Chapter 14

Author Note: Okay so I’ve been a little caught up in RL with Pokemon and our yearly show… soooo yeah…

Disclaimer: you know the drill…


Bella POV

It was only a few minutes and yet it felt like hours that the Wolves and Vampires were able to be near each other without their skin vibrating or teeth being bared. Though the insults were still there, mainly in the form of Rosalie and the second tallest of the wolves.

“Who is the Alpha?” I ask the wolves and the tallest of the three, the black wolf stepped forward.

“I am, my name is Sam Uley, and this is my Beta Jared Cameron and then Paul Lahote.” Sam replies sharply, the tenor of his alpha voice peeking through.

“What brings you here on the Vampire land Mister Uley?” I ask back just as sharp causing…Paul… to snarl at me, stopping when Sam rose his hand up; signalling for him to stop.

“Our Shaman, Quill Ateara the Third sent us, told us that you had returned and that you would need our help.” Sam explains causing me to sigh and rub my face.

“Aye, I’ll need your help soon, but that is after I am turned… WAIT! You have imprinting, have you imprinted?” I ask quickly pausing only for a second yet Sam nodded. “My mate is Benjamin, the one I stand next to, I am destined to be a vampire. Many past lives I have been a cold one, only one life where I was a Wolf.” I explain to them, my eyes never leaving Sam’s.

“Imagine staying forever young and losing the one you love over and over again, then finding a way to save them, keep them forever; yet there are people who wish to stop that.” Benjamin utters causing Sam to flinch back after a few seconds of thoughts.

“Okay then.” Sam replied causing Paul to snarl.

“SAM!” He snarled furiously, stopping only when Sam raised his hand quickly.

“You have felt my pain Paul and Jared’s when our imprint is in pain, you have felt it the night I showed you what happened to Emily. If Istas wishes to be with her mate I – WE won’t stop her.” Sam ordered out, his voice ringing with the Alpha timbre that I remembered Taha Aki having when he was alive.

“Fine!” He snarls back before running to the woods, his body vibrating with the change as he did so.

“Tell Quil and the other Elders if they wish to speak with me I will meet them at the boarder at midnight, I have other things to attend to till then.” I explain, the wolves cast me a nod before turning to return to the woods. “OH and Sam? My name is Bella in this life, not Istas.” I tell him causing him to smirk.

“That may be Bella, but Istas suits you in this life too.” With that he was gone, Jared following in his footsteps.

“Asshole…” I mutter with a scowl, Istas meant snow and that’s what they called me when I was a wolf. Even then I was paler than the others, my coat a pure white snow colour.

I felt annoyed, more than annoyed, this town is cursed or something I swear. I’ve been here for what a week and already I have my mate, sisters, underlings and brother packs showing up. Yet I knew that no matter how much I wanted a day or so of rest, of normality it was never going to happen. Fate was a cruel bitch and right now she’s dishing it all out at once in scoopfuls.

“Can’t a girl just have some days of normality? A pig out of food and gaming or something!” I grunt out exasperated causing a few to chuckle.

“MINE!” A voice snarled before a blur left the trees, a second later I found myself on the ground with Benjamin, Rose and Emmett hovering over me protectively with Amun, Kebi and Tia behind.

“What the fuck?” I ask in a grunt as growls and grunts filled the air, my eyes flickering to the now still mass of bodies before looking away immediately. “Never mind then.” I sigh before closing my eyes and lying back while Alistair and another did the horizontal hula.

I think an hour later I felt the bodies above me shifted and the grunting snarls of enjoyment stopped, cracking an eye open I see Alistair picking up the fabrics of his clothes with slight disappointment while the man beside him grinned in satisfactory.

“Done bouncing the pogo stick? Yes, great now someone better fucking explain to the human what the hell happened or no one will bump uglies again!” I spit out agitated while hopping off the ground and cracking my back. When no one answered I cast them all scowls, “Seriously I grew up with Peter, I can make sure that he and I will be the biggest cockblocks you’ve ever known.”

“I like her, she’s funny. Hello, I’m Kate and these are my sisters Tanya our coven leader and Irena, that’s Garrett. Seems he found his mate in….” She trailed off gesturing to Alistair.


“In Alistair there and couldn’t control his mating urge, seems we uh, were a bad influence on him.” She finished off causing me to raise brows in confusion.

“They’re Succubi Iza.” Rosalie informed me.

“Vampire Succubi? Man you got the good end of the stick didn’t you?” I chuckle out, instantly accepting their nature. Seriously the lives I’ve had, the things I have seen and well me and my story in general was far weirder than them.

“So, what brings you to this merry old supernatural hell?” I ask casually.

“I called them Iza, just a feelin’ we would need them and Garrett here.” Peter exclaims as he drops from the trees and slaps Garrett on the back. “Told ye’ you would find your mate.”

“Well I didn’t need to see that. So today we’ve had a meeting with the wolves which needs to be continued tonight and I’ve seen Alistair and his mate naked doing the mambo in the mud. Anything else you need to tell me about?” I ask him, leaning back against my mate’s chest.

“Tell her Peter!” Charlotte hisses as she storms out of the forest, her hair a mess and clothes rumpled.

“Tell me what?” I ask more alert now as several vampires around me tensed, a few seconds later I felt my anxiety lessen and a serene calm overcome me; something that instantly had me on edge.

“Who’s that Lotte?” I ask, looking up at my aunt as I point to an image of a man in one of the albums who stood arm in arm with Peter.

“That’s Jasper, he’s our maker, our brother.” She replies softly with a smile.

“Oh, can he do what Pet does?” I ask causing her to chuckle.

“he’s an empathy sweetheart, he can influence your emotions; make you happy when you are sad, calm when you’re mad.”

“Oh hell the fuck no.” I hiss before cursing the gods in every tongue I knew just as the very person Charlotte and Peter had been trying to hide me from; Jasper Fucking Whitlock.


Author Note: Well here… so much action… much much action and *gasp* Garrett and Alistair? Anyways time to move this story along now.



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