidental? Now, myself, Kebi and Tia along with Peter are the only ones whom hadn’t had Hells Bells in the past life. Everyone else is, it seems…” Emmett trailed off, shocking all of us. “WHAT? It’s true!” He defends.

“He does have a point, out of all the lives she has led since being Isibeal this is the only time I have felt her come up on my radar.” Alastar explained as he came back with blood bags and tossed them to all healing non-vegetarian vampires.

“I must admit that I felt something pull at me too.” Rose explains and all eyes shoot to Benjamin.

“The pull is stronger than any other time; I can feel her heart beat in my own chest as if it was mine. This has never happened before; it gives me hope that things will change, that things are different.” He explained, pulling me closer into his body.

I turned my eyes to Peter whom had his brows pulled down in a frown, his head cocked slightly to the side, his usual Yoda pose. “Pete?”

His eyes snapped to mine and a brilliant smiled filled his features. “It’s time we bring in the Calvary, how you feel like seein’ all your family and friends Iza?” He drawls out causing me to raise my brows.

“Why you ask?”

He cast me a knowing look. “Cause things will be different with them here, a war is coming and you need to be changed. The curse will break soon, how or why I don’t know but we need everyone here.”

“Do you need a list?” I ask causing him to chuckle.

“No but you may need to contact some, you also may need to tell everyone else.” He chuckles once more.

“Okay…” I trail off as he and Charlotte disappear into the woods, leaving me to face the others.

“What is he talking about Iza?” Rose asks cringing; I watch as Emmett carefully lifts her from the floor and place her on the couch softly. I was so happy she found the man she always wished to be married to.

“As you know I’ve been having dreams of my past lives, I’ve had them since I was little but as of late they are more frequent… More vivid and not always when I am asleep. I assume you all know my curse? Well for some reason it’s wearing and I don’t know why. I don’t even know all of it but if you heard Peter then we must be ready.” I explain to them before sighing and look up at my mate. He had a smile of encouragement on his face but I could still see the fear in his eyes of losing me once more.

“So what life times do you remember?” Tia asks, her voice soft and alluring.

“I remember my original life very little, my time with Amun, every life I’ve had with Benjamin, Alistair’s time, Rosalie’s time… Being an Amazonian, being an original…” I trail off letting my eyes drift to Amun.

“And lastly…” I stop as a howl filled the night sky, putting everyone in the room on edge. I could feel the vibration through the earth from Benjamin’s power, all of the vampires of edge and setting up a wall of defence around me as we made our way outside.

We waited and soon, three huge towering wolves stepped from the tree line. Mist escaping as they let out harsh breathes, echoing snarls from both sides along with a rumbling earth below us.

Each side crouched further ready to spring forward, vampires snarling in warning, wolves licking their jowls anticipating the oncoming fight. I tried to stop them, yet my pleas went unheard and that alone agitated me more. If I couldn’t stop them then I may lose my family, both pack and vampires.

A flash of white flickered across my vision before words echoed in my mind. I could feel the power flow around me, through me as if like a breeze flowing through the trees. I felt as though I was not in control of my body but at the same time I was.

“Stop!” I instruct loudly, my voice booming as I step around Benjamin’s frame and the others. I came to a stop in the middle of them both, the wolves standing down instantly as I cast a stare at the Alpha. How I knew the black one was the alpha I wouldn’t know but I guess I will find out soon.

“And lastly… I remember being a wolf.” I finish off exasperated, shocking the fuck out of them all.

It was chaos almost, watching as the wolves shifted back to human, naked as the day they were born. While this happened the vampires spoke out in shock, their native tongue or accent.

“So, shall we discuss and dress the wolves?” I ask lightly, a smirk on my face.

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One thought on “Chapter 13

  1. I really like this story, there are so few Bella and Benjamin pairings out there. Please update this story or finish it please, it’s a great story but then again I have read almost all of your stories and have enjoyed them all. I cannot possibly wait for more of this story.

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